The Future of Electric Personal Transportation

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electric scooter

Electric scooter is the term that can be used to describe a wide range of vehicles: from electrified kick scooter, to Vespa-like electric moped. While apparently no one thinks they are cool (or they are just afraid to admit), they have proven to be excellent way of commuting to work and especially as a last mile solution…

Bicycles are one of the best commuting vehicles and with the improvements in the electric motor and battery technology the electric bike industry is blooming. The idea behind the electric bike is that you should be able to pedal it just like a regular bicycle and when you get tired, the electric motor kicks in…

Electric-powered skateboards are a fascinating concept for those who’ve never stepped on a board and pro skaters alike. Electric longboards and skateboards are the lightest mean of electric transportation, perfect as a last mile solution, for short urban commutes or just for having fun getting from point A to B.


Can Electric Scooter Be Hacked

There’s one rule in the cybercrime world, and that’s if something is hackable, it will be hacked. We’ve seen games consoles, countless programs, computers, defense systems, routers and even cars […]

Maximize The Range of Your Electric Scooter

Every scooter on the market has an advertised maximum range. The advertised range is basically how far you can get on a full charge under ideal conditions. But what are […]

Charging Electric Scooter Battery Without a Charger

Most electric scooters today run on lithium batteries, which is the same type of battery found in your laptop or cordless tools. Charging a scooter battery usually looks like this: […]