Best Helmets for Electric Scooters in 2021

best helmets for electric scooters

Riding electric scooter is really fun, but it’s no child’s play. This little piece of technology packs some serious power and is able to go at speeds of over 30mph. Of course, it is important to wear proper safety gear whenever you are riding anything, but when it comes to scooters, helmet is an absolute must. Especially if you are sharing the road with cars and other, bigger and faster, motorized vehicles.

Helmets may not be the most comfortable thing to wear, but whenever you have wheels under your feet you should have a helmet on your head. Benefits of wearing a helmet far outweigh the hassles in most cases. Plus, some helmets actually look cool. Take a look at our selection of helmets that come close to ticking all the boxes in terms of protection level, comfort, style and budget.

Top 6 Electric Scooter Helmets

custom open face helmet triple eight gotham skating mokfire bike modular helmet for scooter ILM full face headgear helmet with lights
Name Bell Custom 500 Triple Eight Gotham MOKFIRE Bike  ILM Modular Helmet ILM Motorcycle
Dual Sport 
Lumos Smart Helmet
Type Open face Skating Bike Modular (Flip-up) Full Face Bike
Sizes XS – XXL XS/S – L/XL Adjustable (22-24″) S – XL S – XXL Adjustable (21.2-24″)
Weight 3.5 lbs 1 pound 8.2 oz 4.5 lbs 4.85 lbs 13.4 oz
Certification FMVSS-218, DOT approved CPSC Bike, ASTM F-1492 CPSC Bike, CE.EN1078 FMVSS-218, DOT FMVSS-218, DOT CPSC / F1492, CE.EN1078

There is no formal standard for helmets for electric scooters, partly because there are so many different types of scooters that no helmet is suitable for all of them. We’ve reviewed several types of helmets to help you make the right decision and pick the kind of head protection you need.

Bell Custom 500 Open Face

Those that are into motorcycles may already know that Bell 500 is an iconic helmet from 50’s and 60’s. The Bell 500-TX from 1957 was even selected and displayed as an example of excellence in sport design in the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1962.

Bell Custom 500 is a direct descendant of the legendary helmet. It is made from a composite of fiberglass fibers, and it comes in several separate shell sizes. Sizing ranges from extra small, to XXL, keeping a proportional shell size to your head size and a compact look. Inside the shell is a multi-density EPS that absorbs the impact in a progressive manner in the event of an accident. Padded chin strap with D-ring closure and strap keeper ensure that your head protection stays firmly on.

Safety is first, but aesthetics play a very important role when it comes to items that we choose to buy. Bell does not sacrifice the looks, offering and array of colors with both gloss and matte finish, as well as special editions designs and graphics. There are also dozens of shield and visor accessories available, so the possibilities to personalize yours are endless.

Who is this helmet for: Bell Custom 500 caters to pretty much anybody who is looking for an open-faced helmet. It is one of the most popular helmets because it is very versatile. It is not too heavy, and being an open face you can use it for commuting by a lighter scooter like Xiaomi M365, and because it is DOT approved you can use it for a faster scooters like Dualtron.

Triple Eight Gotham

Triple 8 Gotham is a dual certified helmet that combines style, comfort and safety into one product. It has a little bit of a different cut than your traditional skate-style helmet with a subtle brim up front. The materials that this helmet is made with are great, the ABS shell is very sturdy, but it feels very nice on touch, like it’s rubberized. The liner is a patented cone-head EPS foam which has superior shock-absorbing capability and supposedly makes the helmet lighter. The Triple 8 Gotham still weight just over a pound, though. It has got Sweatsaver fit pads for added comfort.

The fit is awesome, the helmet stays in proper position without being too tight. It is fully adjustable, not just the straps, but there is a dial on the back of the helmet that allows you to customize the fit and make it as safe as it gets. It sits a bit low, so if you have a low forehead, it might come down to your eyebrows, which can obstruct your view. The vents are a bit small, but the airflow is decent. For sizing, the triple eight has made a very useful fit guide, so make sure to follow it.

Speaking of its looks, this is pretty stylish helmet. It is sleek, well designed and it comes in plenty of cool colors with matte finish including one that looks normal by day, but has special reflective coating so it lights up by night, and it will make you super visible.

Who is this helmet for: While it’s a general opinion that bicycle helmet provides adequate protection for those riding small scooters in bike lanes and on pathways, but it is also a fact that a bicycle helmet does not protect the back of your head. This multi sport helmet is well designed with high quality standard to protect your head from any accidents, and it could be used for one more than one activity which is not only safe, but also economical. This is a great option for people whose activities include a number of different outdoor sports.

MOKFIRE Bike Helmet

For riding an electric scooter that goes below 20mph, in low-risk conditions, a helmet that meets bicycle safety standards is enough. However, if you are not a fan of how bicycle helmets look, we have an alternative for you.

This MOKFIRE helmet is an excellent commuter helmet – lightweight, sleek, comfortable, while still offering adequate protection. The shell is made from durable ABS plastic for protection, while the EPS foam liner provides comfort and security. The inner lining is removable, so it is easy to clean. The ventilation is ok, the Internal, recessed vents allow some airflow through. Riding the electric scooter requires less physical effort than riding a bike, so this level of ventilation is enough.

A distinctive feature is its innovative adjusting system – a dial that regulates the circumference so it fits most heads 22-24”, so if you have an average sized head this helmet will fit you fine. The chin strap has a moisture-wicking pad that adds comfort and holds the strap. LED light on the back is also a nice and useful feature, and it seems waterproof as it is sealed, though there is no IP rating on it.

A good helmet is a necessity and this one would be a worthwhile addition to any electric scooter or bike rider’s gear. The addition of the safety light is a great bonus.

Who is this helmet for: For all that commute with small portable electric scooters, at speeds no greater than 20 mph. For commuters that need a comfortable and lightweight head protection that doesn’t make them look like they’ve stolen their kid’s bike helmet.

ILM Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet

If you ride a fast, powerful scooter like Dualtron or Weped RR, we would definitely recommend a full-face helmet. However, you are probably not blasting at speeds of 40 mph or riding over bumps and trails all the time, so it would be nice to have a convenience of wearing an open face helmet. ILM Modular helmet gives you both – full face protection when you need it, and a breezy ride with your face uncovered when you want it. Moreover, this helmet has dual visor, including the inner sun shield.

ILM 902 is DOT certified, with an ABS shell, so safety is on point. It has several air vents that can be opened or closed, visor that can be easily replaced, and a second, tinted visor inside the helmet. The whole front of the helmet can be opened up by pushing a button located on the chin on the bottom of the helmet. Inner pads are also removable, so you can easily take them out to clean them. This helmet comes in a variety of colors including matte black, glossy black, white, red, yellow and black with red and white stripes.

Just a quick disclaimer – this is not a premium product. There are definitely much better helmets, but they come with a price to match. We have reviewed this helmet from a standpoint of looking for a decent helmet that doesn’t break the bank. All things considered, ILM Modular helmet is a great deal.

Who is this helmet for: If you ride a 40+ mph scooter, not just any helmet we do. Full helmet is a smart way to go regarding the level of protection, but for those that prefer convenience of an open face helmet, this helmet offers the best of both.

ILM Off Road Dual-Sport

This helmet is designed to be multifunctional; it suits ATV, MTV, dirt bike, motorcycle, mountain bike, touring and other outdoor riding activities. It features an aerodynamic shape, quality ABS shell and detachable liners for comfort and proper fit. The top liner and ear pads are detachable so they can be easily taken out to be washed.

This ILM helmet features the HD enhanced wide-angle lens with increased peripheral vision for improving riding safety. Adjustable sun visor provides better visibility, with the option to rotate the shield to block the sunlight. It also features multiple air vents to ensure breathable and comfortable wearing conditions. Quick-release buckle on the chin strap helps riders easily take off and put on helmets, making it fit better as well.

ILM Dual Sport meets or exceeds FMSS-218 and DOT safety standards, it is sturdy and well-made. It is one of the most affordable helmet suitable for fast and off road scooters, and considering its quality, it is a great deal. The only flaw that we could find on this helmet is that it is a bit too heavy.

Lumos KICKSTART Smart Helmet

Lumos is a brand known for next generation bike helmets that address the issues of riders’ safety. Featuring integrated brake and turn signal lights, KICKSTART helmet will help you be visible from all angles. Turn signals are activated by a wireless remote, while brake light are activated automatically thanks to the built-in accelerometer which senses when you’re braking.

Lights are awesome, but Lumos KICKSTART is not just a novelty helmet. The adjustable retention system provides amazing fit, fitting most heads size 21-24” comfortably. There is also no compromise when it comes to comfort, from the 22 vents, down to the sweating-wicking material for the inner padding. And of-course, you can count on the highest level of protection, as Lumos also offers KICKSTART helmet with MIPS.

LED lights are not the only thing that make KICKSTART stand out. All electronics is fully-sealed so you can use the helmet even when it’s raining. There is also a Lumos Helmet app that allows you to update helmet settings, check battery levels and get battery notifications on your smartphone

Who is this helmet for: Lumos Kickstart (especially the MIPS version) is an excellent choice for those who, besides the safety factor, look for a helmet that looks cool.

What Type of Helmet is Right for Electric Scooters?

Is there a specialized type of helmet for electric scooters? There is no particular law or other standard specifically for electric scooters. But since speeds and impact velocities are similar to bicycle riding, CPSC believes that a bike helmet provides sufficient protection. The smaller wheels on electric scooters make them less stable and controllable than an e-bike, and according to the UCLA’s University Medical Center in Santa Monica most of injuries of e-scooter riders are from falls, not collisions.

Riding a bike requires more physical effort than riding a scooter, so you don’t need as much vents on your scooter helmet, but if you already own a certified bike helmet, you’ll be fine using it for riding a scooter as well.

Bike helmets

Bicycle helmets, by law, need to only meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s bicycle safety standards. They’re generally light weight, have less cushion, and have built in vents to help cool overheated bikers.


If a helmet is marked as “multi-sport”, this means that the helmet meets safety standards for more than one activity. These multipurpose helmets usually comply with both CPSC Safety Standard for bicycle riding and ASTM Standard for skateboarding. This is a great option for people whose activities include a number of different outdoor sports.

wearing scooter helmet

Moped helmets

Moped and scooter helmets are intentionally more durable and heavy duty than bike helmets, due to the fact that the potentially severity of motorcycle accidents outweigh bicycle accident injuries. The most popular types of helmet used for electric scooters are the half-helmets and the open-face helmets. Half helmet only covers the top of your head and the area from your forehead to your brows and provides minimal protection. If you want more protection go for the open face helmet, also known as a ¾ helmet, which covers the top back and sides of your head and only leaves your face exposed.

Full Face Helmets

Since some electric scooters can go over 40mph, if you ride at those speeds, it makes sense to go for a full-face helmet. These helmets protect the head, neck and the face and provide an additional support to the neck during a fall.

There are three types of full-face helmets, helmets used for motorcycle, helmet used by mountain bikers and those used by freeride and downhill longboarders. Motorcycle helmets tend to be heavier, but they are also offering more protection at crashes at higher speeds. Downhill and MTB helmets are lighter, they put less strain on your neck, therefore they are more comfortable.

Scooter Helmet Measuring and Size Charts

One of the most important things you need to do so your helmet gives you the level of protection it should it to make sure it fits properly. The different sizes and units of measure might confuse you, but properly measuring your head is the first step to getting the right fit. You should measure your head’s circumference in the fullest part, above the ears and eyebrows. Next, check a size chart from the brand that sells the model you want, and compare it with your own measurement. This is important as different brands might come up with different charts. Here is the one from Bell:

Your helmet should be slightly tight, but not too tight. If you feel there are areas of your head that have too much pressure on them, this means that it is a little too snug, which could become a distraction while riding. Your helmet should not be able to move around freely either. This means it is too big. Try removing the helmet by rolling it forward with the chin strap still fastened. If you can, it’s probably too large and will most likely come off in an accident.

The proper fit is not just a matter of size, but also a matter of shape. Is your head oval, with a longer front-to-back than a side-to-side measurement, or is it more round. Choose your best scooter helmet according to your head shape.

Certification and Helmet Laws

Different activities call for different levels of protection and scooter helmet safety laws vary, depending on which state you’re in. Some states, such as California, have laws requiring all riders under 18 years of age must wear a CPSC-certified helmet at all times, while older riders are not under obligation to wear a helmet. Keep in mind that the helmet you choose must meet CSPC regulations, which usually include an EPS protective liner, so check your state’s regulations before placing your order.


No one wants to be a crash statistic, but the reality is there are thousands of crashes and deaths each year in all types of vehicles and even pedestrians. Even the simple ride around the block can go very wrong very quickly. To protect your head from injury, always wear a properly fitting helmet. This is true no matter what your age, level of experience or location where you riding. There are different types of helmets that offer different levels of protection. For maximum protection you should get a full face helmet.

Remember that even the best scooter helmet does not last forever. You must replace your helmet when it starts showing some serious wear and tear.