Electric motorized hoverboards for adults and kids

When Marty McFly traveled to the year 2015, he found flying cars, self-tying sneakers and hovering boards. We are still far from flying cars, but so called hoverboards (often mistakenly referred to as hooverboards), can be seen everywhere. Although they cannot actually hover, these scooters got the name, and thanks to the countless headlines and celebrity viral videos, it’s here to stay.

Unless your commute is anything more than a couple of miles of smooth paved surface, this little gyroscopic scooter isn’t likely to replace your car, your bike, or the public transport as a daily form of transit. But if you need a fun gadget to get from point A to point B swiftly and give your feet a well needed break, then it might be worth looking at.

Top 6 Hoverboards Compared

gotrax srx 2019 hoverboardawagtron t1 hover boardoff road hoverboard epikgogotrax hoverfly hoverboardfastest hoverboard razor hovertrax self balancing scooter
NameGotrax SRXSwagtron T1
EpikGo Classic
GOTRAX HoverflyGyroor G-F1
Razor Hovertrax 2.0
Speed7 mph8 mph12 mph7.4 mph10 mph8+ mph
Range5 miles7-12 miles10 miles12 miles7.5-9.5 miles7 miles
Weight Limit220lbs220lbs240lbs220lbs265lbs220lbs

Choosing the best hoverboard when there is so many available is not an easy task. We have made a list of top products, making sure that we include different options that would fit the needs of different riders. Also, we made sure that all of them are UL2272 Certified. Further down you will find a brief overview of each of the models that will help you make an informed purchase decision.

Gotrax SRX 2019 Bluetooh

Gotrax SRX is one of the most affordable hoverboards available. But don’t let the price fool you, this little board has plenty to offer. This is a new generation of hoverboards, with improved gyroscope it’s easier to ride than its predecessor, the very popular Gotrax ION. Lightweight and durable, the SRX features 6″ wheels, and compact design, suitable for the younger riders. It is UL certified and  can still hold up to 220 pounds, so it is sturdy enough even for adults to take it for a spin. It charges quickly, features self-balancing technology and LED headlights, and also comes with 5 different color options. Unlike ION, Gotrax SRX includes Bluetooth speakers, which puts it to the top of our list of the best hoverboards.


  • Motor: 200W
  • Speed: 7 mph
  • Range: 5 miles
  • Self-balancing mode
  • Charge time: 3-4 hours
  • Weight Capacity: 220 pounds
  • Weight: 26.5 lbs
  • LED lights – in the wheels and two headlights
  • 5 color options
  • Charger Included: Yes
  • Bluetooth Integrated: Yes
  • UL 2272 Certified: Yes
 Gotrax ION

Swagtron T1

Swagtron is one of the best electric hoverboard know brand of personal electric vehicles. Swagtron T1 is the successor of the notorious Swagway X1, one of the two-wheeled self-balancing scooters that was recalled due to safety issues of catching fire or exploding. But don’t worry, the T1 model has been put through rigorous testing and it was first to market with an overall UL2272 certification.


  • Hard ABS Outer Body Casing
  • Aluminum Wheels with Rubber Tires
  • Top Speed: 8 mph
  • Range: 7 – 12 miles
  • Weight Limit: 220 lbs
  • Charging Time: ~1h
  • Two Driving Modes
  • Bright LED headlights
  • Battery: Lithium with SentryShield™ (UL2271 Certified)
  • Size: 23”x7”x7”
  • Product Weight: 22 lbs
  • Climbing Capability: 30°
  • Turning Radius: 0°
Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1

EpikGo Classic

EpikGo is not every kid’s toy. This little two-wheeler packs some serious power under the hard ABS body chassis. Featuring two 400W motors it provides maximum speed of 12 mph and the ability to climb inclines of up to 15 degrees and stay stable. High-tread tires ensure safe navigation across any ground cover, be it grass, dirt, or pavement. EpikGo comes with UL2271 certified LG Smart Lithium-ion battery that provides a range of up to 10 miles. This can be the best advanced hoveboard and is also IP54 certified, which means that it is water resistant.


  • Motor: Dual 400W
  • Top Speed: 12 mph
  • Range: 10 miles
  • Maximum Weight: 220 lbs
  • Charging Time: 1-2h
  • Bright LED headlights
  • Battery: 37V LG Lithium Battery (UL2271 Certified)
  • All-Terrain Tires
  • Product Weight: 26 lbs
  • Climbing Capability: 18°
  • Turning Radius: 0°


Hoverfly is definitely among the best seller hoverboard. And there are more to it than it amazingly affordable price – classic design, ease of use, fun colors and prints available and all the feature you would possibly need for a fun leisure ride. Hoverfly ECO is made with high quality material, and also tested and certified to UL 2272 electrical standards. The GOTRAX company stands behind their product, so you can expect excellent customer support and fast delivery. This is a best gift hoverboard for kids and teenagers.


  • Motor 250W
  • Top Speed: 7.4 mph
  • Range: 9 – 12 miles
  • Max Weight Limit: 220 lbs
  • Charging Time: 1.5h
  • LED headlights
  • Battery: UL2271 Certified Lithium
  • Solid Rubber Tires
  • Built-in Bluetooth Speaker
  • Product Weight: 20 lbs
  • Turning Radius: 0°
  • 7 different colors and designs

Gyroor G-F1

If this self-balancing board looks like an F1 car to you, that is because designers have tried very hard to achieve that. And they have also tried to incorporate more features of F1 into the Gyroorboard F1 – unique shape, strong power, fast speed, sturdy structure, even the sound. Yes, you have read it right – unlike other manufacturers that are making their scooters as quiet as possible, Gyroorboard completely simulates the sound of a racing car when speeding up or braking. Battery is removable, which is a nice feature. This is a relatively new product to the market, but for now it seems promising, at least for the fun factor.


  • Motor: 350W
  • Top Speed: 10-12 mph
  • Driving Mode: Speeds Adjustable by App
  • Range: 7.5-9.5 miles
  • Maximum Weight: 265 lbs
  • Charging Time: 1.5-2h
  • LED lights – Colors Adjustable by app
  • Built-in Bluetooth Speaker
  • Battery: Removable 36V Lithium Battery (UL2271 Certified)
  • 5 inch/215mm Rubber Tires
  • Product Weight: 33 lbs
  • Climbing Capability: 15°-30°
  • IP54 Water Resistant
Gyroor G-F1 Fastest Hoverboard

Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Razor’s name has been synonymous with high-quality scooters for a long time. It’s no surprise that one the Hovertrax 2.0, matches the standard of their brand name excellence. The standout feature of Hovertrax 2.0 is the EverBalance technology – each board has the foot-controlled multi-sensor tech that precisely (and accurately) responds to foot pressure, as opposed to single-sensor foot pads many boards have. The scooter is built out of quality materials –


  • Motor: 350W peak
  • Speed: 8 mph
  • Range: 12 miles
  • Charge time: up to 4 hours
  • Battery Life: 12  miles (60 minutes of continuous riding)
  • Weight Capacity: 220 pounds
  • Climbing Capability: 15°
  • Weight: 26.5 lbs
  • LED Lights: Battery power/ balance level indicator
  • Charger Included: Yes
  • Bluetooth Integrated: No
  • UL 2272 Certified: Yes
Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Hoverboards for Kids

hoverboards for kidsKids love hoverboards and year after year it is the most sought after holiday gift for a few years now.  If you want to see the biggest smile on your child’s face this holiday season, you might think that a hoverboard would be the perfect gift. However, if you want to choose absolutely the best and the safest products, there are some things to consider.

When shopping for kids look for 6.5″ wheel sizes or smaller. They are lighter, making them easier for your children to carry and the small wheel sizes make them easier to maneuver by smaller riders.

Most of the kid hoverboards are designed to support riders that are at least 40 lbs. Usually, that is about age five and up, though some four-year-olds may meet that weight requirement. However we would recommends riders be at least 6 years or older to ride, as they are more likely to have a developed sense of balance and coordination, which is a must when it comes to riding a hands-free self-balancing hover-board.

Proper safety gear is essential for any scooter rider, especially kids. Just like with bikes, skateboards, and roller skates, helmets and pads are essential to prevent injuries. Even when your kid becomes a pro, there’s still a chance of accidents, especially if they ride in areas with other riders, skaters, and cyclists. A helmet is the absolute minimum safety gear a kid should wear when they ride.


If your child already owns a hoverboard and loves it, here is a little gadget that is a perfect way of breathing new life into his or her hoverboard experience. Hoverkart is an accessory that transforms your hoverboard into a three-wheeled buggy-like vehicle that is stable and maneuverable.

Even though they are hands-free, these two-wheel, self-balancing rides can be a handful to control. Hoverkart attachment harnesses the power and makes the riding experience more enjoyable and accessible for everyone. One of the major advantages of hover kart is that you have a third point of contact with the ground, so you are no longer relying on your sense of balance to keep you from falling. It is controlled by handles, that also provide a grasp of your scooter. Take a look at the video below to see more of this awesome little attachment in action:

[fusion_youtube id=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzbRKvw2pps” alignment=”” width=”” height=”” autoplay=”false” api_params=”” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=”” css_id=”” /]

What is a hover board?

Hover board is a pretty amazing piece of technology, it houses two powerful electric motors, self-balancing software and a high-capacity battery, all in a compact and lightweight package. Beside the dual motors, wheels contain a tilt and speed sensor. This detects the rpm of each wheel and sends it to the gyroscope and speed control boards located inside the main body. These components work together to provide the correct power output and manage the tilt so that the rider stays upright and is able to move at a controlled speed. Combined, these allow riders to stand up, accelerate, turn and stop, simply by shifting weight.

These vehicles do not have enough power to go fast or cover large distances, but they offer some unique advantages that makes them stand out from other personal electric vehicles, such as scooters or e-bikes. However, have in mind that they are not legal to ride on streets, in fact, they have been banned from roads and sidewalks in many cities, so check with your local authority before you take on the streets.

Best Hoverboard Buyer’s Guide – What to look for

The number one factor when looking for the best electric scooter for you is your own personal comfort. Do you enjoy buzzing down the streets while standing on the deck, or do you prefer to sit down while cruising? You need to make sure that your ride matches your route. How portable does it need to be? Do you need a scooter that you can easily fold and carry around when needed, or you are willing to sacrifice portability for superior performance? Here are some key factors you should consider to find what’s right for you.

Build Quality

There are hundreds of different models and variations available on the market today, and there is also a wide range of differences in build quality. The frame, the housing material, metal versus plastic wheels ─ not to mention the sophistication of the internal motors, sensors and other electronics ─ may all be different. That is why it is important to do the research, check reviews and turn to the reliable sources of information before you make the purchase. The cheapest option is usually not the best one, and the most expensive one may not be the right choice either. Look for products by long-established brands that offer good warranty and customer support.

Rider weight and Maximum Load

While most hoverboards will have the same weight limit based on wheel size, you should pay attention to each manufacturer’s parameters before you purchase. Most hoverboards will have a weight range of 40 lbs. to 220 lbs. While there may be some wiggle room with the weight limits, you are increasing your risk if you are outside the manufacturer’s recommendations.However, there are some models that are built to carry heavier rider, for example Swagtron T6 has an advertised weight limit of 420lbs.

Speed and Range

In terms of speed, most models offer a similar range, from slow speeds of 2 or so mph up to 10mph, and even up to 12 or 15 mph. That doesn’t sound fast, but consider that’s sprinting speed for many people, and you are standing on a little device only a few inches from the ground.

Range is tough to measure, as a number of factors will affect how long and how far you can go — the terrain, the incline, the speed and the weight of the rider, in particular. Most models get a couple hours or more of typical use, or about 10 up to 15 miles, on a flat surface.

Battery and Certification

An electronic device is only as powerful as its battery – without a reliable power source, users won’t travel far from the nearest outlet. Battery safety is also a primary concern for device manufacturers. Shortly after the numerous and frequent reports of catching fire, United Laboratories (UL) created the UL 2272 standard for hoverboards. The UL 2272 certification is provided to any hoverboard after a series of 150 tests including the drop test, overcharge test, and more to ensure they’re safe. Apart from the safety testing, a thorough construction evaluation of the product is also done to make sure it isn’t made using any lo quality material.


Before buying anything, it is obvious that you’ll first keep an insight into your budget and then draw the line. The price for a two-wheel scooter can go as high as $1000 dollars and as low as under $200. Just be wary when it comes to price and remember you get what you pay for. High-quality materials and durability are going to add to the price tag. You’ll also find that models which feature a sturdier frame or are designed for heavier riders will be more expensive. Evaluate your budget and determine what features are important to you. With so many models to choose from, you should be able to get the product you want at a price you can afford.

best hoverboard 2018

Are hoverboards safe?

It’s been a rough start for this rideable gadget. When they first appeared on the market, the whole idea almost blew up in flames (literally). The little scooters just wouldn’t stop bursting in flames. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, hoverboard-related fires between December 2015 and February 2016 were responsible for more than $2 million in property damages nationwide. As a result, some airlines and college campuses have banned self-balancing scooters, and the United Kingdom has completely banned the use of two-wheel self-balancing scooters in any public space.

But despite all the negative publicity the hoverboard industry have managed to clean up their act and come back bigger and better and gain the popularity their “grandfather”, the Segway, always hoped for. The safety issues that led to overheated batteries are now covered by the UL 2272 standard, and the CPSC recommended that all over hoverboards should be certified before being sold in the US.


Hoverboards are two-wheeled, electric, portable devices  and one of the least expensive personal transportation devices. They are very convenient for traveling short distances, even indoors. If you decide to buy a self-balancing board for you or your loved one, we recommend that you read oure guide to pick the best hoverboard of 2018. Armed with information, you’ll be able to prioritize, and figure out exactly which model fits your needs.