Latest news about electric personal transportation vehicles


Powerful Dualtron Electric Scooters

Dualtron is the brand of electrically powered off road scooters produced by the Korean company Minimotors. When it was launched in 2015, Dualtron was the first electric scoter with dual motor drive. While many manufactures were trying to make their scooters, small sleek and highly portable in order to patch that last mile to [...]

WideWheel from FluidFreeRide

Electric scooters have seen a huge boom in popularity over the recent years. And as demand grows, so does supply of all kinds of products. Everybody want it on the amazing opportunity to get involved with this skyrocketing industry.That means that the market is flooded with low quality scooters made in China that are [...]

Glion Dolly Review

Glion Dolly is the fun stand-up electric scooters designed for adults as a way to way to glide the distances they used to hike, from the distant parking lot or mass transit station directly to their office . Lightweight and portable, Glion Dolly is a simple and effective solution who want to switch walking on [...]

Razor EcoSmart Metro Review

Razor EcoSmart Metro is the most highly recommended electric scooter for adults, even with all the new designs and new scooters popping up almost daily. This scooter will appeal to those that appreciate simple design and affordable price. EcoSmart Metro is a one step above the basic electric kick scooters Razor is known for. [...]

Razor E300 Electric Scooter

With millions of scooters sold all over the world, Razor is truly a brand to be reckon with in the world of these two-wheel tiny rides. It has been a favorite of kids, teens and stunt riders for years, but with the release of adult-size electric scooters, like E300 or EcoSmart Metro, it has [...]

Best Folding Electric Bikes 2019

Folding bikes have long been popular in large cities in where most people live in small apartments with few storage options. With small wheels and a step-through frame, the folding bicycle is easy to handle and can be adjusted to fit riders of almost any size. But with those big and heavy SLA batteries, [...]

Ford OjO Electric Scooter

Anyone that has ever had a chance to ride an OjO scooter will agree that this is really one of the smoothest, sturdiest, most pleasant personal electric transportation device currently available. Plus, it looks very cool. This is a product of three year research and collaborative effort to create simple, but stable form of [...]

Xiaomi Mi M365 Review

At first sight, Xiaomi M365 is just another electric scooter. But after you have taken it for a ride it gets clear that it is totally different from the ones you have tried so far. If you’ve walked the streets of San Francisco, Los Angeles or San Diego lately, you have most certainly came [...]

Best 3 Wheel Electric Scooters 2019

There are plenty of great reasons to consider buying an electric scooter on three wheels. The 3 wheels provide greater stability and safety than regular two wheeled transporters, and sometimes even more torque and longer range for more rigorous use. You get the stability of a 4 wheel scooter, with the turning radius of [...]