Self-Balancing Scooters

riding hoverboard safely

When the first Segway was launched in 2001, it got everyone in the tech industry hyped up. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and legendary venture capitalist John Doerr were early and […]

Off Road Skateboards

best off road motorized skateboard

When you think of e-skateboarding you probably do not think off road. Well, think again. There is an entire class of electric skateboards that are more than just street carvers […]

Electric Longboards

motorized longboard with orange and black wheels

When I was a kid, I used to go everywhere on a board. To be honest, I wasn’t really that good. I could balance and cruise around, and pop up […]

Off Road Hoverboards

self balancing boards for off road

These hoverboards carry larger wheels, big knobby tires, an all the protection you need against dirt, little rocks and splashes of water. This are not the monster dirt bikes or […]

Hoverboard Safety Concerns

are hoverboads safe

Hoverboard is an electro-mechanical transportation device. This fancy name is short for “it can fail in either the mechanical aspect or the electrical aspect”. We should all be concerned about […]

Best Hoverboards

two hoverboards for adults in blue and pink color

When Marty McFly traveled to the year 2015, he found flying cars, self-tying sneakers and hovering boards. We are still far from flying cars, but so called hoverboards (often mistakenly […]

Backfire G2T

Backfire G2T from above

If you’re someone that’s into regular skateboards, you’d know that Backfire is a well-known name around most parts of the US. They make good, quality skateboards, and their customer service […]

Ride1Up Electric Skateboards

Electric scateboards by Ride1 Up

It was not easy for a small company Ride1Up to find its place in a very competitive electric skateboard market, along sharks like Boosted Board or Evolve, and a flood […]