Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are at the cutting edge of modern cycle innovation and the most versatile transportation for traffic, hills and trails. electric bikes in particular, are revolutionizing the transit world. Bike commuting is growing exponentially thanks to an increase in bike lanes, an increase in awareness of the personal and environmental benefits, and in part thanks to e-bikes.

9 11, 2020

Lightweight Electric Bikes

By |11/09/2020|Electric Bikes|

The concept of minimalist electric bike is not a new thing. Ever since the earlier version of e-bikes with big motors and bulky batteries came out engineers and designers have been looking for ways to make them lighter, using different materials and ditching all the parts that are not absolutely [...]

7 11, 2020

Best Fat Tire eBikes

By |11/07/2020|Electric Bikes|

Electric vehicles are really gaining up on their human-powered counterparts; electric scooters are beating traditional scooters by a landslide, and the e-bikes and e-skateboards are gaining more ground and are finally getting the recognition they deserve. The “last mile” transportation problem is so close to being solved. Sometimes, the new technology opens [...]

7 11, 2020

Top 5 Electric Mountain Bikes

By |11/07/2020|Electric Bikes|

The best electric mountain bike with electric motor seem to be such a controversial topic among cyclists. eMTB for trail are often met with disdain, with many "avid mountain-bikers " claiming that pedal-assist bikes are making the world a lazier place, causing all kinds of trail conflicts and closures, and are generally just ruining [...]

7 11, 2020

Electric Bikes for Commuting

By |11/07/2020|Electric Bikes|

Driving a car has been the most convenient way to get to work for a long time, but as the number of cars increased, so did the need for a more sustainable alternative. Thanks to recent advancements, which have made innovative technology more available than ever today there are many different means of personal [...]

6 11, 2020

Best Electric Bikes

By |11/06/2020|Electric Bikes|

Biking is awesome, but biking uphill is not. Commuting by bike is environmentally friendly, fun and good for your health. Best electric bikes offer the same great benefits as traditional ones including cost savings, health improving, avoiding city traffic, plus some additional advantages like efficiency in climbing hills, less stress on knees and joints, [...]

31 08, 2020

Best Folding Electric Bikes 2020

By |08/31/2020|Electric Bikes|

Folding bikes have long been popular in large cities in where most people live in small apartments with few storage options. With small wheels and a step-through frame, the folding bicycle is easy to handle and can be adjusted to fit riders of almost any size. But with those big and heavy SLA batteries, [...]

1 08, 2020

Best Electric Bikes Under $1000 – Which One Should Be Yours?

By |08/01/2020|Electric Bikes|

Electric bicycles offer the same great benefits as traditional bicycles and remove many of the roadblocks and challenges that people face with traditional pedal-powered bikes. With help of an electric motor you can get where you need to be faster, climb hills effortlessly and significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Also e-bikes don't require registration, [...]

20 05, 2020

Rad Power Bikes Review

By |05/20/2020|Reviews, Electric Bikes|

Rad Power Bikes is a Seattle based company that offers high quality bikes affordable price. Starting with converting traditional bikes into customized e-bikes based on customers’ individual needs the company eventually creating a line of affordable electric bikes for different purposes. Today, Rad Power Bikes is one of the best-selling brands of electric bikes. [...]

5 03, 2020

Electric Bike Conversion Kit

By |03/05/2020|Electric Bikes|

Electric bikes are a fun and enjoyable way to get around town and leave your car at home, but they are expensive. I mean, we love the idea of cycling without effort, but is spending a couple thousand bucks on a new e-bike worth it? The electric bike conversion kit is a great [...]

15 01, 2020

Ride1Up 700 Series Bike Review

By |01/15/2020|Electric Bikes, Reviews|

Ride1Up is a relatively new company that started operating back in September 2018. They're based in San Diego, CA, and we've already covered their electric longboards, and their Series 500 electric bikes. Their entire business is founded on the JIT (Just-In-Time) model of production, which drastically cuts the costs of production and storage, meaning [...]

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