All Terrain Electric Skateboards for Off Road Thrills

When you think of e-skateboarding you probably do not think off road. Well, think again. There is an entire class of electric skateboards that are more than just street carvers and pavement gliders. Off road electric skateboards are a perfect example how something that is designed for urban setting can be transformed into a thrill sport for adrenaline junkies.

The off road electric skateboard looks a lot like a mountain board propelled by an electric motor. The biggest difference compared to other electric skateboards and longboards is that off road e-boards are equipped with pneumatic tires that give you a higher clearance and can handle dirt paths, sand, mountain trails and rocky roads. The batteries and electric motor, controlled by a remote control allow you to climb hills, accelerate over rough terrain and make ripping up a hill just as much fun as freewheeling downhill. Electric drives are a complete game changer for mountainboarding. Electric mountain board is the perfect activity for athletes who love extreme sports, skaters who are always in pursue of new adventures, anyone who enjoys snowboarding, mountain biking and loves the outdoors.

On top of the off road electric skateboard you are able not only to easily ride over bumps on the roads and potholes, but you can ride it on dirt, grass, gravel, even snow and sand. If your definition of fun includes dirt trails, speed and adrenaline, all terrain electric skateboard is a perfect toy for you. Check out our picks for the best off road electric longboards and skateboards and find the perfect one to take on your next adventure

Here are short reviews of some of the best and the most popular all terrain electric boards at the moment. The reviews are listed from the least to the most expensive board, with some other interesting options at the bottom.

MotoTec 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboard

This all-terrain electric skateboard has been around for a long time, and for a good reason. It has dual motors, with combined power of 1600W, remote with variable throttle for smooth speed control. You can actually feel all that power when taking off. The top speed is between 18-22 mph, depending on your weight ant the terrain. The range is around 7 miles (don’t expect the advertised 10 mile range), but it takes almost 5 hours to fully charge. Big 10 inch wheels give you more ground clearance for taking on a more extreme terrain.

It comes with 36V SLA battery, which is not ideal, but is not a deal-breaker, since it is the reason why the board is so affordable, and the weight is really not that important for the hobby off road riders. If you have some extra money you can upgrade it with Li Ion batteries to improve the range and reduce the charging time, but the Lithium battery pack may end up costing as much as the skateboard itself.
Overall, Mototec 1600W skateboard is really powerful, and such a thrill to ride. The ride on the pavement is not very smooth because of the large thread tires, but if you take it off road it will show you a good time. Getting this board out on the beach at low tide is crazy fun as you can power-carve it up and down the sand. MotoTec comes with a fun little trigger finger operated pistol-grip remote with only the basic control. Pull the trigger and off you go, release it and you’ll stop.


  • Big wheels, with fat tires offer better grip on rough terrain.
  • Very affordable compared to the other boards on the list.


  • Very heavy.
  • Takes a long time to charge.

OUTSTORM Electric Mountain Board

OUTSTORM skateboard is a very fast, very powerful motorized mountain board, that packs some serious power for the price. We have not had any hands-on experience with this one, so we have to rely mostly on reviews. Overall, this looks like a solid off road electric skateboard: two custom brushless motors with the combined peak power of 3300W, top speed up to 31 mph and it weighs 32 lbs. The advertised range is whooping 19 miles, but that’s probably for riding on flat ground.
It look just like a mountainboard, even has the bindings to secure you to the board and the pneumatic tires. It can climb 30 degree hills, but that will probably drain your battery. Maneuverability seems to be a big plus for this board, since it has brakes and reverse and the board seems pretty close to the ground, which means lower center of gravity and more stability and control. But it still has just enough clearance to not scrape the ground.

The downside is that the board comes with goofy binding setup, and it cannot be reversed, so if you need a regular, make sure to contact the company first. If you prefer to ride without straps you can just take them off completely.

It is very easy to ride, so you can get the gist fairly quickly, even if you have never ridden an electric skateboard before. According to those who own this board, this is a great product for the half of the price of some of the more marketed names. The Outstorm supposedly comes with One Year Warranty, which includes free replacement parts and 24h customer support.


  • Specs are pretty solid.
  • Great price for the performance you get.
  • Looks and rides like a mountain board.


  • Not very beginner friendly.
  • Comes with goofy foot binding setup, cannot be adjusted.

AZBO Off-Road Y8

The new AZBO off-road Electric Skateboard is one of the most unique entries on any list. It has optional bindings like a snowboard would, it’s actually a skateboard (mountainboard), not a longboard like most others. Most electric skateboards are actually electric longboards that are easier to control at higher speeds the e-motor gives you, but this perplexed us. And it controls and maneuvers like a dream.

It has real pneumatic tires just like most dirt e-scooters do. This gives this board an unparalleled off-road spec and feel. It’ll beat gravel, mud, small potholes, grass, snow and sand (do not use this board in the snow). Two motors supply it with 3000 W of pure power and acceleration. One of the most fun accelerations we’ve felt on a board.

The AZBO electric skateboard can reach up to 25 mph, which feels a lot faster than almost any other board due to the small size of this skateboard. It uses a thick, heavy-duty 11-ply maple deck, and can carry a load of up to 290 lbs. These are some of the biggest numbers in the industry.

The only two weak points are the remote, it’s not really that ergonomic and feels like it could have had an LCD or OLED screen; and the price. The high price is earned through the high quality and robust construction, not by brand name or anything else. It’s an outstanding bargain if you’re a real off-road enthusiast or a snowboarder that lives away from the ski resort. Not really suitable for beginners.


  • Very sturdy and stable.
  • Comes with a set of knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards.
  • The price is great for the performance you get.


  • Getting spare parts might be a problem.

Evolve Bamboo GTX All Terrain

Evolve is a big name in the e-skate world; they make some of the best boards out there, with a price to match. The Bamboo GTX with All-Terrain set of wheels is a fantastic, off-road ready board that’s ready to beat any obstacle or type of road that comes its way. It has 2 sets of wheels, one regular skateboard 97mm 76A set and one bigger, off-road 7″ wheel set that’s a lot of fun. It’ll easily go over grass, dirt and gravel, but struggles a bit with fine sand, like you’d find on a beach. The regular skateboard wheels aren’t made for off-road fun, so please stay on the tarmac, concrete or asphalt.

Regardless, this 36 V 3000 W beast will tackle any hills you come across (we’re guessing up to 30%). Those are amazing stats for any electric vehicle, let alone one that has to pack those specs into a small skateboard. It’s very safe too, the Bamboo GTX features E-ABS and good regenerative braking. One of the best brakes on the market, which are going to be used a lot considering that this Evolve board can reach up to 26 mph. 26 mph might not sound fast if you’re in a car, but most regular skateboarders can’t ride this fast, and this speed feels (and is) positively dangerous and exciting. The 18 mile range is no small feat either, with most other boards having about 12 miles of range.

This is a whole package, with its only downside being that it’s a bit pricier compared to most other boards. And a bit heavier. But the quality is there, and for e-skate enthusiasts with some disposable income, this is a great deal.


  • Very fast and powerful.
  • Comfortable deck with just enough flex for a smooth ride.
  • You can get two sets of wheels that you can switch easily.


  • It is expensive.

Electrify Your Own Mountain Board

All terrain electric skateboards are not cheap, but if you already own a mountain board, there is a cost effective way to turn it electric. This DIY kit can be mounted to the regular skateboard deck to turn it into a powerful motorized off road board.

What you get in this kit:

  • 2x Truck with riser pad
  • 2x 8″ wheel
  • 2x 8″ wheel with pulley
  • 2x 1650W brushless motor with pulley
  • 2x Motor bracket
  • 2x Belt

Motor Specs:

  • Model: N63
  • Voltage: 36 V
  • Output: 1650 W
  • Rotate: 200KV
  • Rated Current: 90A
  • Max speed: 25 mph

This kit includes one drive truck and one regular one. Drive consists of one truck with riser pad, two 8″ wheels with pulley, two brushless motors with pulley, a pair of motor brackets and covers, and two belts. Unfortunately, this kit does not include a battery, so it has to be bought separately. Our recommendation is that you buy a ready-made skateboard, but if you’d love a DIY project and a sense of accomplishment you get riding on something that you have built with your own two hands, than this might be the right option for you. Start by reading these experiences by the people that had the courage to tackle a project like that.

Extreme Off Road Boards

Some electric rides are just so out there, we just had to include them. These are not your everyday electric skateboards, but if you have the passion (and the money) to channel your inner Casey Neistat, check these out:


Is it a hoverboard? A skateboard? Self-balancing scooter? I have no idea, but we just had to put the Onewheel on this list for its off road capabilities. This board with the giant go-kart tire in the middle is so unique in design that it is a category on its own. You don’t need the remote to operate it, it is controlled by your own body, as the board self-balances thanks to the onboard motion sensors and gyroscopic stabilization. If you lean forward it will accelerate; more pressure, more speed; lean backwards to slow down.

The new version Onewheel+ XR, is upgraded on many aspects compared to the original model. The motor is faster, the battery is more powerful and the ride is even more stable and smooth. Maximum speed you can reach on this device is 19mph. The big advantage over any other skateboard is the turning. With some practice you can turn 180° on a dime.

There is no way to explain in words how to ride this board, especially if you didn’t have any experience with the board sports like snowboarding, surfing, wakeboarding etc. You learn by riding it (and falling, in my case, a lot). But once you’ve mastered it is incredibly fun to ride, and it will go pretty much wherever you want it to go. If you can stay on J It will power up hills and handle any terrain, and you’ll really feel like you’re flying or “hovering”. Due to design the maximum hill grade that this board can climb is 20%, but the ride is unbelievably smooth over any terrain: dirt, sand, gravel, snow, super bumpy roads… The tire is sleek, but surprisingly it won’t slip even in the rain.


  • Long Lasting battery that fully charges really quickly (under 30 minutes) with the ultracharger.
  • It is very versatile – equally good for both the on-road and the off-road ride.
  • Dedicated iPhone and Android app.
  • Motor is completely encased in the wheel, so it’s waterproof.


  • The price is a bit higher.
  • Compared to the other boards on this list, learning curve is much steeper. Wear safety equipment!

BajaBoard G4X

If we had to describe BajaBoard with just one word it would be: Beast! Designed and developed in Australia, it’s described by its creators as “a mashup between a Formula One car, a mountain bike and a snowboard”. BajaBoard G4X smokes the competition with the top speed of just over 30 mph. The Lithium battery pack powers FOUR motors, one on each wheel with the total power of 12kW. Wow, that’s some serious power! Four independent shock absorbers provide the rider with stability on each of the all-terrain wheels. The suspension system is actually designed to handle jumps. BajaBoard offers outstanding stability, handling and traction like nothing else currently available. It also offers dual throttle control allowing you to power front and rear wheels separately. You can climb any hill, tame any trail without fear of wobbling out of control. For lack of better words, here’s the video:

Comparison Table

outstorm off road Azbo y8 mountain board evolve bamboo deck all terrain wheels mototec dirt skateboard off road kit
Name OUTSTORM AZBO Y8 Evolve Bamboo GTX All Terrain MotoTec 1600W L-Faster Off-Road Kit
Power 3300W (2x1650W) 3000W (2x1500W) 3000W (2x1500W) 1600W (2x800W) 3300 W (2x1650W)
Wheels 7.8 x 2″ pneumatic rubber tires 7.8 x 2″ pneumatic tires 7” All terrain pneumatic tires 10″ air-filled tires 8″ rubber tires
Max Speed 31 mph 25 mph 25 mph 22 mph 25 mph
Range 19 miles 19 miles 18.5 miles 10 miles /
Battery 36V/ 11Ah Lithium-Ion Battery 36V/ 11Ah LG Li-Ion Battery 36V/ 10Ah Lithium Ion 36V / 14Ah SLA /
Weight 32 lbs 31 lbs 21.5 lbs 71 lbs 6 lbs

Can you use Off-Road electric skateboard for commuting?

The off road skateboard would do just fine on any street or sidewalk, and the range and speed match those more popular “on road” e-skateboards. But considering the convenience, off road boards may not be the best solution for your daily commute. They can be significantly heavier and bulkier than Boosted Board and company, so you really can’t carry them around in your backpack. If you have a short commute and you do not need to take public transport, than you can enjoy much smoother ride over cracks, gravel and potholes, provided you have where to “park” your board. However, they are a lousy last mile solution: off road motorized skateboards are not commuter-friendly transport option you can slide under the bus seat

Is e-mountain boarding dangerous?

Depending on what you consider “dangerous”. If you judge by all the videos on YouTube of people falling and crashing to death metal music, it looks quite extreme. But falling is just one tiny part of the exciting off road skating story. Almost all of us has fallen off the bike at some point, and it hadn’t stopped us from riding. Within all sports there are injuries associated: football, baseball, hockey… It all comes down to what level of risk you are prepared to expose yourself to and what steps you want to take to minimize that risk. One way to prevent injuries is wearing proper safety equipment. And also, trying to avoid hurting yourself by riding responsibly and calculating the risk you are willing to take.

Bottom line: E-mountainboarding is as safe as you want it to be, and as dangerous as you make it. Naturally, the better the electric skateboard, the safer it is to ride, so choose wisely.