Which is the Right Kind of Tire for You E-Scooter?

e-scooter tire guide
The tire choice is one of the most important factors when it comes to riding comfort of the e-scooter. Tires vary in size, but also in composition. Different options have different advantages and disadvantages, mostly related to driving comfort and maintenance.
Before you decide whether you want an e-scooter with pneumatic or solid tires, you should carefully weigh up what is important to you. This way you can quickly find out which type of tire best suits you and your driving style.

Types of Tires for Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are equipped with either pneumatic tires or solid rubber tires. Pneumatic tires are also known as air-filled tires, they are similar to a classic bicycle tire. This type of tire must be properly inflated, so you should check the air pressure regularly. Solid tires have no air in them, so they cannot be punctured, but they don’t absorb the shocks from the road.

Pneumatic (Air-Filled) Tires

electric scooter pneumatic tire with inner tube

Pneumatic tires can be tubeless or with inner tube. Tubed tires have an inner tube to inflate pressure inside the tire. This gives the superior ride cushioning, but is also a pain when it comes to maintenance. The main issue with tubed tires is in dealing with flats, as it will require you to remove the tire, often the wheel as well, and replace the inner tube in order to resolve the issue of a punctured tube, and then go through the grueling process of mounting everything back.
Tubeless tires provide the same pneumatic shock absorption as tubed tires, with the added benefit of being easier to maintain. When a tubeless tire gets punctures, which will inevitably happen, it can usually be repaired without having to remove the wheel or tire, with either the tire repair kit or the slime for tubeless tires.

E-scooters with pneumatic tires compensate for bumps on the road better than solid rubber tires. They offer greater driving comfort, shocks are more easily absorbed and are not transferred as strongly to the wrists and arms. This is the reason than all off road electric scooters have pneumatic tires, as well as high-performance, heavy duty scooters like Dualtrons.
Air-filled tires must be checked regularly for the air pressure; if it is too low, the tire must be inflated to a right amount. If the tire pressure is lower than it should be, you can feel it in the driving comfort, because the suspension seems to give way a little.

Solid Rubber Tires

solid tires electric scooters

Solid tires are common on many small e-scooters, and they can be made entirely out of rubber or filled with foam. They are maintenance-free, they cannot get punctured as there is no air pressure to lose. These tires should be replace when they get worn out. However, you have to take into account that bumps on the road surface are not absorbed as easily with a solid rubber tire as with a pneumatic tire. Though they offer almost no cushioning, with good suspension, the ride comfort is quite acceptable. They are also heavier than air-filled tires

Honeycomb – Hybrid Tires

sir pocket honeycomb tires

The honeycomb, or air-pocket tires, are the latest solution for e-scooter tires for reducing the shakiness of a ride with solid tires. There tires are made of hard rubber, but they also contain air pockets within. This offers the resilience to flats of solid tires, but a better level of shock absorption.
Despite the fact that they were only recently introduced into the market, analysts expect that honeycomb tires will soon be widely used as the preferred tires for e-scooters.

Which type of tire you prefer is ultimately a question of personal taste. There are no differences in terms to road approval for street legal scooters.

Pneumatic Tires: Advantages and Disadvantages

The main advantages of e-scooters with pneumatic tires is greater driving comfort. They absorb bumps on the road surface better and do not pass them on to the driver as much. Wider tires especially feel safer and more comfortable on rough surfaces.
The correct air pressure is therefore important for your driving comfort, and the tire wears out faster if it is not sufficiently inflated. The higher wear means that you have to change your tire earlier if you use it regularly and frequently. In addition, sharp rocks or nails on the road can damage the tire. If the tire is punctured, it will lose air. Depending on the size of the hole, there is a risk of a flat tire within a short time. In this case, only a repair or a complete replacement of the tires will help.

off road dualtron thunder

Bigger Tires = More Comfort

Adult E-scooter tires also differ in size. Most electric scooters are equipped with tires between eight and ten inches in size. The size of the tire plays a significant role in driving comfort. Tires with a larger diameter better compensate for obstacles and bumps on the road or a poor surface than small tires.
A bigger tire usually means a better driving experience. Small tires are a little more difficult to go over stones or sticks and can lead to the driver falling at high speed. If you often drive on cobblestones or on forest paths, you should probably choose the scooter with bigger pneumatic tires. If you use your e-scooter on level ground such as well-developed bike paths or for a short distance from the bus stop to the office in the city, a solid rubber tire may be sufficient.

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How to know the optimal tire air pressure

The correct air pressure plays an important role for your driving comfort and your safety. Unfortunately, the optimal pressure is not the same for all e-scooters. It differs from model to model, and the size of the tire also plays a role in air pressure. Some manufacturers print the air pressure on the tire so that you can get an idea of the optimal strength.
If this is not the case, it is best to check in practice what tire pressure you are driving comfortably with. You can recognize the correct pressure when driving by a comfortable suspension and a secure hold on the road surface. If in doubt, choose a slightly higher pressure to improve your driving comfort. With a little practice you will quickly find out how much you should inflate the tires in order to move your e-scooter safely and comfortably in traffic.