Best Electric Motor Scooters for Kids & Teenagers

Kids love scooters. They are fun, compact and a great way to zoom around neighborhood, or even commute to school. From the old-school kick scooter to the exciting electric one, scooter has found itself on Christmas gift lists or birthday wish lists across the world. But with so many options available, getting the best electric scooter for your kid is not simple. What’s best for the 11-year-old boy next door is definitely not the option for your 5-year-old daughter. We’ll review the best motorized scooters for toddlers and kids, with a little twist at the end.

The world of electric scooters has changed and even pre-teens are over tame rideshare scooters that can’t break 10 mph. Now it’s all about stronger, faster scooters that actually have some respectable range on them (30 miles and above), like the Glion Dolly, Xiaomi M365 and the Mosquito

Which is the best ride for your child depends on their age, size and riding skill, but whatever you choose we warmly suggest that you get your child a helmet as well. Almost any helmet will do, and the best choices are skateboarding or biking helmets. You can skip the knee and elbow pads, depending on what level of safety your kids are comfortable with, though we’ll recommend you use those too if your kid loves to ride fast.

Scooters for Toddlers and Ages 3 to 5

Pulse Performance 3 Wheel

The Pulse Performance 3-Wheel Electric Scooter is made for small children; it’s extra safe with a wide front axle, meaning that the child won’t easily fall off the scooter. The manufacturer says that this scooter’s battery lasts for 40 minutes, but in real life playground situations, it lasts for hours.

Kids aren’t keen on commuting, going over long distances or going fast, so the battery will last quite a while; kids are going to push their scooter more often than using the electric motor. After every playtime, be sure to recharge the battery. And get your child a cool helmet to keep him safe.

The other notable feature this scooter has are good urethane solid wheels, the top speed of almost 2 mph, and the Safe Start for kids. The Safe Start is a special child-friendly controller that keeps the torque low, and the acceleration silky smooth. Unlike adult scooters, the kiddie scooter won’t yank itself out of your child’s hands when you push down on the throttle.

All in all, we’re very pleased with this scooter even if we didn’t get a chance to ride it personally. The maximum weight limit is 50 lbs, so please don’t offer to test drive it instead of your child. This scooter is inexpensive, but it’s by no means a low-quality, cheap electric scooter.


  • Wide front wheelbase for increased stability and safety
  • Very low clearance, meaning that the child stays low to the ground and has better stability
  • Battery lasts for 40 minutes
  • Urethane solid wheels, which would be a really bad idea on an adult scooter, but surprisingly they’re absolutely perfect for children
  • Blazing fast at almost 2 mph, which is a very safe low speed for a toddler
  • Safe Start push button that slowly and safely accelerates the scooter
  • Weight Limit: 50 lbs


The Best Scooter for 6 Year Old

It’s no secret; for kids ages 6 to 12, Razor has been holding the EV monopoly with their affordable electric scooters for a long time, but now there are some new players in the field, like Gotrax. Razor scooters are simple to use and kid-friendly, but almost all of them are equipped with outdated SLA battery, so you need to recharge the scooter after every ride, and remind your child to do so. Not recharging often leads to a shorter battery lifespan.

Razor E100 – The Basic and Affordable Option

Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1

The Razor E100 is the most popular pick, and for good reasons. It has loads of great child safety features, a 24 Volt SLA Battery (this means it has two 12 V batteries inside), a hand operated brake like bikes have (that’s a lot safer than that fender brake) and the kick-start feature meaning that the scooter can’t instantly turn itself on and yank itself out of your child’s hands.

The front pneumatic wheel is fine, but the rear solid wheel will make your child feel every bump on the road. We warmly recommend that your child never goes off-road with this scooter, because it’s not made for grass, dirt, mud or gravel. Concrete and asphalt are your best options. An UL-certified charger comes with the scooter, and the recharge time is about 12 hours; the maximum recharge time is 24 hours, and be sure to unplug the charger after the battery is full.

This scooter can run for about 40 minutes, and has a theoretical range of 5 miles. This isn’t a serious commuting electric scooter like those we’re used to (which often have a range of at least 20 miles), but a kid’s toy that can get around the block, or enable a gang of kids on such electric scooters to go for a joyride to the mall and back.

The Razor E100 has a maximum carry load of 120 lbs, and adults shouldn’t ride one. This scooter isn’t foldable. If your child’s serious about having an electric scooter, we’d warmly recommend you skip the E100; the E200 and E300 are better options, even if they cost a bit more. On the other hand, the E100 is a really good starting electric scooter for a child that’s never ridden one before.


  • 24 Volt SLA Battery
  • Hand operated brake
  • Kick-start feature
  • Front pneumatic tire and rear solid wheel
  • Comes with a UL-certified charger
  • Top speed: 10 mph
  • 40 minute run time, or a theoretical range of 5 miles
  • Weight limit: 120 lbs


GOTRAX GKS – Most Stylish Kids Scooter

GOTRAX GKS Electric Scooter for Kids - 7.5mph - 4mi Range - 6

Gotrax has quickly become one of the favorites when it comes to lightweight electric rides. Now they have released a new Gotrax GKS, an electric scooter designed specifically for kids, implementing the latest technology and modern design. There is no doubt that GKS is one of the best looking scooters for young riders. Gotrax has recognized the taste of new generations that are looking for more than just couple of stickers and decals and came up with a scooter that is compact and fun to look at.

Of course, there is more to this scooter than just looks. It is equipped with some very useful safety features for beginner riders, such as a safety start technology that requires rider to take a proper stance and place both feet on the board before motor is engaged. Once you remove your back foot from the button, the motor completely shuts off.

Gotrax GKS is very lightweight, weighing in at only 17.8 pounds. With a safe top speed of 7.5 mph, and a range up to 4 miles on a full charge, this is the perfect scooter for kids just learning to ride. Solid 6” rubber tires are mostly designed for paved road, but they will do just fine absorbing some bumps here and there.

This scooter does not fold, but it is very compact when assembled. It’s made for recreational riding and best suited for children under 5ft. GKS is one of the most affordable battery scooters available, and it is a perfect back to school, Christmas or birthday gift for your little one.


  • 2V Lithium Battery
  • 150W motor
  • 6” solid wheels
  • Safestep safety start feature
  • 5 fun color options
  • Top speed: 7.5 mph
  • Range: 4 miles
  • Weight limit: 154 lbs


Razor E200 – Mid Range Fun

Razor E200

Razor E200 is one of the first suggestions you’ll get if you search for a kid-friendly scooter, for kids ages 7, 8 and all the way up to 13. It’s quite similar to the E100, it has a 24 V SLA Battery, hand operated brake, spring suspension and both pneumatic tires. It’s better than the E100, in any way except price.

It has a higher top speed, and goes up to 12 mph, which is still a safe speed for a child, and like the E100, it can run for a maximum of 40 minutes; translated into range, that’s about 5 miles, tops. This scooter has a maximum weight limit of 155 lbs, meaning that lighter adults may attempt to ride it (though we don’t recommend this in the long run). Like the E-100, the Razor E200 can’t be folded up, and with a weight of 38lbs, it’s not exactly easily portable; though it’s easy to fit into a garage somewhere.

The Razor E200 is a step up from the E100, and it’s a fantastic choice for first-time riders, or kids that are looking to upgrade or start out on a slightly more powerful scooter.


  • 24 Volt SLA Battery
  • Hand operated brake
  • Spring suspension for a smoother ride
  • Kick-start feature
  • Front and rear pneumatic tire
  • Comes with a UL-certified charger
  • Top speed: 12 mph
  • 40 minute run time, or a theoretical range of 5 miles
  • Weight limit: 155 lbs


Razor E300 – Razor Scooter for 6-12 year old

Finally, we’re getting to the holy grail of kid-friendly scooters: the Razor E300. It’s far better than the last two we reviewed. It has a maximum speed of 15 mph, just like teen and adult scooters do. Your child can ride up to 40 minutes, or about 6 miles with this scooter.

It isn’t a serious commuter’s scooter that can go up to 20 miles in range, but this is decent enough for a child. Hopefully, if the school is within 3 miles of the house, your child can ride this scooter daily. Be mindful that this is a not an easily portable scooter, it’s heavy and doesn’t fold like some other more modern scooters.

The extra-wide pneumatic tires provide a smooth ride, and the quiet high-performance chain-driven 300 W motor answers to the twist-grip throttle instantly. The chain seems to be quieter on the Razor E300 than the E100, which is always a bonus.

This is the only scooter in this age group that adults can ride too, keep this in mind if you’re itching to try one out for yourself. The weight limit is about 225 lbs.


  • 24 Volt SLA Battery
  • Hand operated brake
  • Spring suspension for a smoother ride
  • Kick-start feature
  • Front and rear pneumatic tire
  • Comes with a UL-certified charger
  • Top speed: 12 mph
  • 40 minute run time, or a theoretical range of 5 miles
  • Weight limit: 155 lbs

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Electric Scooters for Older Kids

Children today get pretty much adult-sized at a fairy young age, and can easily handle any of these scooters. These are on most lists for adults, including the best adult choices, best budget scooter choices and best commuter’s choices – and we believe that older kids are responsible enough to get their full-sized scooter.

Most suggestions you’ll find on the web are outdated and suggest using SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) battery powered electric scooters, which aren’t the best choice for your youngster that will likely be on the go, or has a daily school commute. If you get your child a real scooter, you won’t have to worry about him getting to school on time.

And being able to nick a ride to go get your groceries or run a quick errand around town is priceless; having a vehicle everyone in the family can use is much better than going for a specific “child friendly” design.

Mosquito – The Most Portable Scooter Out There

the most portable lighweight electric scooter

The first on our list is the Mosquito, and it’s a lightweight, foldable scooter with one 300 W hub-motor. It’s like most scooters we’ve come across in this business. What’s so special about the Mosquito?

It’s perfect for school kids on the go. The 300 W motor is powerful enough to climb hills, and can accelerate up to 20 mph. The 36 V 7.8 Ah Lithium-ion battery gives about 15 miles of range, guaranteeing they’ll have enough juice for their daily commute, and maybe even some after-school activity. If your child carries the charger with him, any power outlet can be used to recharge the scooter, so you never have to worry about your kid being stranded somewhere. On top of that, the airless solid wheels can’t get punctured, meaning you and your kid don’t have to worry about flats.

It’s ultra-portable; almost no other scooter out there folds this nicely. You can basically fit one in a big bag and carry it around. When folded, the rear wheel acts like a suitcase wheel, meaning that even if your child is small, it will have absolutely no trouble carrying this scooter around.

The extra features are every kid’s dream come true, it has a solar powered tail light, an integrated edgeless display, and an USB port to charge the phone. The phone app that comes with the scooter is great, it lets your kid lock and unlock the scooter via smartphone and it shows stats like speed, battery %, fault detection and so on. It comes with a good LED headlight and a spring suspension system, for a smoother ride. Like most scooters, this one isn’t built for grass, gravel or other off-road conditions. The 6″ solid wheels are on the smaller side, but they’re good enough.


  • 300 W brushless DC hub motor
  • 36 Volt 7.8 Ah Lithium-ion Battery
  • Rear fender operated brake
  • Spring suspension for a smoother ride
  • Front and rear solid wheels
  • Top speed: 20 mph
  • Range: up to 15 miles
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Weight limit: 240 lbs
  • Additional features like the USB charging port and integrated display
  • Locked/Unlocked via Phone App


XPIRIT – The Top Budget Option


Most people aren’t willing to splurge about $500 on an electric vehicle as a gift; that’s understandable. The XPIRIT is the next best option, it costs a bit less than the competition, and we’re not going to lie, some corners were cut. But in the end, you’ll get your kid a good electric scooter, and the cost-saving measures XPIRIT has might not be that important to your kid, or for you.

It has one 250 W hub motor, solid wheels and no suspension system. This means that it’ll be a bumpy ride on anything but asphalt or concrete, though this might not bother your kid at all. It’s advised not to go off-road. The 250 W motor does a great job, and doesn’t struggle with smaller inclines.

Compared to the Mosquito, the XPIRIT doesn’t have the Bluetooth feature, and can’t be locked; even if it could be locked, we’d still suggest you always bring your scooter inside so it doesn’t get stolen. We didn’t expect that the XPIRIT comes with a great headlight, but it does. Your kid will be safe at night.

This scooter isn’t water-resistant, so it’s best not to test your luck by riding in the rain, or on wet roads; though this is always a great idea unless you have a certified waterproof scooter like the Hollyburn P5. While it might sound that we didn’t like it, XPIRIT is your best possible budget option. It runs well and is dependable. It’s very simple to use and the design is slick; it’s a steal at that price point.


  • 250 W hub motor
  • 24 Volt 8 Ah Lithium-ion Battery
  • Electric brake
  • Good headlight
  • Front and rear solid wheels
  • Top speed: 12 mph
  • Range: up to 13 miles
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Weight limit: 200 lbs


Glion Dolly – Sleek and Lightweight

glion dolly bagWe’ve reviewed the Glion Dolly before, read our Glion Dolly review here. We’ve covered why it’s a good choice for adults, but let’s look at school kids now. In short, it’s a great choice.It’s light, foldable and can be carried around like a wheeled suitcase. The two extra small wheels might look funny, but they are superb for wheeling the folded scooter around, and leaving the scooter folded and upright. It takes up very little space like this and can easily fit into a corner of the room for charging.

The Glion Dolly is one of the highest rated scooters out there, and is definitely worth its price tag. It’s durable, elegant and well-thought out. The battery capacity is slightly lower than some other scooters, but this means it charges faster; this isn’t a scooter made for 20+ mile trips.

If you and your soon-to-be high schooler are looking for an adrenaline rush, you might think that sub-500W motors are weak and boring. Older, more experienced riders might look for something with a bit more power like a Dualtron or Wolf Warrior, but kids aren’t yet ready or responsible enough to ride one of those. That sort of power usually requires having a driver’s license in most countries around the world.


  • 250 W hub motor
  • 36 Volt 6.6 Ah Lithium-ion Battery
  • LCD display
  • Electronic rear brake
  • Front and rear solid, honeycomb wheels
  • Top speed: 15 mph
  • Range: up to 15 miles
  • Weight: 28 lbs
  • Weight limit: 220 lbs


Xiaomi Mi M365 – All-Around Best Choice

Xiaomi M365 scooter

The Xiaomi M365 is practically a household name now; it was the first scooter those rideshare companies utilized on the streets of San Francisco, Los Angeles and many other cities (not just in the USA, but around the world as well). You can read our detailed review of the Xiaomi Mi M365.

There’s not much to say. This is one dependable, rugged, quality scooter with a beautiful, simplistic design. It’s one of the best deals for this price. Your middle schooler, if he’s into biking or skateboarding, will love this; the one downside this scooter has is that it isn’t really made for off-road treks or stunts, because it has a very low clearance and no suspension system except the pneumatic tires.

The 19 mile theoretical range sounds fantastic; in the real world, that’ll count as approx. 12 miles, but that’s very respectable too. Your kid will get to school and back in no time, freeing you up from having to drive him to the school, or having to chase after the school bus. The Xiaomi M365 is pretty portable and can be carried onto buses or trains. As we said in the detailed review, this scooter is not for smaller children, but older kids are going to be okay. Be sure that your kid wears a helmet and respects the rules of the road.

If you’re loving the thought of having a Xiaomi M365 under the Christmas tree, you can also check out the Xiaomi M365 Pro which is a better and stronger version for a slightly higher price.


  • 250 W hub motor
  • 36 Volt 7.8 Ah Lithium-ion Battery
  • Fantastic mobile app integration
  • Electrionc front brake and rear disc brake
  • Good headlight, and an okay rear light
  • Front and rear pneumatic, shock-absorbing wheels
  • Top speed: 15.5 mph
  • Range: up to 19 miles
  • Weight: 26.9 lbs
  • Weight limit: 220 lbs


Top 6 Kids E-Scooters Compared

razor scooter e200 gotrax kids scooter e300 lightweight commuter scooter glion dolly Xiaomi M365 Mi Electric Scooter Easy Fold-n-Carry Design
Name Razor E200
Gotrax GKS Razor E300 Mosquito
Glion Dolly
Xiaomi Mi M365
Power 200W 150W 300W 300W 250W 250W
Speed 10 mph 7.5 mph 12 mph 20 mph 15 mph 16 mph
Range 4 miles 4 miles 5 miles 15 miles 15 miles 18 miles
Limit 120lbs 154lbs 155lbs 240lbs 220lbs 220lbs
Rating 4.2 4.5 4.2 4.7 4.7 4.9

How to choose the best e-scooter for your child?

An Electric Scooter might seem like a perfect gift for Christmas, but please be advised that it’s not that simple. It’s not just a simple toy, and it isn’t like a bicycle, skateboard or a regular scooter. It is a very fun toy though. There are a few things to consider, please read on to find out.

Legal Age and Other Laws

There are places, states and countries where the scooters are unregulated, and anyone can drive them anywhere. Most countries put an age limit of around 16 years old, and the last thing you’d want is having the police knocking on your door and your child being found guilty of breaking the law. Please get informed about the laws of your place of residence, and even call the DMV or police department to get the best information. Sometimes, sadly, the child has to have a driver’s license to ride an electric scooter.

The two numbers that are often seen online is that the electric scooters must have 750 watts of power and below in the US, and 250 watts and below in the UK. Be mindful when choosing a scooter, because breaking the law will put you and your child in trouble. Get to know the laws and get your child informed too, in some places you can’t ride an electric scooter on public roads or public properties like parks. While this might take some fun out of the new toy, teaching your child responsibilities and laws is an important lesson. Electric Scooters can reach top speeds of up to 50 mph being very fast scooters and that’s why they have strict laws governing them.

Responsibility and Maintenance

An Electric Scooter requires maintenance and has to be recharged an hour after riding. Forgetting to charge it will eventually ruin the battery, ruining the longevity. The tires have to be pumped just right (please consult the manual) for the scooter to have the maximum range and to save up on electricity.

Teach your child to be mindful of any water that ends up on, or inside the scooter and wipe it all off. And also teach the child to be mindful of extreme heat (that will ruin the battery, shortening its life drastically) and of extreme cold (which will freeze the battery). Extreme cold is the more dangerous condition because the battery will often show it’s empty. Charging the frozen battery will destroy it. In short, always keep the scooter inside where it’s not too cold or too warm.

An Electric Scooter requires maintenance and responsibility, and if your child isn’t serious, his scooter will soon end up in the junk pile. It’s not a simple toy and it requires a lot of care compared to a bicycle or a skateboard.

Weight and Height of the Electric Scooter

The weight and feel of an Electric Scooter are crucial to the child’s enjoyment of the ride. Different models and makes of scooters feel and weigh differently, so it’s best that you and your child choose one together. Picking out an incorrect electric scooter and hoping to surprise your child might eventually make him hate the scooter.

The height of a scooter is paramount to the rider’s comfort, and picking out one that’s too tall or too short will make your child eventually give up on riding it. Don’t be easily sold on a scooter having adjustable handlebar heights, test those out with your child in the shop. Also be advised that most scooters have steering handles of different lengths, and it might not suit your child.

One last tip for the road: if you’re buying a powerful electric scooter, it’s better to stick with fixed heights, and fixed handles.

Can it fold?

Some kids (and some parents) prefer scooters that are foldable, while others prefer a fixed one. Don’t surprise your kid with a scooter that the kid will eventually hate, or buy one that you’ll eventually hate due to not being able to fold it and put it away in the garage.

Is it noisy?

Some Electrical Scooters are noisy, no getting around this issue. Some are quieter than others, and it’s best to test it out in the store. Ask your child if he’s comfortable with this level of noise. Don’t worry about it too much, because they’re quieter than most other modes of transport.

Replacement Parts and Professional Maintenance

While the child might not consider this (and sadly, most adults don’t either), having an abundant supply of replacement parts and a professional shop nearby is a good recipe for a happy scooter rider. We all know that nothing is permanent, and we should all know that electric scooters have lots of parts that will wear out and fail over time.

Having a big supply of replacement parts means that you don’t have to buy an entirely new scooter and that you’ll be able to procure parts for your scooter. The thing about professional maintenance stems from an unpopular fact: we can’t fix everything ourselves and sometimes DIY methods will bring more harm than good.

Some people jury rig DIY solutions that cost them their scooter, like gluing things up badly or messing with the electronics. Be mindful and only fix things that you’re 100% sure you can fix, or be ready to sacrifice the scooter, and personal safety, with a homemade solution. If your child is the crafty type, you might want to step in if things get out of hand and he makes the scooter unsafe.

Extra Gear and Accessories

While most people just buy the electric scooter and consider it done, having a quality helmet is crucial to staying safe while riding one. Don’t forget to buy the helmet too! Depending on your child’s age, you might also want to invest in knee pads, elbow pads and other protective gear. A bike light is always a good idea, and so are many other possible accessories you can stick on the electric scooter.

Is an electric scooter a good Christmas or birthday gift?

This can be a deal-breaker. There’s no definitive answer because not every child is the same. It’s best to covertly prod about your kid with questions like “hey did you ever ride an electric scooter?” or “how fun do you think riding one is?”.

You’ll be able to gauge out how interested your kid is. Don’t buy one just to leave it collecting dust in the garage, like how most hoverboards end up.

To sum things up: it’s all up to you. You are the one that knows your child best, and we have tried to everything you would possibly want to know about electric scooters for kids of different ages in this article. For more questions feel free to visit main page or contact us anytime.