Best Long Range Electric Scooters

Electric scooter are a convenient way to travel, and now they are able to reach distances that prove this two-wheelers are a real vehicle, not just a “who needs it” gadget. Almost any e-scooter can go 10, 20 miles, and some can even go 70 miles and more. Electric scooters are more than capable to cover a daily travel of an average driver in U.S. – which is almost 40 miles.

Average commute distance in the US is about 16 miles, but commute time is getting longer each year, and one of the reasons is surely traffic congestion. Electric scooter is a great way to avoid traffic jams and be a usable replacement for a car, provided that it can travel 30+ miles on a single charge. That is why we have made this list of longest range electric scooters, based on maximum range listed by manufacturers, but also backed up by real-world testing data.

These are the scooters that can actually go 30 miles or more on a single charge, because we doubt anyone looking for long range electric scooters has 10 or 15 miles in mind. So whether you have a long commute or you just love traveling on a scooter, check out our top picks below. If you live in an urban area where 20 miles of range covers a lot of ground take a look at lightweight electric scooters, that are more affordable, but will still fulfill your needs.

1. EMOVE Cruiser

Emove Cruiser hits that sweet spot between under $1000 single motor commuter scooters and dual motor $2000+ beasts. This feature-packed electric scooter is a real revelation, and there is no scooter that can go as far, or has a more elaborate set of features at this price point.

And now, for what it’s all about – THE RANGE. The EMOVE Cruiser is an absolute champion with range that puts to shame much more expensive scooters. With massive 52V 30Ah LG battery, this scooter can travel up to 62 miles on one charge. This means that if your commute is 5 to 15 miles a day, you basically don’t have to recharge the Cruiser for the entire week. Even if you are riding in higher speed modes and on hilly terrain, you will still get 50 miles of range easily.

600W electric motor is powerful enough to reach top speed of 25mph, though the controller is tuned more for range, and less for speed and acceleration. This does not mean that this scooter is sluggish, it can hit 15 mph in 3.4 seconds, but you can feel that it is not as torquey as some of the other scooters. Not that there is something wrong with it.

The build quality of the Cruiser is great. All the parts are nicely done, and nothing feels cheap and generic. The handlebar stem is adjustable, so the scooter fits everyone. The key ignition system provides an additional level of security to prevent theft.

Weighing over 50 pounds, with a fairly wide deck, EMOVE Cruiser is not the most portable electric scooter, but it can still be neatly folded down to save storage space. Folding is easy – there is a spring loaded pin that holds the stem in the position, all you have to do to fold/unfold the scooter is to pull a knob. It is as simple as it is safe. The handlebars can be folded down as well for maximum compactness.

The 10-inch pneumatic tubeless car-grade tires are extremely durable and provide cushioning over bumps on the road. Additionally, this model has dual suspension, consisting of front spring-loaded suspension, and rear air-ride suspension, which has decent travel, but it is not too soft. For maximum safety and control, the EMOVE is equipped with dual Xtech 140mm semi-hydraulic disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels, backed up by electronic brake.

There is an interesting front fender that comes up to the half of the front tire, but still seems to work. The rear fenders makes up for this, as it covers rear wheels just enough to prevent any splashing and spraying back when you are riding on wet roads. Don’t worry if the scooter gets wet, because it holds IPX6 Water Resistant Rating, which makes it the highest water resistant rated electric scooter in the world.

The 12V LED headlight can be easily unplugged and it is easily accessible if you want to add extra lights. There are two additional lights on the side of the deck, as well as brake lights on the side and in the rear, making this scooter visible from all sides. There are also turn signal switches, that trigger turn signals as well as loud beeping sound to let everyone around you know you are about to make a turn.

Another detail that shows the amount of care that goes into this scooter is the manual. It is very rarely that an electric comes with instructions that even make sense, but the Cruiser comes with a full-color manual, with instructions in perfect English, and little side pro-tips. There is also a great range of add-on accessories, like an optional seat, cargo case and the option to choose whether you want a thumb or a twist throttle.

All in all, we would recommend the EMOVE Cruiser without reservations. It has everything that you would possibly want on a personal electric vehicle, packed into a single machine. And, as if the impressive performance and set of features isn’t enough, Voro Motors has one of the best customer services we have ever encountered, ready to help you with any kind of issue you might have with your scooter.


2. Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 – Off Road Long-Range Scooter

Two powerful motors, knobby tires, premium suspension, high ground clearance, and many other features make Wolf Warrior 11 one of the best equipped off-road electric scooters currently available. With a peak power output of 5400W this beast of a scooter can reach top speed of 50 mph and climb hills without problems. But how far can it go?

Kaabo Wolf Warrior holds a very powerful battery – 60V 35Ah, which results in 2100Wh capacity. How does it translate in miles? Well, according to the manufacturer the maximum range is about 90 miles, but this is possible only if you ride in Eco mode with one engine engaged which limits your top speed to 10 mph. And I believe we can agree that no one buys a Wolf Warrior to ride that slow. If you ride this scooter like it’s supposed to, using speed 3 and turbo mode at times, you can expect range of about 35 -40 miles.

Huge battery comes with a long charging time. If you only have one standard charger you will have to wait 14 hours for a battery to be fully recharged. Luckily, this scooter has two charging ports, so you can get an additional charger and cut this time in half.

Speaking of performance, with two powerful motors, 1200W each, Wolf Warrior devours gravel roads, muddy trails, sand, snow, hills, any terrain that you can access on wheels. For the paved roads without steep inclines, single motor mode is more than enough. Have in mind that a single motor mode is not intended for blasting at full speed all the time, as it can make the scooter overheat and shut off mid-ride. But you can cruise at comfortable 35 mph and save battery. The top speed goes down with battery charge, so when you are around 85% of battery the top speed drops to 47mph. With 160mm hydraulic disc brakes, you will be able to stop safely in an instant.

The aluminum handlebars are super wide and strong mimicking those of downhill mountain bikes. Minimotors EY3 display controller gives a level of adjustments necessary for such high-powered scooter – you can limit the amount of torque or limit the max speed this scooter can reach to ease into riding.

Suspension is also incredible, one of the best suspensions on electric scooters we have come across. The motorcycle-grade dual hydraulic fork, paired with dual spring suspension in the rear can handle some serious beating on off road trails.

This impressive setup does not come cheap. In fact, this scooter is pretty expensive, in a price range of Dualtron Thunder and other high-performance dual motor electric scooters. But it does have lot to offer, and we have covered it in details in our Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 full review.


3. Inokim OXO – For Many Miles Riding in Style

inokim oxo all terrain

Inokim OXO is a high performance scooter that has everything that an all-around electric scooter should have. It is fast and agile and can reach the top speed of 40 mph, thanks to the 2000W of combined power coming from two motors. Unlike most top of the line scooter that have finger throttle, OXO has an LCD control unit with small, square thumb throttle. It requires some time to get accustomed to, but it is not nearly as uncomfortable as initially seems. Opposite of the throttle there is a red button that allows you to toggle between dual and single motor mode to get more power when you need it and conserve battery when you don’t. The deck is wide enough to comfortably place both feet and it sort of ends in a sort of spoiler that is angled a bit too inconveniently to be a foot rest.

Inokim OXO comes with 60V, 26Ah battery, and it is one of the longest range scooters, that can reach up to 50 miles if you are riding on flat ground, at a constant speed of 15 mph. In real life conditions you can expect to get anywhere from 35 to 40 miles, depending on many factors. The rubber suspension is pretty soft, you will be able to cruise over grass, dirt, gravel, and just about anywhere. It is adjustable allowing you to choose between low and high ground clearance, though it is not an adjustment that you can do on the go. The steering is very intuitive, and allowing you to maneuver easily even at lower speeds.

The bigger the battery the longer it takes to charge, and with Inokim OXO, you will have to wait 12-14 hours for a full recharge. On the other side, if your daily travels are no more than 15-20 miles, you would probably never completely drain the battery and you wouldn’t have to wait that long if you recharge the scooter after every ride. There is also an optional 5A fast charger that reduces charging time by 60-70%. Inokim OXO is fast, comfortable and high quality scooter that is a pure joy to ride.

4. Nanrobot D6+

If we had to describe Nanrobot electric scooters it would be underhyped. Many scoff at them putting them into the inferior off-brand alternative to high-performance e-scooters, when in reality Nanrobot scooters ARE the high-performance scooters. Their D6+ is a new model of super powerful, high speed 2000W scooter.

Nanrobot D6+ is pretty fast. The advertised top speed is 40mph, and that has been confirmed in our tests. It may not be as fast as some of the high-end scooters, but it is fast enough to keep up with traffic. And to be honest, you rarely get into situation to be able to ride faster than 40 miles per hour anyway.

The range listed in technical specifications is 40 miles and it is actually a feasible range. Even if you ride in turbo mode, you will manage to get to 30 miles on a single charge. This is all thanks to the large 52V 26Ah Lithium battery, built into the deck.

The Nanrobot has several power modes that you can choose via controller and two buttons to switch between Eco and Turbo mode. This is very useful if you want to keep the battery consumption low, because you can engage the dual motor drive only when you need it. You can also adjust the motor output, acceleration power and more, just like on other high-end scooters.

The deck is pretty wide and ground clearance is fairly high, which adds to the stability and comfort of riding this scooter. Overall this scooter is very comfortable. The deck size allows you to put both feet comfortably on it and assume a natural and stable position, which is important for any kind of riding, whether it’s on the street or on the trail. The wide handlebar also provides a sense of stability even at top speed. The handlebar height is not adjustable though, and it fits well those of average height, but not everyone.

Two shock absorbers and C-shaped shock-absorbing structure provide great shock absorption, and the springs are adjustable as well. The D6+ feels stable, even in poor road cionditions. The brakes are standard disk brakes, and there is a hydraulic disk brake option as well. But even the standard disk brakes provide enough stopping power and do not require too much adjusting out of the box. For additional braking there is an adjustable EBS electronic brake.

Nanrobot D6+ is very well lit, with bright headlight and tail lights, as well as side light along the deck. A list of features includes fenders, front and back, and turn signals. It is definitely a solid scooter even for heavy adults, and the one that will exceed your expectation in every way.


5. Dualtron Thunder

Dualtron Thunder is huge, crazy fast, robust and adjustable in all kinds of ways. This beast of a scooter by Minimotors is well known among electric scooter enthusiasts. Propelled by two hub motors with combined peak power of 5400W, Dualtron Thunder is a true monster machine built to go at insane speeds and conquer really steep hills.

The advertised maximum range of Dualtron Thunder is whooping 75 miles, dragging in eco mode, and with single motor drive at all times. But since this is not the way anyone should ride a Thunder realistic mileage on a single charge is about 40 miles, up to 50 miles if you drive somewhat conservatively.

the most powerful dual motor scooter

Dualtron has a quirk with battery charge display, especially if you go into the bottom end of the charge. When you get below 30% you cannot rely anymore on percentage to determine how much more you can go, and the percentage tends to dramatically go down within minutes. That is why you should always look at your voltage not the percentage or the bars. The 60V battery has a 48V cutoff, so when the charge dips low, you need to adjust your riding to cover as much distance as possible.

There is so much to be said about this scooter, but it has been tested and reviewed countless times. If you want to read our review, check out our Dualtron scooters page here. Now, here is a video that shows how awesome Thunder and other Dualtron scooters are.

Buying Guide for Long Range Electric Scooters

Does more battery capacity = more miles?

There are usually two technical specifications used to describe battery: the nominal voltage (in V) and the nominal capacity (in Ah). The Amp-hour rating is how much energy capacity is in your pack. Any regular shopper would be inclined to think that more Amp-hours means longer range. However, for the actual battery capacity you also need to consider voltage, so to check the battery life of a particular scooter you need to look at Watt hours (Wh). Watt hours are calculated by multiplying the Volts by the Amp-hours. For example, 36V 10-Ah pack has 360 Watt hours and a 52V 10-Ah pack has 520 Wh. Higher Watt hours translates to longer electric scooter range, for a given motor size.

How are electric scooters tested for max range?

Everyone already know, at least we hope so, that range and top speed stated by the manufacturer are often very different from the real-world experience. But why is that? Are companies lying ti the customers just for sales. Well, not exactly. The advertised range is usually the maximum range that a scooter can travel in the ideal conditions that imply flat ground, optimum temperature, lightweight rider and riding in the slowest mode. This meant that it is almost impossible to achieve in the real world circumstances.

How are tests performed? Does a rider get on a scooter and then rides it around until battery is dead. Most of the time this is not how testing is done. The maximum range is often an estimate, the theoretical range that a scooter could travel before it ran out of battery, calculated by the energy consumption that occurred over a measured distance. If you want to do the math here is the equation:

calculating estimated electric scooter range

where R = theoretical range (in kilometers), C = battery capacity (in amp-hours), D = known distance (in meters), and E = amp-hours.

What to look for in a long range scooter?

Beside the obvious, motor power, battery life and weight, there are few other things that you haver to pay attention to when looking for the best long range electric scooter.


If you have ever ridden an scooter for over 30 miles, you know that it can be really tiring or even uncomfortable. So if you plan to travel more on your vehicle, you need to find one that will be comfortable to ride for you. The best way to determine this is definitely to test it out. However most people order their scooters online, and the idea of testing the scooter is out of reach. But there are ways to find the perfect scooter even without testing. First, you have to single out things that you do not want. Are you tall? Than beware scooters with short, non-adjustable handlebar. Do you have problems with knees? Look for an electric scooter with seat or even an electric moped. Once you have excluded what you don’t want, it is time to focus on the things you do. Which brings us to the next point.

Real Reviews

The photos and technical specification sheet can only tell you so much, but if you want to know what it really feel like riding a particular scooter, you need feedback from real riders. There are plenty of electric scooters enthusiasts that post their videos on YouTube, so check them out. You can find awesome, honest reviews of electric scooters  that will help you make the right decision. Also, those who ride long range, high performance and off road electric scooters are a special community and there are great forums and subredits that you can get lots of useful information from real riders and ask questions. If you have questions about any of scooters that we recommend, feel free to contact us.

Load Capacity

Because of large batteries long range e-scooters are heavy on their own, When overloaded, motors consume more power to get the scooter going, so if you want to go far, make sure you and whatever you are carrying with you weigh below the recommended max load. If you are a full sized adult, weighing around 200lbs, make sure that the scooter you buy has at least 250lbs load capacity. For scooters that can haul some serious weight, take a look at our selection of electric scooters for heavy riders.

Speed and range – can you have both?

The short answer is no. While there are scooters that can go far as well as fast, speed and range are generally mutually exclusive – the faster you go, the more power is consumed by the motor, draining the battery faster. In reality, though, you simply wouldn’t blast at maximum speed at all times. The secret is in getting to know your scooter so you know when to get on the throttle and when you can ease up to conserve battery.

How to increase the range of your electric scooter?

There are few thing that you can do to make your scooter travel more on a single charge. First, don’t ride at max speed, the faster you ride, the more power motor consumes. Ride at a steady pace and don’t accelerate too hard. Turn off all the unnecesary electronics, such as lights during the day, and turn off your scooter when not in use, because electrical components continue consuming energy even if the scooter is not moving. Avoid overloading the scooter, keep tires well-inflated and stick to the flat terrain.

Additionally you can replace your battery with a more powerful one, or add a second battery, but these are not plug-and-play options and you need to be comfortable tinkering with your scooter.

Long Range FAQ

What is a good range for an electric scooter?

Depending on your needs „good range“ can be anything between 15 and 50 miles. You might think the more range, the better, but that does not have to be the case. Some people do not really need a 50-mile range. If your daily trips are no more than 20 miles, getting an expensive monster scooter would be pointless. Mid range scooters can usually go 20-25 miles on a single charge, and this is the range that is fitting for most urban commuters. If you go for long rides, of your commute is more than 20 miles each way, you should look for a scooter with range of over 40 miles.

Are long range electric scooters expensive?

It is clear that for traveling long distances you need big batteries. And batteries cost a lot. That is why the best electric long range scooters come at a higher price, mostly over $2000. Now, you have to define what is ’expensive’ for you. If you appreciate premium features, high power setup and high quality components you know that that does not come cheap. If it’s worth it, it is not expensive.

How long does it take to recharge the battery?

Charing a scooter battery takes time, especially with long range electric scooters. For example, there are scooters which come with two batteries, like Segway Ninebot ES4, which requires up to 7 hours to get a full recharge. Dualtron Thunder charging time with a single standard charger is staggering 20 hours.

More powerful scooters may also come with smart chargers which are designed for the fastest possible charging time, and the scooter with two batteries often allow charging with two chargers at the same time.

How to make your scooter battery last longer?

There are few things you can do to increase the life of your battery:

  1. Charge your battery whenever you can, don’t wait until it’s fully drained. It is better to charge the scooter after every ride, than to let the battery deplete often.
  2. If you have covered lots of miles, it would be great to let the scooter rest for a while. You can wait for like half an hour before charging. This allows the scooter’s battery to cool properly before plugging it in.
  3. Use the corect charger, because every scooter is unique in its own way, and so are its batteries. Each e-scooter comes with a specific charger that it is compatible with.
  4. Do not overcharge the battery, as it can create unstable conditions inside the battery, increase pressure, and cause thermal runaway. Today, all Lithium-ion battery packs are required to have a protection circuit to prevent excessive pressure build-up and cut off the flow of ions when the temperature is too high, but it is better to be safe than on fire.

If you have managed all the way to the end of this article, congratulations! Hopefully you now know everything there is to know about electric scooters and range and you know which is the best long range electric scooter for you. In cas you have more questions, share them with us, and we will try to help you the best we can.