How to Choose Electric Scooter For All Terrain?

In past few years motorized scooters have placed themselves as the best way to go about town and a transport of choice for urban commuters. But what about those who like to go off the beaten track and just enjoy adventure? Tough and rugged rides that are quiet and good for the environment – that is what off road electric scooters are all about.

Looking for the best all terrain electric scooter we have come across so many different crazy rides, it just blew our minds. Besides the brands we already know and love like Razor or Super Turbo, we had some quite unexpected finds that are just too good to miss. In this article you will find the top 5 that stand out from the others – for their price, performance or just for the “rad” factor. The two things all these scooters have in common are the electric drive and big knobby tires that can get a good grip of any terrain.

Buying Guide for Best Off Road Electric Scooters

1. Dualtron Ultra V2

Dualtron Thunder

Dualtron is the brand of electrically powered off road scooters produced by the Korean company Minimotors. At the moment, Dualtron Ultra V2 is the most powerful e-scooter fitted for riding on rugged terrain. This sturdy and fast electric scooter is specifically designed for off road riding, trail blazing and long distance adventures. Dualtron scooters are known for their high quality, they have been around for years and tried and tested in any conditions imaginable.

Two motors of 5400W combined peak power, combined with superb suspension system and top notch build quality, make Dualtron Ultra V2 the fastest, most powerful, most capable all terrain electric adult scooter so far, capable of unleashing speed of up to 50 mph. It comes with an upgraded EYE throttle assembly, ABS, and knobby 11” x 3.5″ wide tires. This monster wheel scooter is worthy of its “undisputed king of off road electric scooters” title, capable of conquering treacherous trails. Just make sure you are always wearing your safety gear and a full-face helmet.

Dualtron Ultra V2 is equipped with the proprietary 45 steps control suspension system based on changeable rubber cartridges. That means that you can get the best riding comfort on all kinds of terrain, in all seasons, rain or shine. That being said, the adjusting is not that easy, requires some tinkering, and is not something you can do on the go. But in any case, Ultra’s suspension is pretty good, not as bouncy as on some of the other scooters, like the Zero 10X, but it works nonetheless.

It is not a surprise that Dualtron has fan clubs all over the world, with enthusiastic riders sharing their experiences and their own Dualtron modifications. They do come with a higher price, but they are well worth it. For its speed, power and build quality Dualtron Ultra is in a class above almost all other scooters on this list.


2. Apollo Phantom

apollo phantom scooterThere are plenty of start-up companies claiming to be making the revolution in the electric scooter market, but rarely does someone break the mold the way Apollo did. This Montreal-based company wanted to design the ultimate electric scooter, based on their own riding experience, but also based on the input of tens of thousands of e-scooter enthusiasts all over the world. Hence, the Apollo Phantom – the powerful, but above all well-engineered scooter that has everything that is lacking on many electric scooters.

Powered by two 1200W electric motors and the 52V 23Ah battery, Phantom reaches the top speed of 38mph, and accelerates instantly. The 160mm discs, deliver best-in-class cooling and handle response, while improving braking performance.

Apollo Phantom is fitted with in-house designed Quadruple Suspension System that features four springs instead of two, for improved shock-absorbing capability. The suspension works very well on rough terrain like gravel, dirt, or mulch. You will still feel the bumps, rocks, and roots, but the scooter overall feels stable. The sheer power of the two motors is what will make you fly over the course and raise your adrenaline levels. With off road tires, the Apollo Phantom would turn into a mean, trail conquering monster machine.

Of course, if you’ll be riding your Phantom mostly on paved roads, we do not recommend switching the tires for the sake of better off-roading experience Phantom comes with so called “hybrid” tires which means they are supposed to work on all kinds of surfaces, and they do just fine.


3. Wolf Warrior 11

Dualtron Thunder

The Wolf Warrior has two 1200 W hub motors, which means is has more power in one wheel than most scooters do in two. The single motor mode will get you to 31 mph in a moment, and if you decide to engage the dual motor mode, prepare yourself to be blasting down the road at 56mph. You don’t have to worry about stopping, there are the hydraulic front and rear brakes, backed up by the electric motor-assisted ABS. The Wolf Warrior uses the powerful LG 60V 35Ah, that holds enough power to deliver 56 miles in Dual Drive mode and up to the amazing 93 miles in Eco Mode. However, big capacity comes with a drawback in form of 14+ hour recharge time, or 6 hours with the 6A fast charger.

Wolf Warrior 11 has a relatively high ground clearance, meaning it’s going to beat any curb and bump you come across. It also comes with motorcycle-grade dual Hydraulic Shock Absorption on the front and dual-spring suspension system in the rear that will keep your ride smooth no matter the terrain. It uses 11” tubeless pneumatic tires, which is a great choice on an off-road high-performance scooter. To sum it up, Wolf Warrior is a powerful electric scooter with a dirtbike performance, and can tackle any terrain.


4. Apollo Ultra

Apollo Ultra

Knobby tires and powerful motors are a must for off road riding, but so is a big battery. Because your big outdoor weekend adventure may not be so fun if it lasts only half an hour. This scooter has it all – big tires, dual 1600W motors with 6kW of combined peak power, and a huge 72V 32Ah LG battery. This setup allows the scooter to reach the speed of 60mph, and you will really get more range that you can handle, 60+ miles easily.  The Apollo Ultra is one of the largest scooters we have ever ridden, it is as big as a motorbike. If you have never ridden an electric scooter this big, the first ride will probably get you wondering what you have gotten yourself into. But with a little bit of practice and adjusting you’ll start enjoying all that power.

The handlebar stem is super sturdy, no flex, no jerking or shaking. The deck is also very big, allowing you to place your feet however you like. This scooter comes with road tires, but you can order knobby tires that provide excellent grip on any kind of terrain, even snow. However, after testing this scooter I was under impression that it is built for speed and stability rather than bumps and trails. Apollo Ultra is rather stiff, and that includes steering, which is a good thing if you are going over 50 miles per hour, but not so great if you are maneuvering on a dirt trail. The tires are very wide, and in order to turn you need to lean in with the scooter, just like you would do on a motorbike. Is it powerful and fast? Absolutely! Is it fun? If you can tame it, yes. Is it agile? Unfortunately, no. If you are looking for a springy powerful off road machine, take a second look at the Apollo PRO.


5. Inokim OXO


Inokim OXO is very versatile scooter that can get you over any terrain. It features two motors, each with peak power of 1300W and some serious torque. This means that not only it can climb the 30% grade with ease, but it can also accelerate on it. The top speed on flat ground is 40 mph, in the unlocked mode. The 60V, 21Ah battery delivers over 40 miles of range The OXO is fitted with the ZOOM hydraulic disc brakes, that

The suspension on Inokim OXO is like nothing else. It is a single arm suspension, which makes the maintenance of this scooter so much easier, and it is also adjustable. There are inserts that you can add to lift the scooter and add some more ground clearance if you plan riding over seriously rugged ground. No matter how bumpy the your ride is, you will feel comfortable and not end up with your whole body aching at the end of the day.

The level of engineering and attention to detail that was put into this scooter is amazing. Every screw has a washer and thread locker, everything is neatly packed and protected in order to make it weatherproof. One detail that really caught our attention is the charging port that is actually positioned on the top of the deck, which is a far superior solution to other scooters with charging ports on the bottom, where all the water and the dirt goes.


When equipped with knobby off-road tires,  there are almost no limits for the Inokim OXO. Here is a video of what this amazing powerful scooter can do:

6. UberScoot 1000W

This scooter does not bring anything new to the personal electric transportation, but it is a good, reliable and simply a classic. With powerful 1000W motor it reaches top speed of up to 30 mph. What we loved the most about UberScoot is that is simple but sturdy, with all the right features that make an all-round off-road ride: full front suspension, and dual rear shocks, front and rear disc brakes, strong solid steel frame and 12 inch pneumatic knobby tires. Seat is adjustable and removable, so you can ride it both sitting down and standing up. It can haul up to 300lbs on it. I comes with pack of 3x12V SLA batteries, but you can get the Lithium battery upgrade to make the scooter lighter and extend the range. It features an economy mode button that can be used to slow down acceleration and top speed to conserve the battery life for long rides.

Buy from Amazon

UberScoot 1600 is fast, reliable and very well-built. This scooter is a real pleasure to ride, but it’s also convenient to transport because it folds! It is a bit heavy though, as it weighs about 117 pounds. The price of this scooter is great, considering all the toy-like scooters and poor quality off brands with the same price point, UberScoot 1600 is an excellent value for the money.

Electric Off-Road Scooters for Hunting

If you are an avid hunter that is always looking for ways to make your day out in the wilderness better, you might be on a lookout for something that is stealthier, more agile and more convenient than ATV or a quad bike. An electric scooter equipped for the ride on difficult terrain might be the answer. There are plenty of advantages to using an e-scooter for hunting: they are quiet, allow you to get to your hunting positions without being noticed, you can access no motorized vehicle areas to hunt, you can carry your gear with you and handle difficult terrain with ease.

Another option is getting an electric fat tire bike, and there are models that with the accessories designed for hunting, like various trailers and saddle bags. Quietkat is one of the biggest manufacturers of electric vehicles made for hunting.

QuietKat RidgeRunner

The 2020 QuietKat RidgeRunner is one of the most capable electric mountain bikes available, with a performance that can match any dirtbike, minus the noise. With 4.8” fat tires, 120mm of suspension travel in the rear and 150mm on the front fork, you can go anywhere and bring anything with you. 1000W Bafang mid drive motor with the torque sensor paired with 9 Speed Wide-Range gearing and stainless steel chain drive, will get you to top speed of 28 mph on throttle only. The RidgeRunner is designed for a wide variety of technical, off-road terrain including soft sand and snow, as well as hardpack trails and rocks.


  • Bafang Mid Drive 1000W motor
  • 48V, 16Ah Panasonic battery
  • 17″/19″ Frame
  • 4 Piston Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • 26×4.8” Fat Tires
  • RST Air Suspension 150mm Fork
  • Fire-Link Four-Bar Linkage Suspension
  • 9 Speed Wide-Range Gearing
  • Top Unassisted Speed 28mph
  • Range: ~25 miles unassisted, up to 50 miles Pedal Assist
  • Digital Color display


QuietKat Rancher-AP 72V All-Terrain Electric Vehicle

The Rancher AP looks is a mix between an all-terrain scooter and a tricycle. Boasting a 72 V, 10 horsepower motor this scooter reaches a top speed of 32 mph. There is so much power unleashed when you push the throttle, it will take some time to get used to easing into motion without burning rubber. The large capacity 72V 20Ah Lithium Ion battery will give you up to 40-50 miles range.


  • QK TC65 8 hp motor
  • 72V 30AH lithium battery pack
  • Extra Strong Aluminum frame with lifetime warranty
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes
  • 20” knobby tire on front, two 13” knobby tires on back
  • Front mud fairing
  • Rubber grip floor mats
  • Adjustable Handlebars and Seat

Rancher AP is made for the very agile and nimble hunter, despite having a seat, it is made to ride standing up. Drive is on the front wheel, so 20in off-road tire grips the terrain, while 13in knobby tires make the rear. However, due to the front wheel drive, on the hills the front wheel can spin out, so you have to learn how to ease the throttle or torque the vehicle down.

QuietKat Rancher

In comparison to other vehicles that are commonly used for hunting, QuietKat Rancher AP is considerably smaller and more portable. The handlebar stem folds down, and the entire vehicle weighs only 145 pounds. The recommended load for the vehicle is up to 325lbs, which means you can comfortably take your gear with you. Kyle Wieter, with the Adrenaline Junkies TV show, is a believer in QuietKat. See what he has to say:

The idea of moving quickly and silently across through the hunting ground sounds very exciting, and we expect to see new, improved and more innovative use of personal electric vehicles for hunting in the future. The standard utility vehicles are big and powerful, but they are also loud and they are gas powered, so certainly not good for the environment. So if you need  a cool, low-maintenance, easy to ride vehicle that can navigate almost any terrain, we will make sure to update this post with every new off road scooter that comes up.

dualtron ultra powerful electric scooter apollo phantom Wolf Warrior 11 scooter apollo ultra scooter inokim oxo
Name Dualtron Ultra V2 Apollo Phantom Wolf Warrior 11 Apollo Ultra Inokim OXO
Power peak 5400W (1200W x 2) 1200W x 2 peak 5400W (1200W x 2) peak 6000W (1600W x 2) 1600W (2x800W)
Battery 60V 32Ah 52V 23.4Ah Dynavolt Li-Ion 60V 35Ah Lithium Battery 72V 32Ah Lithium Battery 60V 26Ah Lithium Battery
Speed 50 mph 38 mph 50mph 60mph 40 mph
Range 75 miles 25-40 miles 56/92 miles 60 -90 miles 40 miles

What is an electric off-road scooter?

There are tons of different scooters on the market, but off-road scooters are a league of their own. These scooters are designed to handle rugged terrain, rough surfaces and dirt. And it is not just a matter of big knobby tires. There is so much more that makes an electric scooter deserve an “off-road” label: heavy-duty frame, high power and torque electric motor (maybe even two of them) and good suspension.

What to look when buying an off road scooter

Choosing a scooter that can carry you on your outdoor adventures can be tough. There are few things to take into consideration to make sure you have picked the best possible option.

How much motor power do you need?

One thing is obvious: for conquering hills and tackling dirt trails you need some serious power. But what does it actually mean, expressed in Watts? Well, it all depends on the weight of the scooter, the weight of the rider, and how demanding the terrain is, but we would recommend that the combined power is no less than 2000W. This will ensure that your scooter won’t fail you on an incline, or struggle over bumps.

Which are the best off road tires?

If you are planning to take your e-scooter off of the paved road, you will need some traction. The best tires to ensure good grip on challenging surfaces like grass, mud, or dirt, are the ones with big thread. Solid tires are not an option, so look for pneumatic ones. The best kind are The big knobby tubeless tires, like the ones on Wolf Warrior, that provide a good grip, but are also puncture proof.

Is suspension important?

For tackling the trails, suspension and ground clearance are very important. The suspension of helps to improve ride quality and damping bumps in the road. Whether it’s spring, hydraulic or rubber suspension, this feature is essential on off road scooters.

Are off road e-scooters waterproof?

Though not exactly waterproof, most of the off road electric scooters are water resistant or waterproof. However, many manufacturers will still advise riders against using their products in the rain.  Make sure to check the IP ratings for an objective measure of waterproofness. For safe use in typical rainy conditions, not heavy rain, including riding through puddles, we recommend a rating of IP65.