Electric motorized scooters for adults - from stand-on through foldable scooter to electric moped

Not long ago “electric scooter” was the term used to describe a kids’ toy, or some future-inspired, out-of-this world project from a kickstarter campaign. But those times are behind us and now, electric scooters have become a legit form of urban transportation.

Yes, electric scooters are here to stay and why not? They are fun, eco-friendly and easy to ride. They are a great alternative to a car and a convenient, cost effective, clean way of personal transport. It’s no wonder there are more and more e scooter enthusiasts every day. You’ve seen them zooming past wondering pedestrians, or swerving through bustling city streets. Love them or hate them, but they get to where they need to be fast and easy, while other people spend hours in their cars, stuck in traffic.

What are the electric scooters?

Electric scooter is a two (or three) wheeled vehicle propelled by an electric motor powered by a rechargeable battery. The battery is charged by plugging the charger into the regular wall outlet at your home or office. Speed ranges from 8mph to 25mph (sometimes limited to 20mph) and they run up to 20 miles on a single charge. Of course, this all depends on various factors: weight of the driver, tire pressure, incline, terrain etc. Throttle/brake controls are usually on the handlebars. Electric scooters are relatively simple in design, simple to ride and get comfortable with, and many models do not even require a driver’s license or insurance.

One thing that makes electric scooters for adults different from other battery-powered vehicles is the range of styles: it might be an electrically boosted old-school Razor-style kick scooter, a fancy seated electric ride from some hip startup, or a two-wheeler that looks exactly like its gas-powered counterparts. As the battery, charging technology and electric motor efficiency advances, these scooters get more and more appealing and increasingly popular year after year.

Top 7 adult electric scooters compared

Xiaomi M365 Mi Electric Scooter Easy Fold-n-Carry Designglion dollygotrax gxl folding scootersegway ninebot es2 folding scooterwide wheel commuter scooterMantis electric scooter 2x1000Wdualtron ultra powerful electric scooter
NameXiaomi M365 MiGlion DollyGOTRAX GXLNinebot Segway ES22019 WideWheel
Mantis 2000W
Dualtron Ultra
Power250W250W250W250W2 x 500W2x1000W5400W
Speed15.5 mph15 mph15.5mph15.5 mph25 mph40mph50mph
Range18.6 miles10 miles12.5 miles15.5 miles20 miles40 miles74 miles
Weight Limit220lbs250lbs220lbs220lbs220lbs265lbs260lbs

There is no way to decide which is the best electric scooter for adults overall, and it all comes down to what is the best match for your individual needs. To make this decision easier for you, we have divided our reviews into two main categories: electric kick scooters and electric scooters with seat (although there are some kick scooters that have seated version and vice-versa.) Some of the scooters are folding, so they can fit the truck of your car, or you can take them with you to the public transport.

Best Electric Scooters for Adults – Our Picks

Electric kick scooters for adults

There is an abundance of new, lightweight e-scooters that look just like those you used to ride as a kid’s scooter. However, these little rides have proven capable to be a convenient, cost effective, clean way of personal transport for adults, especially in urban areas. Lightweight electric scooter market has exploded over the past few years, and we are here to help you pick the best out of the sea of different brands and models.

Xiaomi Mi electric Scooter

Xiaomi m365

Xiaomi electric scooter has already won over hearts of many commuters thanks to its simple design, light weight and a reliable performance. M365 features a 250W brushless front hub motor that can obtain a burst of 500W, which is enough o get you to the top speed of 15.5 mph, and get you up a 14 degree hill. This scooter is a safe, convenient and environmentally-friendly option for short distance travel or daily commute, for an excellent price. Read the full review…


Gotrax GXL

ultimate commuter scooter

First impression of the Gotrax GXL is that it is designed beautifully- sleek and seamless, without wires coming out of everywhere. It features a dual braking system, which is very rare for electric scooter at this price point. 8.5” air-filled tires provide a smooth ride over bumps and cracks in city streets and sidewalks. It is the perfect commuter scooter – the powerful 250W hub motor allows reaching 15.5 mph and a 36V Lithium-ion battery allows riding up 12.5 miles on a full charge.


Glion Dolly

Glion Dolly

Lightweight and portable, Glion Dolly is a simple and effective solution who want to switch walking on their daily commute for a fun ride. Unlike heavier scooters, which can be a hassle in public transit, this scooter folds to the size of a small suitcase and unfolds in seconds. Glion Dolly is simple and sleek in design, a great option for those who have to wear elegant or office clothes and still want to feel the excitement of riding an adult electric scooter. Read the full review…


Electric scooter with seat

For those who prefer sitting down while driving, here is a short review of some of the best electric scooters with seat, that offer speed and great performance, as well as comfort while riding:

EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

Razor EcoSmart Metro

Razor has been around for over 15 years and received numerous awards for design and innovative technology. Just like that, innovative and unique, is the EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter. With a bamboo deck and classic white, powder-coated frame, this ride looks more like a vintage bike than the future of commuting. But don’t let the looks fool you: this is a decently powerful two-wheeler with powerful, but silent 500w motor, top speed of 20mph and a range between 15 and 20 miles on a single charge. The weight capacity is 220lbs. The Razor EcoSmart also features 16-inch pneumatic tires, rear disc brakes and adjustable handlebar and seat. Designed for ages 16 and up, this scooter will appeal to those that appreciate simple design and affordable price. Detachable luggage carrier and a kickstand add to the charm, and the price is practically a steal!


The UberScoot 1000W

UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter by Evo Powerboards is designed for long-distance commuters. It has one of the furthest ranges of any electric scooters currently available. The UberScoot with the 36V lithium batteries boasts the travel range of 12 miles.It is very compact, easily foldable, which allows for it to be easily stored and transported. The seat can be removed, which makes a huge difference if you have limited storage space. Weight capacity of this adult scooter is 265 lbs. 10 inch Pneumatic street tires and both front and rear suspension ensure comfortable ride even on bumpy roads.

The 1000W 36V UberScoot by EvoPowerboards
Nanrobot - scooter with seat

Nanrobot D4+

Nanrobot D4+ is foldable, fast, and best of all – comes with a pretty comfortable optional seat. In fact, most of Nanrobot scooters have a detachable seat that can be bought separately. The seat might not be necessary to ride this scooter, but when you are flying down the road almost 40mph you will be glad to have the option to sit down. This scooter is very well built with two motors with power of 1000W each. With range of over 40 miles, this scooter is a serious electric ride, not just a kids’ toy disguised as a gadget for adults.

This is an ideal scooter for anyone that  rides not-so-perfect roads, and maybe even some off-road paths. Anyone who needs power for steep hills and to quickly accelerate in-between traffic or across an intersection will appreciate the performance of Nanrobot D4+.


What to consider when choosing an electric scooter

The number one factor when looking for the best electric scooter for you is your own personal comfort. Do you enjoy buzzing down the streets while standing on the deck, or do you prefer to sit down while cruising? You need to make sure that your ride matches your route. How portable does it need to be? Do you need a scooter that you can easily fold and carry around when needed, or you are willing to sacrifice portability for superior performance? Here are some key factors you should consider to find what’s right for you.

Riding Style

As stated above, electric scooters come in a variety of different styles. The feature that makes an adult electric scooter a scooter is a step-through frame, which means you are riding it with both feet flat on the deck. Apart from this, the choice is yours. If you need something lightweight and portable that you can fold and carry in and out of the public transport, or you put in a locker, you can pick from some of the lighter folding kick scooters. If you need more equipment and sturdier ride, you can go for more beefed-up stand-up scooters with more powerful motor, better suspension and pneumatic tires. These boys can handle difficult terrain and come with features like headlights and motorcycle-grade tires. Some of them even come with the optional seat. Finally you have electric scooters with seat, moped style rides that look just like fuel-powered two-wheelers that we are used to. They usually are not foldable, but offer superior comfort.

Rider weight and Maximum Load

This is the factor that the performance of the e scooter largely depends on. The minimum weight capacity of the adult scooter is 150 pounds.If you weight around 180lbs – 200lbs, you have plenty of options. Some of the bulkier scooters can handle up to 300lbs, but they also come with a “bulkier” price.

Speed and Range

Compare the distance you need to cover between charges with the manufacturer’s specified range on a single charge. Be aware that there are a lot of factors that can decrease the range: your weight, any incline on your way, even outside temperature. So just take the number that the manufacturer stated as an optimistic estimate.

Speed is not that big of an issue, mostly because it is usually limited by laws and regulations in your country/city. Some scooters are fast enough to be street legal, but most likely you will be riding on sidewalks and bike lanes, which makes the speed less important.

Battery and Charging

Most electric motorcycles and scooters today are powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries, which are still superior in many areas when it comes to powering a vehicle,especially charging times, compared to alternatives (Led-acid or NiMH). Li-ion electric scooter batteries can last 2 years or more if they are properly maintained and cared for. Key features you should consider when it comes to the battery are its capacity (how much you can travel on a single charge), life (the number of charges before it needs replacement) and charging time (how quickly until the battery is fully charged.)

Wheels, Suspension and Brakes

The most basic scooters have small, rubber wheels made for riding on flat ground. Types of pneumatic tires vary from those with an inner tube to the tubeless ones. The size also affects driving performance: taller tires the top speed and ground clearance, but lower its hill climbing ability. If you need a scooter that can handle speed bumps, pot holes, curbs and off-road terrain, look for the one with enhanced ground clearance. Also the wider the tire, the more grip it has.

Suspension has a lot to do with how smooth your ride will be, and how well your electric scooter will handle the bumps on the road. The best option is to have a solid suspension on both back and front wheel, but it is also the more expensive option.

Brakes are the most important safety feature on your vehicle. The most common types are drum, hub, disc and caliper. Some models offer rear brakes, others offer front brakes and some offer both front and rear braking systems. If you are curious about the particular model’s stopping system, look up if someone has done a breaking test on it.

Terrain and Climate

For a 180lbs rider scooting on the relatively flat ground even the 300w models will do the trick. For off-road, climbing hills or scooting through demanding terrain, look for more powerful motor 500w an up. Climate is also an important factor. If you live in warm and sunny climate, you can buy any scooter you like, otherwise you have to make sure your scooter can handle the local weather. Most motors are sealed so they can handle a little rain. If you get caught in the rain you should be able to ride home, but you should avoid getting your scooter wet if you can. If water gets inside the motor it will short out. Electric scooter can be used year round but there is noticeable range reducing when the weather is extremely hot or extremely cold.

Your Budget

You cannot buy a good adult scooter for under $200. Electric scooters under $200 are most likely the low quality rip-off of another brand. If you weigh under 180lbs and need scooter for riding on flat surface, for not more than 3 miles, where the weather is nice, you can hope to get a scooter for around $300. In reality a decent electric scooter price is at least $500, but more realistically close to $1000. But remember that buying an electric scooter is an awesome investment that will cut your commuting cost, lower your carbon footprint and will definitely be worthwhile in the long run.

How do e-scooters work?

Electric scooters run on a rechargeable battery. Most scooters today use lithium ion batteries, but there are models that use lead acid types. These batteries are able to hold enough of a charge to allow a person to travel between 10 and 40 miles. The electric motor is mounted on the frame of the scooter and gets the electric charge from the batteries through the wiring. The power from the motor is transmitted to the wheels, which makes them spin and propel scooter forward. The power of the motor determines how fast your scooter will go, but the top speed of electric scooters rarely go over 20 mph.

Take a look at this video showing how the electric scooters are made:

[fusion_youtube id=”Tz-iNtWo5js” width=”853″ height=”480″ autoplay=”false” api_params=”&rel=0″ hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” /]

E-Scooter advantages

With the need to lower the consumption of fossil fuels comes the rise of the electric scooter. And it is very easy to imagine electric scooters as the future of the urban transportation. Here are some of the advantages:

They are Fast

And by fast we do not mean they have the best top speed. We refer to the time you will need to get where you want to go. Scooters reduces the journey time, especially if it’s a short distance. It doesn’t matter where you live or is it a rush hour, if you’re on a scooter, you are flying. If you need to get from a train station to your office, the electric scooter will turn 20 minute power walk into a fun 5 minute ride.

They are Cheap

They may not be cheap to purchase (although you can purchase an excellent motor for $500, not nearly a cost of a car), but they certainly help you save money. E scooter will save you money on gas, insurance and all car-related problems, which can add up to couple thousand dollars a year.

They Reduce Traffic Congestion

According to the Belgian research company Transport and Mobility Leuven, if 25 percent of drivers shift from cars to scooters, the traffic congestion can be entirely eliminated. So, the more people ride the electric scooters, the better. There’s your chance to be a part of the solution not the part of the problem.

They Can be Used Anywhere

Thanks to the wide variety of designs, there is an option for every environment: from flat streets to steep hills and even off road. If a scooter is powerful enough you can ride it anywhere you want.

They are Eco-Friendly

Because their fuel is electricity rather than gasoline, electric scooters do not emit exhaust fumes that cause air pollution. In future more electricity will come from clean sources, like wind farms, so electric vehicles will be the ultimate zero-emission way of transport.

They are Convenient

And comfortable. The e scooters are very lightweight, some of them are foldable, which makes carrying them around and storing them a breeze. Some models are very adjustable, which means you can make them suit you regardless of how tall, or how heavy you are. There are scooters with seat that can be removed and installed according to your need. Finally, most of them have shock absorbers which maximize the effect of breaking and acceleration and make riding on the rough roads easy and comfortable.

They are Stylish

It’s true. Because of competition many manufactures try to stand out with the eye-catching designs. There is everything: from the e-scooters that look just like the old-school fuel-powered Vespas, those that are reminiscent of a vintage bike, kick scooter style rides or off-road beasts with wide tires and a powerful motor. You don’t have to worry you won’t find the design you like.

You Can Park Anywhere

With the rising number of automobiles, it’s already tough to find a parking place, particularly if you live in a densely populated urban area. With a scooter you don’t have this problem, you can park almost anywhere.


Escooters of today are much more than a children’s toy. They are convenient, cost effective, clean way of personal transport, especially in urban areas. Electric scooters have plenty of advantages compared to the traditional ways of transport, that’s why we wanted to make an overview of the best electric scooters on the market and all the benefits they offer.