Speed of an electric scooter depends on many factors: how much “juice” the battery packs provide, wattage of the motor, weight of the rider, tires, terrain and other. Top speed of the majority of the electric scooters is usually around 20 mph. That is just the right top speed to be allowed to use the bike lane. With recent improvements in battery capabilities you can find more and more models that can hit the 30 mph mark. But that is about how fast razor-type stand up scooters can go.

rear wheel and chain drive of hyper racing fast electric scooterFor more speed you would need to look for electric scooters that look like gas-powered ones: with a seat, a step-through frame and a deck that you can put both of your feet on. These scooters are able to attain up to 40 mph, which might not seem like much when you compare it to the gas-powered scooter top speeds of over 100 mph, but it’s fast enough for riding around town or short distance commutes. It is unlikely you are going to travel by your electric scooter, since you are limited by its range (unless you can afford to carry spare batteries with you). Of course, unlike smaller scooters, these Vespa-like rides do require some kind of a driver’s license.

If you have a technical mind and some mechanical knowledge, you can modify your electric scooter to go faster. We won’t go into details of modifying your scooter to go faster, but here is a quick overview. Speed mainly depends on the power of the motor and the batteries. Electric scooter batteries usually come in a range of 24, 36, 48 volts. The motor ranges from 200 to 1000 watts. The basic principle is simple more power=more speed. However, it is much more complicated than just adding an extra battery.

There is a little mechanism called “controller” that controls the speed and the movement of the motor (forward or backward) by feeding the motor with the right kind of an electrical power. If you simply increase the power from 24V to 48V it will probably overheat and burn out. You can solve this in two ways: 1) Bypass the controller and use a higher power battery connected directly to the motor. However, this method is not very practical for numerous reasons that we will explain in another blog post; 2) reprogram the controller, to do higher speeds.

Just a quick warning: any kind of modification will void your manufacturer’s warranty.

Do you actually need more speed out of your electric scooter?

E-scooters are designed for urban setting, not for highway or traveling long distance where you would indeed need more speed. The top speed of 20mph may seem slow, but if you use your scooter to buzz around town, go to shops or for a hassle-free commute, you probably won’t be needing to go faster than that. Besides, the e-scooter provides lots of other benefits to make up for the lack of speed: low driving cost, practically nonexistent maintenance expenses, no noise and pollution, no license requirement and a fun and enjoyable ride.