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Folding bikes have long been popular in large cities in where most people live in small apartments with few storage options. With small wheels and a step-through frame, the folding bicycle is easy to handle and can be adjusted to fit riders of almost any size. But with those big and heavy SLA batteries, folding electric bikes were not particularly convenient, and not very popular.

Since new, more lightweight and more compact lithium batteries became a mainstream, it opened the door for many different designs of foldable electric bicycles. Any type of electric bike now has its foldable version: folding bikes for commuters, folding mountain bikes, touring bikes with collapsible frames, and a small folding electric bike that you can (almost) fit in your backpack. The folding bike market has exploded over the past decade, and there is more choices than ever, over a wide range of prices. So how to find the one that will be perfect for you? Our list of top picks for collapsible e-bikes is a good place to start.

First and foremost, you always have to have in mind that buying an e-bike is an investment, and that electric bicycle is a personal transportation vehicle, not just an expensive toy. So it pays to do a thorough research to figure out which option is the right one for you. After learning about the different fold-up electric bikes that we have listed for you, you will be able to make the right choice. Our list of top picks for collapsible best electric bikes is a good place to start.

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Top 6 Folding Electric Bicycles

Name Power Wheel Size Speed/Range Battery
folding fat tire bike Wallkee X3 Pro 750W 26″ 28 mph/60+ miles 48V 14 Ah Samsung
fat tire folding e-bike EcoTric Folding Fatbike 500W 20″X 4.0 20 mph/18-23 miles 36V 12Ah Lithium Ion
nakto folding electric bike Nakto Foldaway Bike 250W 20″ 20 mph/19-25 miles 36V, 10Ah lithium battery
swagcycle eb-7 foldable bike Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 350W 16″ 18.6 mph/15+ miles 36V 5.2Ah Li-ion Battery
lightweight folding electric mountain bike Ancheer Folding Mountain Bike 250W 26″ 15.5mph/16-21 miles 36V, 8Ah Ion lithium
mini folding electric bike Jetson Bolt Mini E-Bike 350W 12″ 15 mph/15-18 miles 36V 6Ah lithium battery

1. Wallkee X3 Pro – Most Powerful Foldup Bike

prodeco phantom v5

Wallkee Electric bikes are a bit underhyped in the e-bike market. To be honest, it is a difficult market to stand out in, but Wallkee has some real quality to offer. X3 Pro is a powerful bike, featuring 750W motor and 62Nm of torque, that are able to conquer the hills with ease. The advertised top speed is 28mph in pedal assist mode, which is a limit for class 3 e-bikes, but this bike is capable of going faster. The battery is 48V, 14 Ah Samsung battery pack, hidden in the frame, that delivers a range of over 60 miles. The X3 Pro is also equipped with the patented W-PAS regenerative system, that saves more energy.

Usually a folding electric bike is very small, or cut on features in order to take as little space as possible. However, Wallke X3 Pro is a full size, fully equipped electric bike, that happens to be foldable. And considering all the fittings that you get, like fat tires, full suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, upgraded derailleur, color display, and trigger shifters, Wallke X3 Pro is an amazing deal for the price of under $2000.



  • Large, sturdy frame and tires
  • All the parts are of outstanding quality
  • Great suspension system
  • High-quality, long-lasting battery


  • It weighs 61 lbs, so it is difficult to carry around, even when folded.
  • It’s a bit pricier than other bikes on our list

2. EcoTric Fatbike – Fat Tire Folding E-Bike

F-15X fat tire bike

This EcoTric bike is a practical fat tire bike that’s got a few features enabling it to tackle the terrain another folding electric bike might not be able to. It boasts 4” wide fat tires, a powerful 12 amp hour lithium battery, and high torque 500W motor that deliver the top speed of 18 mph. This setup and high quality All-Terrain tires make this e-bike ready to tackle city streets, dirt and gravel, beach and even snow. It is not too good in climbing hills though.

It weight roughly 51 pounds, so it is definitely on the heavy side of the folding motorized bikes, and because the battery is located behind the seat tube, and the motor is located in the rear wheel, it is quite back heavy. Folding and unfolding the EcoTric Fatbike pretty painless; all it takes is two latches to be undone. And is this bike looks familiar, it is because there are indeed several very similar e-bikes on the market (like AddMotor Motan M-150), but the price on this bike feels right, and the reviews are excellent so far.



  • All Terrain fat tires
  • Comes with fenders.
  • Sturdy and stable


  • Heavy
  • Requires some assembly out of the box
  • Not suitable for riders under 5′ 6″

3. Nakto Foldaway – Best Value E-Bike

Totem bike

We have seen so many different companies and their e-bikes come and go, but Nakto bikes are always best sellers. It seems like the combination of comprehensive set of features, amazing price and a good customer support is the recipe for success in the crowded e-bike market.

Nakto Foldaway Bike features 250W motor, just an adequate amount of power for this little bike. The battery is 36V, 10 ah, which provide up to 19 miles of range, on normal terrain in full throttle mode, with a top speed of about 15mph. With just a little bit of pedaling you can go faster and a lot further – from 19-25 miles reaching the top speed of 20mph. It’s a single speed bike, which means it is not easy to ride without pedal assist, but it also means less parts that can break.

Affordable as it is, this bike is equipped with decent set of features and components. The battery is removable, so it can be easily taken off the bike to charge. Seat and handlebar post are adjustable, and everything is foldable, not only the frame, but also the handlebar and pedals. Additional features include LED headlight, power display and a rear rack. This bike is very fun to ride, and it is a great alternative to a folding electric scooter. What more can you ask for, for under $1000.



  • Very affordable.
  • Compact and takes minimal space.
  • Comes with a headlight and a rack.


  • Single speed, no gears.
  • Not suitable for taller riders.

4. Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 – Super Portable

Cyclamatic CX2 Foldaway Bike

Swagtron SwagCycle EB-7 is one of the folding electric bike favorites among commuters, especially those that had experience with the Swagcycle EB-5, the predecessor of this bike. Affordable, foldable and easy to ride this bike has everything you need from an electric commuter bike, for the price of a regular bicycle.

Swagcycle EB-7 features a 350W motor and will easily reach 18 mph with no pedaling at all. The swapable 36V 5.2 Ah Li-ion battery will give you around 15.5 miles of range on a single charge.  Ride comfort is good, there is a rear suspension and the seat is pretty comfortable, but it is not for riders over 6’ 2”. Also, EB-7 is clearly designed to be used as an electric bike, with single speed and 16” wheels it is very slow when you pedal it yourself. The A backlit LCD display will show you everything you need to know: speed, battery level, and it also has controls for speed modes – the first one is pedal assist, and other 3 are the throttle-only speed modes. The EB-7 is equipped with dual disc brakes, which is a desirable feature on any commuter bike. There is also a horn, but it is squeaky and not very loud.

While it is a bit too heavy to carry with you, weighing around 43 lbs, this bike folds really nicely and takes little space; ti fits most car trunks and trucks.  For its price range, the EB-7 offers great performance, looks very nice and it’s built very well.



  • Dual disc brakes
  • Rear suspension
  • Affordable


  • Not for taller riders
  • Single speed

5. Ancheer Folding Mountain Bike


Ancheer strives to provide quality and durable bikes using modern and advance technologies. Ancheer bikes line features everything from e-MTBs and all-terrain rides to lightweight city bikes. This electric folding mountain bike by Ancheer is popular with both beginners and seasoned riders. People love its simple and easy-to-fold design that improves portability and storage. The aluminum-alloy bike measures 55.2 x 9.07 x 28.37 inches and weighs about 60 pounds.
It runs on a 250W electric hub motor that is powered by a 36v, 8ah Li-ion battery. The bike comes with 26-inch tires and i can reach a top speed of 15.5 mph, and a single charge has a 16-21 miles range. The Shimano gear system together with high carbon steel suspension contributes to the bike’s smooth and comfortable ride.
The electric bike features two working modes. One is the full-throttle mode, and the other is the assisted bicycle mode. Also, its meter features 3-speed smart buttons that make the ride easier. Some additional features include the aluminum alloy handlebars, aluminum alloy pedal, and an aluminum alloy seat tube. The saddle is comfortable and provides an enjoyable ride even for hours at a time. The bike needs about 4 to 6 hours to charge.



  • Sturdy and well-built
  • Full suspension
  • Conquers off-road trails with ease


  • Assembling requires patience
  • It’s heavier than advertised 60lbs

6. Jetson Bolt Mini E-Bike – The Cheapest


This is by far the smallest electric bike on our list. Though it is advertised and sold as an electric bike, it has no pedals. It is actually designed like those push bikes that kids use to practice balance. Small and lightweight this little scooter-like bike packs a surprisingly powerful punch. Featuring a 350W high speed hub motor and a 36V 6Ah Lithium-Ion battery, this mini e-bike gets to the top speed of 15 mph, and provides 10-15 miles range on a full charge.

This electric bike/scooter is very lightweight, it weighs only 26.5 pounds, so you will be able to pick it up and carry up a flight of stairs. Besides, the aluminum folding frame means that you will need very little storage space. Design is “inspired by a moving dolphin”, but we’ll leave it up to you to figure out what that means. The 350W motor reaches the top speed of meager 12 mph, and the range is about 12 miles, which may not sound like much, but this mini folding e-bike is cheap comparing to the other portable options. And in this case “you get what you pay for” saying is true.



  • Very small and lightweight
  • Cheap
  •  IPX5 Waterproof


  • Not a full size bike
  • Not good on hills

When it comes to utility, a electric folding bike is one of the most practical bikes you can get. A foldable bike takes up very little space in your closet, car trunk, or wherever else you need to take it. Top of the line folding bikes feature not only high quality motors and batteries, but well engineered frames that can handle the daily fold and ride. However, high-end bike cost several thousands of dollars, which is just too expensive for many commuters. That is why we hope this list will help you pick a folding bike that will perfectly fit your needs, without making you consider financing options. Alternatively, you can buy electric bike kit to turn your regular bike into electric.