Glion Dolly is the fun stand-up electric scooters designed for adults as a way to way to glide the distances they used to hike, from the distant parking lot or mass transit station directly to their office .

Lightweight and portable, Glion Dolly is a simple and effective solution who want to switch walking on their daily commute for a fun ride. As one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns in 2015, this little ride has proven to be an ideal transportation tool for students, urban residents, outlying parking lots, and for running errands, sightseeing and just getting around your neighborhood. Model 215 is the latest in the line of awesome Glion Dolly lightweight folding scooters.

General Specs

  • Motor: 250W rear hub brushless motor
  • Battery: 36V 6.6Ah Lithium-Ion
  • Range: 15 miles
  • Max Speed 15 mph
  • Weight: 28 lbs
  • Brake System: Electronic Anti-lock rear brake
  • Dimensions: 37.4 x 7.9 x 11.8 inches
  • Wheels: 8″ tires featuring a honeycomb interior
  • Max Load: 250 lbs
  • Charging Time: 0%-100% 3 hours
  • Light: Automatic headlight
  • Special features: Patented Dolly and vertical Self-Standing feature

Design & Build

With its minimalist design and simple but useful features Glion Dolly is built to take you from A to B faster than walking. Its durable frame is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, powder coated to resist corrosion. All the controls are water resistant, convenient and easy to use. Unlike bikes which can sometimes be difficult to deal with on public transit, this scooter folds to the size of a small suitcase and unfolds in seconds.

The Glion Dolly doesn’t offer suspension, but its military grade 8” honeycomb tires provide the same cushioning for the bumps as the pneumatic tires, but they can’t go flat.

glion dolly bag

Power & Range

Rear hub motor is rated at 250W, peaking at 600W and powering the Glion Dolly to speeds up to 15 mph. Just don’t expect it to haul you up any kind of incline. This scooter is designed for flat surfaces, so going uphill you will need it to help it out with a kick.

Top-end Sony 36v, 6.6Ah lithium ion batteries deliver the 15 mile range and reach full charge very quickly – in just 3 hours.


Not only does this scooter have a twist throttle, it’s also got a twist brake. However, even though you twist the handle to engage the brake, there is no braking gradually – the brake is either on or off.

The headlamp is not the best. It is good enough to let the pedestrians and the oncoming traffic see you, but when it comes to illuminating your path the headlamp is just not up to the task. It is not very bright and the beam is all over the place.

Another feature that is less than great is the little LCD display that is supposed to show you how much battery you have left. The battery level displayed is not that accurate, so don’t rely on it to figure out how much mileage you’ve got left.

glion dolly city commuter scooter

The standout feature of the Glion Dolly is its Dolly feature which is built right in to the scooter itself. When folded up, you can pull out the handle which is built into the front and bring it around with you. This is very useful when bringing it around places where you might not want to carry or ride it.


  • Folding is quick and easy.
  • Pull-out trolley handle and luggage wheels allowing you to drag it along just like a suitcase.

  • Stands vertically by itself.

  • Bright headlight and built-in tail reflector.


  • No suspension

  • Only a rear brake

  • Can’t climb hills

  • It tends to get wobbly if the road is not super smooth.

  • No speed or mileage indicator

Who is this scooter for?

This scooter is perfect for people who primarily use public transit, with a short last-mile commute on smooth, level pavement. Glion Dolly Scooter is simple and sleek in design, so it is a great option for those who have to wear elegant or office clothes and still want to feel the excitement of riding an electric scooter.