Hoverboards were the hottest gadget for quite some time, all around the world. A pair of wheels, a gyroscope, a dynamic stabilization system, two strong electric motors and a very big, rechargeable lithium battery brought a smile to many families for a modest price of about $300. You can find the cheapest ones for around $100, but I wouldn’t recommend those, and the most expensive ones are around the $1000 range, but they often boast useless features like a Bluetooth speaker or some other tacky gadget.

Easy to use and intuitive, they’re best suited for children from 13 to 25. There are many concerns about the safety of hoverboards, and the innumerable “epic fail” videos on Youtube depicting people falling or crashing their board gives them a bad reputation. Actually, the low maximum speed is where the safety lies; at low speeds, almost every accident ends up being a small scratch or bruise instead of a severe one like a lesion, concussion or bone fracture. Hoverboard go kart is far safer than dirt bikes, scooters, and bikes.

hoverboard go kart

Having protective equipment is always a good idea, especially if you’re looking for trouble, doing stunts or going off-road. Hoverboards are generally sensitive and not meant for off-road thrills, but this sure doesn’t stop people from trying. As someone that always makes a big fuss about safety, seeing the hoverboard go kart attachment was a solution to most of my problems with it. Instead of standing up and having to stay balanced or fall over, you’re sitting in a comfortable seat. Instead of having to use your legs to control it, you have two handles. Having more wheels makes your ride safer, and most hoverkarts have at least three. Going off-road is still not recommended, no matter how many wheels you have. And if you do, be sure to drive slowly.

How do you attach the hoverkart to the board? It’s very easy, just use the straps. They can be tightened around the hoverboard, providing a tight fit. It’s also easy to detach it, but I doubt you’ll want to go back to the boring old hoverboard when you can zoom around with your hoverkart. Most hoverkarts can be attached to most hoverboards, but you’d better doublecheck that. While most fit the standard sized hoverboards, from 6.5 inches to 10 inches, they might not fit smaller child-sized models.

hoverboard with the seat

Some of the more outlandish, stylish hoverboards can’t have kart attachments due to their shape or software limitations. Most hover karts are priced between $40 and $150, which isn’t much. One word of warning; the clamps and straps might damage the hoverboard’s painted surface. To prevent this, you can apply a protective skin to the surface, or attach protective tape.

Hoverkarts beat hoverboards in top speed though, zooming up to 15mph. While this seems slow on paper, it feels a lot faster in reality, because you’re so close to the ground. Similar to how go-karts are so fun, yet aren’t breaking any Rally or Nascar record. And besides, most hoverboard riders drive around 5-6 mph because they have to keep their balance and not lean fully forward. A hoverkart doesn’t have this problem and can apply maximum torque on both wheels and blast off into the sunset.

A hoverkart is a fantastic idea that might freshen up your hoverboard experience, especially if you’re one of those people that bought one, took it for a ride, and left it to collect dust in your garage. Or if your kids are bored and you’re looking for a quick and thoughtful gift.

Read on and find out about the biggest hoverkart manufacturers out there!


This is actually a trademarked name, held by HoverPowered. They’re the pioneers that had a successful Kickstarter campaign and made hoverkarts possible. The first prototypes were made in their garage and quickly won the world over. Shows how innovation and drive can change everything. In more recent times, they’ve fallen behind their competitors, and you won’t easily find their products among the thousands of new manufacturers, each one offering up some unique feature. Also shows how it’s not enough to be the first one to invent something, you have to keep at it and stay relevant.


The HoverSeat is a four-wheeler that lets you put any chair you want on its aluminum frame. I’m loving the four-wheels philosophy; the more wheels you have the safer your ride is. And it can also be used off road! HoverSeat warns its customers that it’s still possible to fall over, even if you have four wheels. Protective gear is still a good idea, especially if you have a faulty hoverboard that might have loose screws or cracks.

Also, be careful with what kind of chair you strap into the HoverSeat. You can even attach a storage box or cooler and ride it to victory. Be extra careful here because if you’re not, both you and the chair (or box) will fall over. It’s also a good idea to attach bicycle lights or an electric bike horn to your HoverSeat. In short, anything that can fit on a bike can also fit on your HoverSeat, including phone holders and bottle holders.

Having your favorite beach chair mounted means you can attach a parasol (sun umbrella) and bring your shade wherever you go.


HoovyKart is one of the best-looking hoverkarts on the market, made with quality aluminum and plastic. The seat has a lumbar rest that should give you maximum comfort, or is a real pain in the back, depending on your taste. HoovyKart comes to your door almost fully assembled, but you do need to attach the seat to the frame using 4 screws. HoovyKart is best used on a good road or sidewalk. It’s strongly recommended not to go off-road because it can damage the straps. If you do go off-road, the product comes with spare straps.