Tips for Choosing the Right Electric Mobility Scooter

choose the right mobility scooter
An electric scooter is the ideal solution to regain autonomy when mobility is reduced. Thanks to this dynamic mean of locomotion, you can regain your independence and your social life and not let your handicap stop you.
With your scooter you can go shopping, go to your workplace, effortlessly browse major shopping centers, city centers, museums, countryside etc. The possibilities are numerous, as long as you make the right choice among all the electric scooters available on the market, which is not easy.
To help you choose your electric scooter, here is a series of questions to ask yourself in order to narrow the selection to the most suitable model for your specific situation.

Where are you going to use your scooter?

First, ask yourself what you need an electric scooter for. Is it to enjoy the surrounding countryside? Is it for city use? Do you want to be able to do your shopping in the city center and go for a stroll across the paths with the same scooter?

If your exterior is hilly or rugged, choose an all-terrain electric scooter with good climbing ability and large wheels. If you have curbs or sidewalks to navigate, be sure to count ground clearance into your selection criteria. If you want to travel long distances, choose a scooter with good range and powerful batteries.  If you want a scooter that you will be able to ride on streets, make sure that the model chosen is road approved. These scooters have all the safety equipment necessary for road, such as mirrors, indicators and sometimes even a belt.

For city or indoor use, it is advisable to choose a compact model with a small turning radius in order to move easily and have good maneuverability. The turning radius is the space needed to make a full turn.

There are also many versatile models that allow you to be functional both outdoors and indoors. However, if your neighborhood streets aren’t flat, you’ll need to strike a balance between handling inside and the ability to negotiate obstacles and inclines on the outside.

four or three wheel scooter

Three or Four Wheels?

If you want to move indoors, electric 3-wheelers have the advantage of being compact, very maneuverable and have a turning radius less important than 4-wheel scooters. They are however less stable so they are intended for use on very flat surfaces. But if you prefer a scooter perfectly stable under all circumstances, it is better to direct towards an electric scooter with 4 wheels.

Is the scooter suitable for your body type and handicap?

Each model of electric scooter for disabled, elderly or overweight people has a weight limit on board that must not be exceeded. There are some excellent scooters for heavy riders with weight limits of over 300lbs. For people with grip problems or having difficulty making large gestures to maneuver, there is a whole range of devices adapted to your possibilities and which will help you to facilitate your movements and the maneuvers to be carried out for achieve it. Some electric scooters have ergonomic handlebars and handy “Wig-Wag” throttles that allow you to control your scooter using your fingers or thumb. Some electric scooter can be operated by using a joystick to relieve people suffering from arthritis, muscle atrophy, multiple sclerosis or dorsal pain. E-scooters for disabled or senior people also offer many accessories such as mounting brackets for your rods, transport baskets to keep your essentials with you, different chair sizes with different degrees of comfort, swivel seats and armrests.

How fast do you want to go?

The mobility-oriented models are usually not the fastest ones around, with the speeds ranging from 5 to 15 miles per hour. Some models are available with a greater maximum speeds, but with the speed modes as well, for those who don’t want to risk going too fast, but still be able to speed up when they need to.

mobility electric scooter folding

How portable does it need to be?

If you need a scooter that can fit into the trunk, there are many folding or collapsible models so that you can easily transport your electric scooter in a car trunk, on a train and even on an airplane. Some models are very compact and fold very easily, to a size of a suitcase. Also think about where your device will be stored, and whether the scooter can be taken apart or folded so it does not take up too much space if you have to keep it in an apartment.

Does it fit your budget?

Budget is an important factor, as the price of the electric scooters ranges from couple hundred to several thousand dollars. To help you acquire the electric scooter you need for your handicap or for your comfort, some distributors offer financing options to pay in installments. Also we are always on lookout for discounts and deals, so you will keep you updated on all the latest offers.