Mercane Wide Wheel PRO and FluidFreeRide E-Scooters

By Last Updated: Aug 17, 2021
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Electric scooters have seen a huge boom in popularity over the recent years. And as demand grows, so does supply of all kinds of products. The market is flooded with low quality scooters made in China that are built with no investment on their brand and are often cloned, rebranded or sold without branding at all, often poor in quality and with minimal or no customer service. Finding a real deal and a decent customer service might be very tricky, especially if you are on a budget. After all, scooters are relatively complex and sellers often tend to overstate performance.

FluidFreeride is a shop for electric scooters, focusing on a personally tested and curated selection of electric scooters for adults.After spending countless hours trying out, testing and talking to the manufacturers, they have come up with a selection of unique, high quality, yet still affordable electric scooters. FluidFreeride also stock replacement parts (like wheels, batteries, brake pads etc.) and have a repair center so that our customers are not left alone after the warranty period ends.

Mercane WideWheel PRO Review

In a crowded electric scooter market is it very difficult to stand out. But if there is an instantly recognizable scooter that is like no other it’s the Mercane Wide Wheel. The versions from 2018 and 2019 were immediately noticed for their extra wide wheels and fun riding experience, but later were a subject of many customer complaints due to failing reports of stems, swingarms and brake calipers.

The 2020 version of this scooter, the Widewheel PRO is a serious upgrade compared to the previous models. All of the issues are reportedly solved issues by using the higher grade aluminum alloy, the brake upgrade, and some tweaks in the design.


  • Dual 500W  motors
  • 48V 15Ah Lithium-ion Battery
  • 22+ miles of range (over 30 in ECO mode)
  • Top Speed: 26 mph
  • 8″ x 3.9″ ultra wide solid tires
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Front and Rear disc brakes
  • LED headlight and rear brake light
  • LCD Display
  • Dimensions: 43.1 x 21.6 x 43.3 inches (43.1 x 8.6 x 16.1 inches folded)
  • Weight: 54 lbs
  • Max load: 220lbs


Motor Power and Top Speed

Powered by two electric motors with peak power of 1000W each, this scooter has kept its torque and quick acceleration. The top speed is 26 mph, but it can go up to 28 mph, and it accelerates almost twice as fast as the previous version. It takes only 3.3 seconds to reach 15 mph and under eight to get to the top speed.

Battery and Max Range

This model features a 48V 15Ah battery, enclosed in the deck, making the center of gravity of the scooter low and weight balanced. The battery is upgraded to 720Wh, which contributes to the realistic range of 20 miles and more than 30 miles if you ride in ECO mode only.


One of the upgrades of 2020 WideWheel is a LCD screen that has replaced the simple LED battery indicator. You can now see all the relevant data, the speed, battery level, change speed modes and set cruise control. The display is backlit and it is visible even in the direct sunlight.


Braking performance of this model is upgraded with the dual 120mm disc brakes, now with overhauled calipers. They do need some fine tuning out of the box, and you will probably have to adjust them from time to time. Brakes are still a sore point of this otherwise incredible scooter, and that is one feature we hope to see more improvement on in the future.


WideWheel PRO features a dual spring suspension, which is stiff out of the box and does not offer a lot of travel. Though it is enough to smooth the cracks in the pavement, we would love to see something with more cushioning like on the Wolf Warrior, or even Mantis, especially considering that the tires are the pneumatic kind.


Folding mechanism is greatly improved compared to the previous version of WideWheel and now features folding handlebars in addition to collapsible stem. With its compact size when folded, 43” by 9” by 16”, it easily fits into the trunk of a small car, and weight of 54 lbs makes it manageable to carry.

WideWheel features a unique threaded locking mechanism that makes the handlebar super stable when unfolded, but it takes more time to fold and unfold the quick release latch mechanism on scooters like Xiaomi and other lightweight folding scooters.

Weight Limit

The maximum rider’s weight according to the manufacturer is 220lbs, but in our experience it is able to haul a 260 lbs rider without serious trouble. The wide wheels give it all the stability you want and dual motors provide the power needed on a scooter for big guys.

FluidFreeRide E-Scooters for Commuting

mercane widewheel pro lightweight commuter scooter classic commuter scooter horizon
Name WideWheel PRO
Mosquito Horizon
Power Dual 500W motors 350W 350W
Speed 26 mph 20 mph 20 mph
Range 22+ miles 15 miles 35 miles
Battery 48V/15 Ah 36V/7.8 Ah 36V/18.2 Ah
Weight 54 lbs 22 lbs 42 lbs

Most of us spend almost an hour a day just to get to and from our workplace. And as most commuters travel by car, at the same time of day, we get rush hours, traffic jams and road rage. One of the more eco-friendly (and also cheaper) ways of commuting is the public transit. But traveling by public transportation creates a new issue, known as the “last mile” problem. It’s the difficulty of traveling the final stretch from the metro station to your destination. Same goes for the “first mile”, the distance between your home and the station. These in-between distances are too long to walk efficiently and too short to justify taking a car. Folding electric scooters are the perfect answer to challenges of the urban lifestyle. They are versatile, some of them are very lightweight and portable, and of course, they are eco-friendly.

Mosquito – Lightweight, Portable and Fast

the most portable lighweight electric scooter

This scooter is perfect for commuters whose #1 concern is portability. Mosquito is compact and ultra-portable, and weighting only 22 lbs, you can easily take it on the train, up the stairs, or just store away wherever. But even though it’s small, this scooter is surprisingly powerful. With a 350W motor paired with 36V, 7.8Ah LG batteries, it will get you to top speed of 20mph, which feels crazy fast on a little scooter. Mosquito features tiny 6” solid wheels, but makes up for it with dual suspension.

The design is very sleek and compact. It folds in seconds thanks to a latch near the base of the steering post, and the handlebar folds as well, meaning the whole thing takes up very little space when folded. Mosquito scooter is well-equipped with useful features. On the top of the steering column there is a full LED display, which shows stats such as battery life, drive mode and speed. It also features USB ports for charging electronic devices, LED headlight and solar-powered taillight. You can use the complementary app to diagnose, see riding statistics or lock your scooter.


  • Motor: 350W BLDC hub motor
  • Battery: 36V/7.8Ah LG Lithium-Ion
  • Range: up to 15 miles
  • Top Speed: 20 mph
  • Tires: 6″ airless
  • Brakes: front electric brake, rear step-on brake
  • Suspension: front and rear springs
  • Lights: LED headlights and taillight
  • Weight: 22lbs
  • Max Load: 240 lbs


Horizon – Long Range and Classic Looks

longest range electric scooter commuting

The purpose of an electric scooter is to get you from place to place. Naturally, how far the scooter can go is very important. But usually range over 30 miles are rarely found in affordable folding scooters. Horizon is one of the very few electric commuter scooters that will not make you worry about running out of battery half-way home from your office. Equipped with an extra-large 36V 18.2 Ah premium LG battery, this scooter has advertised range of whooping 35 miles! At FluidFreeride they state that if you order with them, you can rest assured that the scooters deliver what they promise. So, I guess we can take their word for it.

With 350W motor, Horizon reaches to speed of 20 mph, which is plenty of speed for urban settings. Beside an impressive range, this scooter is loaded with features that make it an excellent choice for your daily commute. It comes with optional seat, so you can ride comfortably longer. It also features double suspension for ultimate riding comfort, LED head and taillight, controller and display with battery status, speed and speed limit control.  It does fold, though weighing 42 lbs, it is on a heavier side. Overall, it is an awesome electric scooter, and you can find it only at If you order now, you will not only get free shipping but a $200 discount per scooter as well.


  • Motor: 350W BLDC hub motor
  • Battery: 36V/18.2Ah LG Lithium-Ion
  • Range: up to 35 miles
  • Top Speed: 20 mph
  • Tires: 8″ airless
  • Brakes: rear drum brake
  • Suspension: front and rear springs
  • Lights: LED headlights and taillight
  • Weight: 42lbs
  • Max Load: 260 lbs


For your daily commute, you need an electric scooter that’s fast enough to drive through traffic, but also safe enough to stop in an instant. You also need a scooter that is comfortable enough, to make your ride to work a real pleasure, but also so you can enjoy your scooter in your free time. WideWheel fits description perfectly. It folds so you can take it with you on a train or in your office, it is very comfortable and easy to ride, it is incredibly balanced and stable – it can even stand upright on its own, without kickstand. Tires are solid, so they are puncture-resistant, and the whole design of WideWheels is simple enough for anyone to maintain and service it on its own.

WideWheel provides a balanced and smooth ride without sacrificing portable features. Thanks to the ultra-wide tires and front and rear suspension, you will experience the ultimate electric adult scooter ride. There is a lot to like about WideWheel. It provides a speedy yet comfortable ride, with a good range and some nice safety features.