Can Electric Scooter Be Hacked

electric scooter hacked

There’s one rule in the cybercrime world, and that’s if something is hackable, it will be hacked. We’ve seen games consoles, countless programs, computers, defense systems, routers and even cars […]

Electric Scooter Share Companies

scooter rental and sharing

Some people love them for their convenience, the idea of navigating overcrowded cities without driving fossil fuel-burning vehicles and ease of use, other hate them with passion blaming them for […]

Hoverboard Safety Concerns

are hoverboads safe

Hoverboard is an electro-mechanical transportation device. This fancy name is short for “it can fail in either the mechanical aspect or the electrical aspect”. We should all be concerned about […]

The Benefits of Using E-Bikes

eBike benefits

At first glance, this seems like an oxymoron. How do E-Bikes, that have an electric motor, have any health ebike benefits? It’s like saying that driving a car has health […]

How Fast Can Electric Scooters Go?

How fast scooters can go - Venice example

Speed of an electric scooter depends on many factors: how much “juice” the battery packs provide, wattage of the motor, weight of the rider, tires, terrain and other. Top speed […]

New Electric Scooters to Arrive

new vespa electtrica 2018

Only a couple of years ago it seemed almost impossible that electric scooters would ever replace their gas-powered counterparts, with their very limited range, cumbersome batteries and sketchy design. But […]