When they first came out, hoverboards were a real revolution in personal transportation. Now, it seems that the world has gotten used to “hovering” barely 10 inches off the ground, on two wheels, no steering handle, relying heavily on your sense of balance. It is fun, but would you dare to take one of these little gadgets off the paved road? Well, believe it or not, there are people who are all for it, and there is also a whole line of off road hoverboards equipped to tackle gravel, dirt trails, sand, grass, and even more demanding bumpy trails.

These hoverboards carry larger wheels, big knobby tires, an all the protection you need against dirt, little rocks and splashes of water. This are not the monster dirt bikes or skateboards for adrenalin junkies, but they will give you plenty of fun riding smoothly on any uneven terrain, or commuting through the park. We tried and tested a number of so called “all-terrain” hoverboards, and here are our top 6:

Top 6 All Terrain Hoverboards

swagtron offroad hoverboard all-terrain hoverboard epikgo hyper gogo tomoloo eagle v2 8.5 gyroor warrior hover-1 nomad
Name Swagboard T6 EpikGo All-Terrain
Hyper GOGO
TOMOLOO Eagle V2 Gyroor Warrior
Hover-1 Nomad
Motors 300W 400W 400W 350W 350W 350W
Wheels 10″ 8.5″ 8.5″ 8.5″ 8.5″ 8.5″
Speed 12 mph 12 mph 6 mph 10 mph 9 mph 8 mph
Range 12 miles 10 miles 6 miles 12 miles 7.5-9.5 miles 7 miles
Weight Limit 420 lbs 240 lbs 198 lbs 260 lbs 265lbs 220 lbs
Rating 4.5 4.2 4.1 4.1 4.0 4.0

Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6

Swagboard T6 by Swagboard, dubbed “Outlaw” is the all-terrain hoveboard that is safe, stable and incredibly fun. Featuring two 300W motors it can reach the speeds up to 12 mph and climb an inclines up to 30°. Thanks to the air-filled 10” tubeless tires, you will be able to ride comfortably over bumps, on grass, and even gravel. The T6 is rated IPX4, which means it’s watersplash-proof and dust-proof. For a full riding experience you should download the Swagtron App that can be used to monitor battery life, view your route history and cycle through the 3 riding modes.

swagtron swagboard t6

The hoverboard itself weighs 31lbs, which is quite a lot, but on the other hand, it is the only hoverboard that can handle 420 lbs load. It also comes with a rich pack of features including Bluetooth speaker, LED lights, both on the front and on the back, and a carrying handle strap. This is one of the best hoveboards currently available, and you can get it for a great price.


  • 10″ All Terrian Tires

  • It can handle load up to 420 lbs

  • Bluetoot Speaker

  • Color-coded LED headlights, rear lights and turning signals

  • IPX4 rated –  dust-proof and water-resistant


  • Tires are air-filled and tubeless, which means that you’ll have to get a replacement if it gets punctured.

  • There were few complaints about the quality of the parts.

  • It is heavy, but it is only a problem if you run out of battery, and have to carry it.

EpikGO All-Terrain Board

Form the very first sight you can tell that this board is truly designed to go over some bumps. It is big and sturdy, and built for maximum performance. EpikGO board is a pretty stable, as the big rubber all terrain tires allow you to go over dirt, mud, grass, you can even take it through some puddles. The two 400W motors give you the sheer power you need to accelerate quickly, ride over anything and power through slopes up to 18 degrees.
When it comes to safety, there is probably no brand that takes it more seriously than EpikGO. Their hoverboards have been certified as safe by all major US safety organizations, and that includes this this one. Additional safety features include big anti-slip foot pads, LED headlights and turning signals and aluminum fender wheel covers. It used to be one of the most expensive hoverboards on the market, but the price has been going down, and we expect to see some pretty tempting discounts in the near future, so pay close attention.

epikgo all terrain board


  • Powerful 400W motors

  • Solid 8.5″ rubber tires provide fantastic grip.

  • Rated IP56 for solidness and water resistance.

  • LED headlights and turning signals


  • Expensive compared to the other hoverboards.

  • From our experience, it is not as stable at higher speeds as we would hope.

Hyper GOGO

HyperGOGO is a sturdy hoverboard that boasts rugged design and high ground clearance. Big 8.5″ alloy wheels with solid rubber tires make it comfortable to ride, and provide more than adequate grip. Dual 400W motors make it able to reach the speeds up to 6 mph, witha range up to 6 miles on a single charge. This self-balancing board complies with UL2272 standard for fire and electrical hazard has a host of safety certifications by authorities like CPSC, CE, RoHS and FCC.
There are a few problematic things about this board. Hyper GOGO is basically a City Cruiser, or a Halo Rover – with same specs, looking the same, and even sold by the same vendors. While this does not necessarily mean that this is a bad product, it is something to raise your eyebrow. We would definitely suggest that you do your research and send a couple of emails before you decide to buy this board.



  • Powerful 400W motors

  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker

  • LED lights


  • Poor customer service


Tomoloo launched a V2 off-road model, called Eagle, in November 2017. It looks quite similar to the other models with 8.5″ wheels, with same wheel design featuring solid rubber tires. This one is the strongest of the Tomoloo line-up, with two motors of 350W each and is able to handle inclines of up to 30 degrees. It comes with an app that allows you to change settings to make it perfectly fit your weight and riding style, so you can reach the 10 mph speed and get the 12 miles range out of a single charge. Of course, as with all the small self-balancing scooters, this heavily depends on the riders weight and the terrain.
Speaking of the weight, Tomoloo Eagle V2 can take on a rider weighing up to 260 lbs. What sets it apart are the stereo Bluetooth speakers,and a set of bright colorful LED lights on both side of the board. So there is no way you can be unnoticed riding this little gadget. And kids just love it!



  • 4.2 Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

  • Brigh RGB LED lights in the front and on the back


  • It is on the expensive side compared to similar hoverboards

Gyroor Warrior

Gyroor stands behind several models of hoverboards, including F1, with design inspired by Formula 1. This one is like F1’s big brother, that shares some of the sleek, streamlined features, but is also chunkier in important places. Beneath the sleek ABS casing are two motors, each one built to produce 350W of power. Its advertised max speed is 9.95 miles per hour, although you probably should expect a little less.
Gyroor Warrior is easy to ride, stable and can bear the load of up to 265 pounds. Features include built-in Bluetooth speakers to enjoy music while cruising on the board, and LED lights add to the futuristic look of this all terrain board. The robust smartphone app is a handy tool for controlling the entire device. You can play around with the balancing switch, adjust the LED and switch from the Adult Mode to Child Mode using this app. All in all you will definitely get your money worth with this hoverboard.



  • Easy to ride.

  • Bluetooth speaker.

  • Colorful LED lights.


  • Somewhat limited off-road capability.

Hover-1 Nomad

The Nomad is a hoverboard released by Hover-1 in 2018. Hover-1 is a name know for all kinds of fun rideable gadgets, electric scooters, skateboards, electric motorcycles, even full-on electric vehicles. This hoverboard is one of many in their lineup and it is designed for all-terrain ride. It is not a real off-road hoverboard, but if you need something that can handle a road that is not perfectly flat, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, Hover-1 Nomad is a good option for you.
The Nomad comes equipped with two LED headlights and a Bluetooth speaker. In addition, the board can pair to your smartphone via the Hover-1 App to modify speed and handling settings. 8.5″ solid rubber tires are a standard in this category, and with two 350W motors you will be able to go up to 8 mph and travel up to 7 miles on a single charge. It’s certainly worth having a look at.

nomad 1


  • All the features you would want in a hoveboard.

  • Cheap.


  • Feels cheap.