Self-Balancing electric vehicles took the world by storm since the first Segway launched back in 2001, and today’s hoverboards and one wheel scooters are a real competitor in the personal transportation niche. They’re easy to use and store in a small apartment (even the scooters with handles), and they might just be the commuter’s choice of the future.

10 04, 2019

Hoverboard go kart

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Hoverboards were the hottest gadget for quite some time, all around the world. A pair of wheels, a gyroscope, a dynamic stabilization system, two strong electric motors and a very big, rechargeable lithium battery brought a smile to many families for a modest price of about $300. You can find the cheapest ones for [...]

19 03, 2019

Off Road Hoverboards

By |Self-Balancing|

When they first came out, hoverboards were a real revolution in personal transportation. Now, it seems that the world has gotten used to “hovering” barely 10 inches off the ground, on two wheels, no steering handle, relying heavily on your sense of balance. It is fun, but would you dare to take one of [...]