Falcon PEV Zero Series Electric Scooters

Zero scooters

Falcon PEV, the company established in Singapore since 2013, is a well-known name by now. Their scooters are affordable, powerful and easy to use; Falcon saw an opportunity that the other manufacturers missed; the most bang for your buck in terms of Wattage.

All the newest E-Scooters have very powerful motors; people want strong, reliable rides that’ll beat any hill, and the manufacturers obliged.

The “Watt race” between manufacturers is great for the end-users, and it’ll only get better. The stronger the scooter, the more of the battery is used, but it also opens up the possibilities of going against sloped roads that even mountain bikes might have trouble with.

And the stronger the battery used, the greater the range the scooter can travel in one go, meaning you can visit a friend within the 50 mile radius of most modern electric scooters. It also means you could skip on recharging one in a while, but it’s highly advised you recharge after every ride.

Cheaper than their competition, but with the same quality materials and power at your beck and call, you can’t go wrong with their scooter. The secret to their success is volume, and that’s how they can offer such quality products for such a low price.

The last, but definitely not least, thing we have to mention about Falcon PEV is that they have the highest rated post-purchase customer support (4.6/5).

ZERO Series Electric Scooters

10x-scooter Zero 8x scooter zero-10-scooter zero 9 scooter
Name Zero 10x
Zero 8x
Zero 10
Zero 9
Zero 8 / 2019 Horizon
Power 2 x 1000W 2 x 800W 1000W 600W 500W
Speed 40 mph 35 mph 30 mph 30 mph 25 mph
Max Range 50-70 miles 55 miles 43 miles 28 miles 28 miles
Battery 52V 18Ah/ 52V 24Ah 52V 18Ah/52V 24Ah 52V 18Ah 48V 13Ah 48V 13Ah/ 48V 10.4Ah
Weight 77 lbs 73 lbs 52 lbs 40 lbs 40 lbs
Max Load 330 lbs 265 lbs 265 lbs 220 lbs 220 lbs

Zero 10X Electric Scooter – The Powerhouse of the Zero Series

The Zero 10X is the newest Falcon PEV scooter with high-performance. This dual motor, dual suspension e-scooter is a dream come true for most mid-budget riders. It has it all; a top speed of 40mph, and a 50 mile range on a full charge (and if you choose the bigger battery, a 70 mile range).

The Zero 10X has two 1000W hub motors and provides a total power output of 1600W; with a 3200W peak. This amazing power output is powered by 2 x 25A speed controllers. Anyone versed in electronics knows that this is an amazing amount of current (often what’s needed to power a room in an apartment), and that this is no joke. Zero 10x uses oversized heat sinks to keep this up.

To max out your range, stay in the ECO mode. You’ll only use one motor. To max out on how much fun you can have, switch on the TURBO mode. Don’t forget your helmet.

The Zero 10X is an off-road electric scooter that plays nice in cities, and you’ll have no trouble taking a path less taken (just be sure not to damage the environment, some parks have those “keep of the grass” signs. Please be considerate).

The scooter comes with front and rear LEDs, and they’re okay, but we’ll advise you to have extra bike lights for higher visibility in the dark. Stay safe out there.

The only downside, if we can even call it that, is that this isn’t a light folding scooter; it weighs 77 lbs. You’ll have trouble carrying it up flights of stairs, so it’s best if you have a garage or an elevator.

In short, this is the very best e-scooter you can get for this kind of money.



  • 10-inch Pneumatic Wheels
  • Front and rear 160mm rotor disc brakes, controlled via cable
  • Front and rear hydraulic spring suspension
  • Two 1000W hub motors
  • Choose your battery (50mile 52V 18AH vs. 70miles 52V 24AH LG)
  • 6 Months Limited Warranty
  • Great LCD display

2019 HORIZON Electric Scooter – Improved Zero 8

The Fluidfreeride’s Horizon is really similar to the Zero 8’s; in fact, they’re nearly identical. They’re both based on the T8 Electric Scooter. The Horizon is a great entry-level option (it’s like a far better, more powerful Xiaomi M365), and Fluidfreeride offers two battery options – the smaller 10.4 Ah and the bigger, 13 Ah battery.

The Horizon has an extra-long mudguard (the Zero 8 doesn’t come with this) that’ll keep you safe from wet roads, and utilizes a rear drum brake. It’s just like the Zero 8; the best balance between price, performance, convenience, range and power. Better than any ride-share scooter out there, and at a very affordable price.

While you can choose between the two battery options, we believe that every Ah counts. If you can, it’s better to get the bigger battery if your wallet allows it, the benefits of a bigger pack far outweigh the added cost in our experience.

We’ll keep the explanation simple: a bigger battery lasts longer, because it is used less over a longer time period. Smaller batteries are charged and emptied more often, and thus last for a shorter overall amount of time/distance traveled. Still, the last say in this debate goes to your wallet – if you can afford it, go with the bigger battery, and if you can’t, a smaller battery is still a good choice.


  • 500 W Hub Motor
  • 800 W Peak Power
  • Max speed: 25 mph
  • 25 miles with the 13 Ah battery, 20 miles with the 10.4 Ah one
  • 48 V 10.4Ah / 48 V 13 Ah
  • 40 lbs / 42 lbs
  • 265 lbs


  • Rear drum brake
  • 3 front and 2 rear LEDs
  • Great LCD display
  • Front spring and rear air suspension
  • 8-inch front pneumatic and solid rear tire
  • One 500W motor
  • Great folding system
  • Great headlights
2019 Horizon Scooter by FludFreeRide
Horizon 2019 control

Zero 8X – Compact, Stylish and Strong

The Zero 8X is a shorter, lighter, slightly less powerful and smaller Zero 10X. Don’t be scared of its smaller size, this is a great scooter; the price is great (it’s costs slightly less than the Z10X), and the smaller dimensions are always a welcome addition for city folk living in small apartments, or anyone that has to carry an e-scooter up a flight of stairs.

Still, this is not a portable scooter, it weighs 73 pounds. The Zero 8X is better suited to smaller riders, but keep in mind that this is one heavy scooter and that bigger riders might have an easier time carrying it around. There’s one great feature that anyone that lacks space will love; high-quality foldable handlebars.

Be advised that a smaller scooter is slightly more difficult to control at higher speeds; so be sure to wear adequate protection, or at the very least, a good helmet. Compared to the Z10X, Zero 8X has a similar, soft suspension that’s easily adjustable, but the biggest difference is that the Zero 8X has honeycombed solid tires instead of the pneumatic ones the Z10X has.

The solid tires are going to perform slightly worse, but are the better choice in cities where you might end up stranded with a flat tire. Most riders bring a spare tube and an air pump when they’re going off-road or on rural treks, and forget that flat tires happen in cities too.

Zero 8x scooter by Falcon PEV

Zero 10 E-scooter – The Premium Commuter’s Choice

Zero 10 is a full-sized scooter; many people will mistakenly believe that this is just a weaker Z10X. Well, they’d be wrong. Yes, the Zero 10X is a monster on the road compared to the Z10, but there’s a completely different design philosophy at play here.

zero 10 electric scooter

The Zero 10 is made for commuters that prefer having asilky smooth ride and a lot more range on a single motor. Comfort over performance. Convenience over speed and adrenaline. Though, Zero 10 is no pushover, with a top speed of 30mph and a 1000W hub motor, it’s no toy either. It’s a very well-made scooter, has an amazing suspension system, a great braking system and killer looks. And let’s not forget the 10″ pneumatic tires that’ll ride like a dream.

The Zero 10 is a great choice for a more laid-back commuter that doesn’t care about max speeds or maximum power, and compared to its heavier brethren, the Z10X and Z8X, is relatively lightweight at 52lbs. Still going to be a pain to carry upstairs, but when you’re hauling weight, every pound counts.

All in all, the Zero 10 is a commendable choice for a commuter that’s looking for maximum comfort with this budget, but it’s no lie that the Zero 10 is in a very precarious middle ground; it’s neither cheap enough for a casual commuter with a smaller budget, nor does it have the racing performances most people are used to today.


  • 10-inch pneumatic tires
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Front spring, rear hydraulic suspension
  • One 1000W motor.
  • Great folding mechanism
  • Good folding handles
  • Great build quality
  • Great LCD display

Zero 9 – The Most Efficient Choice


In short, the Zero 9 is basically a better Z8. There are a few features it has over the Z8, like having both pneumatic tires, and both front and rear drum brakes, and a higher power output controller (25A vs. the 20A Z8’s controller).

And all this for just a bit more money than the Z8. The Zero 9, just like the Z10, is made for commuters; it’s smaller and lighter than the Z10, meaning you can fold it, haul it upstairs to your office and leave it under your desk.

The double-breaking system is a very welcome addition to the scooter, and it breaks to an almost standstill. The twin air shock rear wheel suspension, coupled with the pneumatic tires, guarantees a smooth ride in any road.

For newcomers and people looking to get a budget high-performance scooter, the Zero 9 is the best choice. The next tier scooters, the Z10, Z10X and Z8X, are considerably more costly than the Zero 9, and might be a bit over budget for most beginners; doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade later on.


  • Front disc and rear drum brake
  • Front spring and rear air suspension
  • 9-inch front pneumatic and rear tire
  • One 500W motor
  • 6 Months Limited Warranty
  • Great folding system
  • Like all the other scooters, it has that cool LCD display

Zero 8 Electric Scooter – The Best Budget Choice


Zero 8 is budget option for anyone that wants to own a high performance scooter. This little scooter aims to be the perfect balance between price, performance, compactness, convenience, battery range and power, and it’s doing an admirable job.

Just like the rest of the Zero family, it has that great LCD screen, stylish design and quality folding handles. This scooter is made for people that want to get the best possible scooter for the least amount of money; and here lies a small problem.

It’s older, bigger and more expensive brothers are much better choices. This doesn’t mean that the Z8 is a low-quality, bad scooter. If you get it you won’t regret it. It’s got enough power and it’ll eat hills for breakfast. The 25 mph maximum speed is nothing to scoff at. It’s better than any ride share scooter out there.

But, if you take the other Falcon scooters into account, if you just spend a bitmore you’ll get a better, stronger scooter that has better features and rides smoother than the Zero 8.

The Zero 8 vs. Zero 10 has a quick and easy answer: the Zero 10 is better in every regard except price.

The Zero 8 is a great choice for beginners in the high-performance scooter world, and it can be used as a stepping stone to bigger, better scooters (the best example of this is if you buy one for yourself, hook your wife on e-scooters, and then let her have it, and you buy yourself a stronger scooter like the Z9, Z10 or even the Z10X if your wife lets you get away with it). It’s our warmest recommendation that if you’re serious about electric scooters, and if you’re not a beginner, that you go over your budget a bit and get the better deal.


  • Rear drum brake
  • Front spring and rear air suspension
  • 8-inch front pneumatic and solid rear tire
  • One 500W motor
  • 6 Months Limited Warranty
  • Great folding system
  • Great for beginners

Turbowheel Lightning – Powerful Electric Scooter by Ewheels

It’s no secret that the Turbowheel Lightning is similar to the Z10X; they’re both based on the T10-DMM Titian Scooter, and their performances are pretty much identical. Two 1000W hub motors (peak power 3600W), 44 miles range, a top speed of 40mph and all the bells and whistles of a high performance scooter like great, wide pneumatic tires and a fantastic suspension system.

This is one big, serious and heavy scooter that’s a worthy rival to the Z10X; albeit to keep the price low, they opted for a version with the Since power battery instead of an LG one. This lower Ah battery means a slightly lower range compared to the Z10X. eWheels has announced that it plans to offer an optional 24 Ah battery upgrade in the future.

Compared to the Z10X, Turbowheel Lightning has a Voltmeter and a key ignition, which are welcome addons.


  • 2×1000 W Dual Hub Motors
  • 3200 W Peak Power
  • Max speed: 40mph
  • 44 miles
  • 52V 18.4Ah
  • 77lbs
  • 330lbs


  • 10-inch Pneumatic Wheels
  • Front and rear 160mm rotor disc brakes, controlled via cable
  • Front and rear hydraulic spring suspension
  • Two 1000W hub motors
  • Great LCD display
  • Key Ignition
  • Voltage readout display

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