The electric scooter that folds is not a new concept. As congestion in and around major cities in the US continues to rise, it is pushing commuters to either fork over expensive rentals or buy equally expensive homes near work. Those who cannot afford to live near their work place are forced to commute longer hours. This has resulted in an ever-increasing transportation nightmare, which has sent many in search for clean and efficient transport alternatives and last mile solutions.

With old SLA batteries the electric scooters were still just too cumbersome to take with you on the public transport, even when they fold. However with new battery technology, the scooters are getting lighter and the companies and startups are battling for their share of the market by coming up with all kinds of solutions for packing a decent size adult scooter into a backpack. So there is really an increasing number of options for anyone looking for portable transport solution, it just comes to what will fit your needs best.

What do you need to look for in a folding electric scooter? To be 100% usable, an electric scooter has to be portable. It needs to fit in the trunk of your car and must be lightweight enough to carry it with you wherever you go – a bus, a train or take it into your office. The purpose of a foldable electric scooter is to make your everyday life easier, not being a hassle. It needs to be something you can always keep with you, unfold it easily and use whenever you need to. However, besides being portable and foldable, it actually needs to be powerful and sturdy enough to take your adult size self where you need to go. That means that you need to look for a quality product and not a kids’ toy.

We have made a list of electric scooters that, in our opinion, tick all the boxes.

Best Folding Electric Scooter for Adults – Top 7

glion dollysegway ninebot es2 folding scooterXiaomi M365 Mi Electric Scooter Easy Fold-n-Carry Designswagtron lightweight electric scootergotrax gxl folding scooterwide wheel folding electric scooter
NameGlion Dolly
Ninebot Segway ES 2
Xiaomi M365 MiSwagtron Swagger 5
Widewheel Electric ScooterSpeedway Mini 4 Pro
Power250 W250 W300 W250 W250W2 x 500W500W
Speed15 mph15.5 mph15.5 mph18 mph15.5 mph25 mph28 mph
Range10 miles15.5 miles18.6 miles11 miles12.5 miles20 miles30 miles
Battery36V36 V, 6.6Ah36 V36 V, 280 Wh24 V, 3.8 Ah48 V48V/16 Ah
Weight28 lbs28 lbs26.9 lbs27.5 lbs33 lbs38 lbs35 lbs

Advantages of Foldable Electric Scooters

No more trouble with parking

There is a whole class of electronic vehicles that allows you to cover short distances, maybe finish the commute or get around town without needing a car. When you can’t ride it, just fold your scooter and store it anywhere.

Lightweight and compact

Portable electric scooters are the best last mile solution, some of them offering a quite pleasant ride, and a convenience of compact design that allows you to take your ride with you to the public transport, a store or your office.

They are fun!

If you are anything like me, you used to spend a whole summer outside, doing tricks on you Razor scooter. Remember how much fun you used to have? Riding one of these electric scooters you will get the same feeling as you had riding down your block when you were a kid.

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Fold-able Scooter Reviews

Glion Dolly Portable Electric Scooter

Glion Dolly is a fun-to-ride, easy-to-use last mile transport for urban commuters. With its minimalist design and simple but useful features it is built to take you from A to B faster than walking. Folding and unfolding is super easy and you will be ready to go in no time. Innovative dolly function allows you to wheel it like a rolling suitcase, and it also has the ability to stand up vertically all by itself.

The top speed is up to 15 mph, which is not fast, but still faster than walking. The advertised range is 15 miles, but realistically you can expect to get 7-8 good miles out of it and a couple more with a struggle. Glion Dolly is one of the most affordable electric scooters on our list, but that also means that you will have to accept some shortcomings. First, there are handlebar control that feel very plastic and cheap. Second, there is no suspension, and “military-style honeycomb tires” are just not enough to make the ride smooth over bumps. On the high note, those tires grip the road well, even when it’s a bit wet. The only break is a rear one, which means you have to ride carefully, because there is no stopping on a dime.

To sum things up, Glion Dolly is not perfect, but it gets the job done if all you need is to turn that 40-minute walk to the train station into a fun ride.



  • Folding is quick and easy.

  • It’s got pull-out trolley handle and luggage wheels so you can drag it along just like a suitcase.

  • Stands vertically by itself.

  • Bright headlight and built-in tail reflector.


  • No suspension.

  • Only a rear brake.

  • Can’t climb hills.

  • It tends to get wobbly if the road is not super smooth.

Ninebot ES 2 KickScooter by Segway

The Ninebot ES2 KickScooter is foldable, lightweight and its specifications cater to commuters and recreational riders looking for a boost. This scooter features a hard metal body frame all-over, except the plastic covers for the wheels. Segway has been known for the sleek and simple design of their products, and that is also the case with Ninebot ES 2. Fully rubberized handles are nice to touch and can withstand the wear and tear. The wheels are solid rubber, front 8 inches, back 7.5 inches in diameter. The heavy-coil suspension located on the front wheel will help minimize any sort of uncomfortable bouncing that could occur when riding without it.

The standard battery takes about 3-4 hours to fully charge. On a full charge you can expect the range of about 15.5 miles, under perfect conditions. In reality it is a lot less. However, there is an option to add a second battery, which will give you more power and extend the range to 28 miles. That is plenty of range for an urban commuter or a college student riding around campus.

There are three speed modes: Speed Limited, Standard and Sports. In the Speed Limit mode you will get to up to 9 mph, which is enough to get familiar with the scooter and the way it rides, once you get a hang of it you can switch to Standard mode and get to the top speed of 15.5 mph. Sports mode will give you maximum torque, maximum power and speed, but reduced range.



  • Dual brakes – electrical brake with an anti-lock brake system, and ergonomically designed foot brake.

  • LED Display showing driving speed, Bluetooth connection, power mode, and battery level

  • LED front and rear light, plus an additional ambient lights underneath the deck

  • Front and rear wheel shock absorption

  • Bluetooth remote control and firmware upgrades via Ninebot App


  • The battery is in the handlebar, making the center of gravity higher, which makes the ride wobbly sometimes.

  • Handlebar not adjustable in height

Xiaomi M365 Mi Electric Scooter

This electric scooter by one of the most renowned Chinese manufacturers of anything electric, Xiaomi, has already won over hearts of many commuters thanks to its simple design, light weight and a reliable performance. Xiaomi M365 is powered by 250W (500W peak) front hub motor, and it offers high travel speed and the ultra-long cruise distance. It’s a convenient and reliable way to get around.

The build quality is surprisingly good, the materials, the finish, paint job, the welds, it all looks pretty well including the details like nice rubber handles. It is loaded with full safety particularly in the braking system. It comes with E-ABS on the front and a mechanical disk brake on the rear.

It takes about 5.5 hours to charge from 0 to 100%, which may seem long, but the range on a full charge is 18 miles, which means it doesn’t need a full recharge after every single ride. The Xiaomi electric scooter is equipped with a kinetic energy recovery system: it will convert kinetic energy to electric energy for storage and reuse, prolonging the scooter’s battery life. To activate energy recovery, press the brake or release the throttle. Also, there is a cruise control on Mi Home app, which allows the scooter to go into an intelligent riding mode.

All in all, the Xiaomi M365 folding electric scooter is a safe, convenient and environmentally-friendly option for short distance travel or daily commute. And with such an affordable price, we were honestly impressed.



  • Amazing safety features like lights and braking system.

  • Good battery capacity and notable range.

  • The inflatable tire with skid resistant and shock resistant property.

  • Weighing 27 pounds, it is not too heavy.


  • Extremely low ground clearance, so be careful over bumps.

  • Maximum load is 220 pounds.

Gotrax GXL

The latest of the Denver based company Gotrax line of electric scooters has just hit the market and it became an instant hit. And it’s for a good reason. Actually it is for several good reasons!

First, this scooter is designed beautifully. Sleek and seamless, without wires coming out of everywhere it looks like a high end product, and not like a toy or a DIY project assembled in someone’s basement.

Second, this scooter has a dual braking system, which is very rare for electric scooter at this price point. Gotrax GXL features a rear disc brakes conveniently controlled by foot pedal and an electric regenerative anti-lock brake system for efficient and responsive braking.

Third, the 8.5” air filled tires easily ride over bumps and cracks in your city streets and sidewalks. Pneumatic tires have their own shortcomings, you have to check the pressure, they can deflate, get punctured, but from our experience they are still superior compared to those little hard airless tires.

Fourth reason are all those extra features, such as built-in dynamic handlebar display so you can keep track of the battery life, headlights, and speed, or a bright LED headlight so you can enjoy your ride even at night.

Fifth, this scooter is IP54 water resistant, and the battery is UL2271 certified. So, this scooter is not only designed to look good and ride well, but to be durable as well.

Last, but certainly not the least important – this scooter is currently one of the most affordable electric scooters and it is definitely the most affordable from those with similar design and similar feature set (Xiaomi M365, Swagger 5, Ninebot ES2)

Gotrax GLX


  • Bright LED headlight and tail light, really useful for a night ride.

  • 8.5 inch air-filled rubber tires.

  • Very convenient dual braking system

  • Affordable


  • Some buyers have complained of a poor customer support.

Swagtron Swagger 5

Swagtron, maker of some of the most popular hoverboards and a couple models of pretty decent and cheap electric skateboards, also has started making electric scooters.  The original Swagger electric scooter used to be the world’s lightest carbon fiber powered electric scooter by Swagtron. The latest Swagtron scooter, dubbed Swagger 5, has very little in common with its predecessor.

In fact, it looks more like a Xiaomi M365 than the new version of a Swagger scooter. It is a step up from those dingy carbon fiber electric scooters, but not very original. The aluminum frame folds for easy storage or carrying, although it is not very lightweight weighing about 27 lbs. An integrated bar-mounted LED display that tells you your current speed, battery level, and headlight and Bluetooth status, which is a useful upgrade compared to Xiaomi. The 250W motor allows you to travel up to 18 mph, for up to 11 miles.

Swagtron has also released an iOS and Android app that pairs with the Swagger 5 to give you even more control. Pair your smartphone with the Swagger 5 via Bluetooth and you can use the app to activate cruise control, select your speed, plan your route with GPS, control the headlight, and more. The app also adds a theft-deterrent lock and alarm mode. The scooter also comes with the phone mount included.

Although the Swagtron Swagger 5 has no groundbreaking features or state of the art technology, but it is a very good scooter overall. It’s easy maneuvering, fast braking, and great balance, and offers anyone an enhanced urban transportation experience. So whether you are an e-scoot grommet or just looking for a fun way to ride around town, this scooter is a decent affordable choice.

Swager 5

Mercane Widewheel

Widewheel is created by Mercane, a Korean manufacturer of personal mobility vehicles, in an attempt to come up with the electric kickscooter that provides greater driving comfort, and smoother ride. 500W BLDC Hub motor offers enough power and hill climbing torque and a solid performance even in more demanding driving conditions. Widewheel scooter comes in two versions – one with 422Wh battery pack, which gives you the range of 20 miles and top speed of about 15mph, and a more powerful model with a 634Wh battery pack and a driving range of over 30 miles.

Wheels are what sets this scooter apart from others. They are 3.9 inches wide (hence the name Widewheel), which gives the scooter amazing stability, not only while riding, but it doesn’t even need a kickstand to stand upright by itself (though it does have one). The tires are solid, covered in rubber and filled with soft polyurethane foam, which is supposed to absorb the bumps on the road. It is also equipped with dual suspension, so it is not only easy to ride, but surprisingly comfortable as well. Wheels are on the smaller side, they are about 8 inches, so you can tell that Widewheel is not meant for riding over potholes.

The one thing we really didn’t like is the very weird folding mechanism. To fold or unfold the handlebar you need to turn a dial located on the side to unscrew and loosen the lock, and then turn again to tighten it back, when you put the handlebar into the position you want. The supposed advantage of this solution is that it fits nice and tight without shaking rattling while driving, but with so many elegant and simple solutions, we just couldn’t give it a go-by. But, it is really just the matter of personal preference.

List of Widewheel features includes LED display that indicates battery life. There is no display that would show you details like speed, distance or speed mode. High luminance LED headlight and brake light allows you to ride safely at night.

Overall, Widewheel is a robust, easy to ride, nicely designed electric scooter. Its unique design makes it worth checking out, especially if you look for more stability in your commuting scooter.

most comfortable electric commuter scooter


  • Ultra wide wheels and improved stability

  • Dual suspension system

  • The model with the stronger battery has range of 30 miles, which is the longest range of all the scooters on this list.


  • Folding mechanism.

  • Weighing 38 lbs (45lbs for stronger version), it is heavy.

  • While it might not bother some, we are not crazy about the solid wheels.

Speedway Mini 4 Pro

Speedway Mini 4 Pro is a polished version of its predecessor Speedway IV that was very popular in Europe due its amazing performance. It seems like Speedway Mini 4 Pro lives up to this reputation. Minimotors is the company that stands behind Speedway line of scooters, which is a guarantee that they are made of quality parts.

This scooter features a 500W hub motor with a peak power of 1360W. This is enough for the top speed of 25 mph in most cases, while the advertised 28 mph is only really achievable if you’re a fairly lightweight rider. The maximum range of 40 miles can only be reached if you’re on smooth flat surface, but you can expect to get at least 33 – 35 miles on a single charge.

Spedway Mini 4 Pro is not exactly lightweight, but it’s not a toy either. This little scooter is very sturdy and can take on a rough ride. With a wide foot deck, it can comfortably take on a rider weighing up to 260 lbs. Additional accessories include an attachable seat that will make even the longer rides comfortable, and a quick charger that will cut the charging time in under 5 hours.

If you need a ride capable of going more that few miles on a single charge, and that is fast enough to keep up with traffic, Speedway Mini Pro is made for you

fastest folding electric scooter


  • The highest top speed of all folding scooters on our list

  • The range of over 30 miles.

  • Dual suspension


  • It really struggles uphill.

  • It is a bit too heavy to be carried around.

  • The build quality and the design are not on par with performance.

  • It is expensive.

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