Dualtron is the brand of electrically powered off road scooters produced by the Korean company Minimotors. When it was launched in 2015, Dualtron was the first electric scoter with dual motor drive. While many manufactures were trying to make their scooters, small sleek and highly portable in order to patch that last mile to the public transport station, MiniMotors have come up with a true monster machine built to go at insane speeds and conquer the roughest terrain.

Dualtron quickly overtook the competition to become the most popular electric scooter in Korea, Singapore, and all over Asia, Europe and Australia, with its ground breaking all-terrain capability, long range of 60 miles, maximum speed of 30 mph, beautiful design, sturdiness and durability, and its selectable Single/Dual motor operation modes.

At the moment, Dualtron Thunder is the highest performing folding electric scooters there is. This sturdy and powerful electric scooter is specifically designed for long distance leisure ride, trail blazing and off road adventures. It is not a surprise that Dualtron has fan clubs all over the world, with enthusiastic riders sharing their experiences and their own Dualtron modifications.

Another brand worth mentioning from the MiniMotors is Speedway. Speedway is a series of scooters that are aiming to bring the highest performance possible to an urban electric scooter. These scooters are known for having high speed and distance without compromising quality and safety. Even the smallest model, the Speedway Mini 4 Pro, has more power and range than the M365 and ES2 combined. They are a bit more expensive than your typical lightweight options, but if you are looking for a superior ride, in terms of performance as well as riding comfort, Speedway scooters are worth the price.


Electric Scooters by Minimotors: Dualtron and Speedway

dualtron 3 scooter dualtron thunder most powerful scooter powerful lightweight scooter speedway V electric scooter
Name Dualtron III
Dualtron Thunder
Speedway Mini 4 Pro
Speedway 5
Power 1600W 5400W 500W 800W
Speed 40 mph 45 mph 28 mph 40 mph
Max Range 74 miles 75 miles 30 miles 70 miles
Battery 60V/28 Ah 60V/35 Ah 48V/15.6 Ah 60V/23.4 Ah
Weight 81 lbs 95 lbs 35 lbs 70 lbs
Max Load 260 lbs 265 lbs 240 lbs 265 lbs

Dualtron III

Dualtron III is the a city-friendly version of Dualtron Ultra. Dualtron III features two motors of 800W each (1600W combined), which makes it one of the most powerful folding scooters on the market. The power is followed by awesome acceleration, to the point that it is easy to forget that Dualtron III weighs 81 lbs. From an instrument panel you can choose from single or dual motor drive, as well as a three step speed adjustment. On max settings, the scooter can reach the 40mph mark. It also features the cruise control function, which makes the ride more enjoyable and decreases battery consumption.

Dualtron Thunder 2019

With a battery rated 60V and 28Ah, its advertised range is 74 miles. But as you probably won’t be driving it on the flat ground only and in perfect weather conditions, expect to get a lot less – 45-50miles on a single charge. That is pretty good, but considering that it takes 16 hours to fully charge the battery with the stock 2A charger, it would probably be a good idea to invest in another one (Dualtron’s got two charging ports), or to get the premium 6.5A quick charger, which cuts the charging time to under 5 hours.

Dualtron has changed the structure of the Ultra-front suspension shaft and is now using the new type of rubber suspension. The 11” with ultra-wide tires give a good grip when driving on dirt or gravel roads, though you can still fell the bumps. If you want more comfort, we definitely recommend that you order a seat.

Additional features include a multi-functional LCD dashboard with a touchscreen where you can check the battery status and charge, speed, voltage and the time. It also features LED headlights and taillights, as well as brake lights controlled from the dashboard.

Dualtron III is not your average scooter that will get to the metro station every day – there are way cheaper and lighter alternatives for that! This scooter is made for adventures, traveling, and enjoying the electrically powered transportation to the max.


  • Power: 1600W (Two 800W motors)
  • Battery: 60V 28Ah Lithium battery
  • Max Speed: 40 mph
  • Max Range: 74 miles
  • Tires: 11″ ultra wide off-road tires
  • Suspension: Dual full suspension forged, cantilevered, high density, high impact PU
  • Brakes: Dual electronic and dual disc brakes
  • Light: LED headlights, taillights and brake lights
  • Weight: 81 lbs
  • Max Load: 260 lbs
Dualtron Scooter by Minimotors

Dualtron Thunder

The third generation of Dualtron Thunder is the fastest, most powerful, most capable sport electric scooter so far. Unleashing 5400W of power from two BLDC hub motors, this scooter can blast at a speed up to 49 mph. It features the same 60V and 35Ah LG Lithium battery as Ultra, only 60V and 35Ah, only safely secured inside an aluminum box. The range is same as Dualtron Ultra; according to specs you can reach 74 miles, but in a real life ride scenario, more like 45 miles.

Dualtron Thunder offers the levels of road safety and stability that is just unheard of in today’s production electric scooters, featuring hydraulic brakes and ABS. Dual piston caliper system provides an excellent control & stability, absorbs more heat and noise, and because of better distribution it wears better.

The suspension on Dualtron Thunder is a true innovation. The 45 steps control suspension system consists of 3 steps motor axis distance control, 3 steps arm angle control, and 5 types of the rubber. That means that there are 45 options (3 x 3 x 5) of the adjustment of the suspension strength. That means that you can get the best riding comfort on all kinds of terrain, in all seasons, rain or shine.

Speaking of rain, Dualtron Thunder has an improved water protection compared to the Ultra. Cables are fully shielded against any exterior hazards with the additional pieces of rubber that seal the cable entrances to the main body, and also every bolt in the scooter comes with thread sealant. Small details that mean a lot for the longevity of the scooter.

dualtron thunder off road electric scooter

The Thunder comes with a variety of accessories, such as a remote control that allows you to choose the color of the LED lighting on the bar, as well as the brightness and mode. Another reason Thunder is a premium scooter is that Dualtron series does not use the off-brand or generic parts sold in the existing market. MiniMotors uses 100% self-produced parts.


  • Motor:  Dual 5400W BLDC Hub Motor (2x2700W)
  • Battery: 60V/34.8Ah Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Max Speed: 49 mph
  • Max Range: 74 miles
  • Suspension: 45 Steps Control Suspension System
  • Lights: LED Headlight & Taillight
  • Tires: 11” Ultra-Wide Tubeless Tires
  • Brake System: Dual; Front Hydraulic Brake & Rear Disk Brake
  • Display: Full LED Display
  • Gradient: About 35 Degrees
  • Max load: 260 lbs
  • Weight: 88 lbs

The Ultimate Electric Scooter – Dualtron X

If all the power, speed and technology did not manage to get your head spinning, MiniMotors still has got an ace up their sleeve. There is a new scooter to be launched, probably in the beginning of next year, that will be the most powerful, fastest, most advanced electric scooter in the world.

After the Dualtron Ultra, MiniMotors company is ready to launch the new ultra powerful ride, dubbed Dualtron X. If everything on this scooter turns out to be what was promised, there is no doubt that Dualtron X will become a legend.

Here are some of the announced specs for the Dualtron X:

  • Max speed 55-60 mph
  • Motor power 6720 W
  • 13” ultra-wide tire
  • 19 steps Hydraulic adjustable suspension for bike tuning
  • Battery Capacity 60V 49AH + 60V 3AH 52AH (3,078 WH)
  • Newly designed jet air cooling system
  • Fingerprint recognize key system
  • Newly designed dashboard
Minimotors USA - Duaton and Speedway electric scooters

To sum it up in one word: a BEAST! Hope you are as excited as we are. Stay tuned!