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Up until recently the electric scooters were notorious for being too slow. With those heavy SLA batteries, the 20mph was pretty much the maximum speed for electric scooters. But with new Lithium batteries came the improvement in capacity, the electronics got better and new e-scooters and electric mopeds got faster. Fast enough to compare to any vehicle on city streets. So which is the fastest electric scooter you can buy in 2018?

Speed record on electric vehicle with two wheels was set by Paul Thede on The Lightning Motorcycles SuperBike, which managed to reach the speed of whooping 218 mph. Now, we are definitely not looking for that amount of speed in our scooters. It would probably be very unsafe to go crazy fast on an e-scooter. So we decided to put the record-setting prototypes aside, and focus on the production models that can go over 20mph.

Although speed should not be the only thing to consider when buying electric scooter it is nice to know that you can speed up to 35 mph when you need to, especially if you happen to ride your electric scooter on city roads alongside cars and gas scooters.

Electric motor scooters

Top 5 Electric Scooters of 2018 Listed by Top Speed

fastest electric scooter dualtron qiewa fast electric scooter nanrobot fast folding electric scooter All Terrain Fast Electric Scooter taotao urban electric scooter
Name NanRobot LS7 Quiewa Q1 Hummer NanRobot D4+ UberScoot 1600W TaoTao ATE-501
Power 3600W (1800Wx2) 800W 2000W (1000Wx2) 1600W 500W
Battery 60V 35Ah Lithium Battery 48V 25Ah Lithium Battery 52V 23AH lithium battery 48V SLA Battery 60V-20AH Gel Lead Acid
Speed 52mph 35mph 40mph 30mph 20mph
Range 56 miles 60 miles 45 miles 12 miles 27 miles

NanRobot LS7

If you are looking for the fastest electric scooter of all, that can give you adrenalin-charged ride, and make you go weak at the knees, the NanRobot LS7 might be the one. The power of this scooter is enormous – two independent brushless high speed motors, 1800W each, giving enough power to get you blazing to speeds close to 50mph, enough torque to climb hills and enough battery capacity to last for 56 miles.

50 mph fastest electric scooter

NanRobot LS7 looks very much like Dualtron II. The two have very similar technical specifications and the list of features looks pretty close. Dualtron does look more robustly-built, but NanRobot LS7 does pack up some serious power. The maximum weight this scooter can haul is 330lbs, and the weight of the scooter itself is about 84lbs. This is not your average commuter scooter. This is a monster machine with two motors, dual suspension, full front and rear rubber suspension able to handle all sorts of rough terrain. Before riding, be sure to wear a full face helmet covering your whole the face, protective gloves, as well as knee elbow pads.


  • Motor Power: Two motors of 1800W
  • 60V 35Ah Lithium Battery
  • Easy Folding
  • Top Speed: 35mph
  • Max Range: 60 miles
  • 11” Pneumatic Tires
  • Front and Rear Disk Brakes
  • Rubber shock absorption
  • Powerful LED Headlights and brakelights
  • IP6 Waterproof
  • USB mobile phone charging function

Qiewa Q1 Hummer

Qiewa is a Taiwanese manufacturer of electric scooters that you probably never heard of before, but their heavy-duty folding electric scooters can go 35 mph easily. The scooter itself looks pretty sturdy. Even though it’s a standup scooter is has plenty of features that make it road-ready: front and rear suspension, front and rear disc brakes, headlights, taillights, side lights, horn and alarm system with keyless entry remote. You also have an option to buy a removable seat for this scooter.

With the 800W motor and 10” pneumatic tires, this is actually a pretty powerful all-terrain scooter that can easily conquer any road. The advertised range is about 60 miles, but is probably under the ideal circumstances and with no rider on it, so you should expect a lot less. The chassis is made from high-strength aluminum and the scooter is also labeled IP6Waterproof. All in all this fast e-scooter, sold in Taiwan under name of Q1 Blitz Hummer, is a very nice, very stable ride that can be easily folded and put in the trunk of your car.

Taiwan Fastest Folding Electric ScooterFeatures:

  • Motor Power: 800W
  • 48V 25Ah Lithium Battery
  • Easy Folding
  • Top Speed: 35mph
  • Max Range: 60 miles
  • 10” Pneumatic Tires
  • Front and Rear Disk Brakes
  • Front and Rear Shock Absorbers
  • LED Headlights, Taillights and Side Lights
  • IP6 Waterproof
  • USB mobile phone charging function

NanRobot D4+ 

NanRobot D4+ is a scooter to watch this year. It is propelled by two independent 1000W motors built in the front and rear wheel, which allow for a top speed of 40 mph. You can choose between single and dual motor drive, as well as eco mode for saving battery or turbo mode for maximum torque. Maximum range you can expect to get out of the high capacity 52V 23Ah lithium battery is 45 miles. Wheels are equipped with 10” pneumatic tires, front and rear disc brakes, and also 6 shock absorbers – 4 on the front and 2 on the rear wheel.

This is an all-round electric scooter; not only does it offer awesome performance and comfortable ride, it also has an impressive set of features. It’s got an LCD display that details speed, drive mode, and battery life. It is foldable, you can easily collapse the handlebar, and take it with you in the trunk of your car. You will probably not be able to carry it around, as it weighs around 60lbs, but you can pick it up and carry up couple of stairs if you need to. Other features include lights on the front and rear to make the ride safer, and a USB charging port.

nanrobot d4+ dualtron fast electric scooter


  • Motor Power: 2000W(Two motors of 1000W each)
  • Battery: 52V 23AH lithium battery
  • Top Speed: 40mph
  • Max Range: 45 miles
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • 10” Pneumatic tires
  • 6 shock absorbers
  • Mudguards on front and rear wheels
  • LED Headlight and taillight
  • Folding handlebar

UBERSCOOT 1600W 48volt Electric Scooter

The UberScoot 1600 is one of the most powerful electric scooters ever being sold. Powered by 48 volts SLA battery and a 1600 watt motor, this beast of an electric scooter is not a toy. It can go over any terrain and climb very steep hills. It even looks like a dirt bike with its 12” knobby tires. The scooter is designed for heavy duty users, so it comes with a compact lock-down/up folding system that allows easy storage and transportation. It features an economy mode button that can be used to slow down acceleration and top speed to conserve the battery life for long rides. The scooter has front and rear lights so it can be used even at night.

Designed and manufactured by Evo Powerboard, UberScoot boasts the top speed of 30mph and range of 12 miles with stock setup. To double the range you can upgrade this scooter with Lithium battery pack, which is not complicated at all, but it’s expensive. If you have some extra money, you should do it, because it is well worth the investment. This simple upgrade will make your scooter lighter, which will add to its agility, increasing the top speed to close to 40mph, which makes it (potentially) the fastest electric scooter on our list. It will also cut the charging time in half. The Uberscoot 1600w has an adjustable, padded seat for added comfort during your ride which is included in the price.

Fastest All Terrain Electric ScooterNote: The UberScoot 1600w has been discontinued from the UberScoot store, but this model is still available on Amazon.


  • Motor Power: 1600W
  • 48V SLA Battery Pack (4x12V)
  • Top Speed: 30mph
  • Range: 12miles
  • Removable Seat
  • Foldable Locking Frame
  • 12” Pneumatic Knobby Tire
  • Front and Rear Disc Brakes
  • Two Speed Modes: Economy and Turbo
  • LED Headlights and Taillights

TaoTao ATE-501

When we talk about street legal electric scooters on the budget, Chinese-built TaoTao ATE-501 has to be the part of the selection. But do you know how fast this scooter can actually go? This scooter powered by 500W rear hub motor can travel just over 20mph. However this scooter has great potential for customization and making it go faster. First the scooter itself weighs 250lbs, which is very heavy. So, to make it go faster, you need to make it lighter. There is no need for some crazy modification, the biggest thing that will make a difference is changing SLA battery for a Lithium battery pack. This may seem expensive, but the TaoTao itself is pretty cheap, and new batteries will make a huge difference in both speed and range. With new batteries the scooter can reach the top speed of 30mph, and you get all the convenience of a full size gas scooter, plus you save money on fuel.

TaoTao is a well-known brand of cheap gas scooters, and with ATE-501 they have earned their place in the e-scooter department as well. These scooters are designed for riding in urban setting, on flat roads, and are not good for climbing hills. Street Legal TaoTao Scooter ElectricThe TaoTao actually rides nice, it has dual suspension in the rear and a front suspension fork just like gas scooters. All of the handlebar-mounted gauges light-up for use in the dark.  All in all, a perfect ride-around-town e-scooter for those that would like to save money on gas.


  • Motor Power: 500W rear hub motor
  • 60V-20AH Gel Lead Acid Battery
  • Top Speed: 20mph
  • Max Range: 27 miles
  • Front Disc Brakes and Rear Drum Brakes
  • All features of a full size scooter: Twist Throttle, Hand Brakes, Mirrors, Front and Rear Lights, High and Low Beams, Turn Signal Lights, Horn, Under the Seat Storage and Anti-Theft Alarm
  • 100% Street Legal

Top speed depends on many factors, and the two most prevailing ones are the rider’s weight and the terrain. Even the most powerful e-scooter on this list will not reach its top speed when hauling a 260lbs rider uphill. But if you are average weight you can go pretty fast on flat ground. Of course, you should always wear helmet and other protection gear when riding a scooter, especially if you are going that fast. Electric scooters are real vehicles, not toys.

DISCLAIMER: We have made this list based on the top speeds that these scooters can reach, some of them with small modifications. We are not saying you should ride them at that speed, or that you should make any kind of modification on your scooter. In fact, legal limit for scooters that do not require license or registration is 20mph in most states, and any kind of tampering with your scooter will void the warranty.