Up until recently the electric scooters were notorious for being too slow. With those heavy SLA batteries, the 20mph was pretty much the maximum speed for electric scooters. But with new Lithium batteries came the improvement in capacity, the electronics got better and new e-scooters and electric mopeds got faster. Fast enough to compare to any vehicle on city streets. So which is the fastest electric scooter you can buy in 2019?

Speed record on electric vehicle with two wheels was set by Paul Thede on The Lightning Motorcycles SuperBike, which managed to reach the speed of whooping 218 mph. Now, we are definitely not looking for that amount of speed in our scooters. It would probably be very unsafe to go crazy fast on an e-scooter. So we decided to put the record-setting prototypes aside, and focus on the production models that can go over 20mph.

Although speed should not be the only thing to consider when buying electric scooter it is nice to know that you can speed up to 35 mph when you need to, especially if you happen to ride your electric scooter on city roads alongside cars and gas scooters.

Top 6 Fast Electric Scooters Listed by Top Speed

fastest acceleration e-scooter Apollo Pro dualtron thunder most powerful scooter Wolf Warrior 11 scooter Inokim Oxo electric scooter Mantis electric scooter 2x1000W
Name Apollo Pro Dualtron Thunder Kaboo Wolf Warrior 11 Inokim OXO Mantis 2000W
Power 1000W x 2 peak 5400W (1200W x 2) peak 5400W (1200W x 2) 1600W (800W x 2) 2000W (1000Wx2)
Battery 52V 22.5Ah or 60V 21Ah 60V 35Ah LG Li-Ion 60V 35Ah Lithium Battery 60V 26AH LG lithium battery 60V LG Li-ion
Speed 44 mph 50 mph 50mph 40mph 40mph
Range up to 56 miles 75 miles 56/92 miles 40 miles 40-55 miles

1. Apollo PRO Electric Scooter

There are many rebranded scooters on the market today, each one touted to be better than its source. Apollo Pro is the unique case of taking an already excellent scooter and bringing it to a whole another level. This scooter is based on the Zero 10X, one of my favorites, but it greatly improves on the design with quality-made frame parts. It also comes with warranty and all the customer support you need. Apollo Pro stands out for its high build quality that goes through three rounds of quality check before getting to the customer.

Apollo Pro features two motors, 1000W each, powered by either 52V or 60V battery, depending on which model you choose. The simplest version reaches top speed of only 2mph shy of 40mph, while the most powerful model will get you to 44mph in no time. The range of course depends on many different factors, so the maximum advertised range in single motor ECO mode of 56 miles is practically unattainable. Estimated ’real life’ range is anywhere between 25–30 miles, which is adequate for most riders. The downside is certainly the charging time, as it take s 10-12 hours to charge the battery from zero to full capacity. If you invest in a second charger, you can cut the charging time in half.

apollo 38mph e-scooter

Acceleration is one of the factors that earns a scooter a place on our “fastest” list, and Apollo Pro is one of the quickest accelerating electric scooters we’ve tested. With dual motor drive it reaches the speed of 15 mph in about 2 seconds, which is really impressive.

This scooter is one of the most comfortable scooters, able to handle really rugged terrain. With 10 inch, air-filled tires, dual-spring shock suspension, oversized deck and wide handlebars that absorb shocks from the ground, you will appreciate the feeling of floating over bumps on not so great roads.

Even the 52V version of Apollo Pro offers plenty of speed and torque, but if you are into extremes, there is and insanely powerful model called Apollo Pro Ludicrous. This model has it all: amazing top speed, super fast acceleration, insane braking power and top-notch suspension. It also comes with higher price, matching the price of the Apollo Ultra, electric scooter that can reach the adrenaline-rush speed of 60mph.


  • Motor Power: Two motors of 1000W each
  • 52V 22.5Ah LG or 60V 21Ah Samsung battery
  • Top Speed: 38 – 44 mph
  • Max Range: up to 56 miles
  • 10″ Air-filled tires
  • Front & Rear Disk Brake (Hydraulic in 60V model)
  • Front spring and Rear hydraulic suspension system
  • Front dual white LED lights and Rear dual red brake lights
  • LED display with mode controls and key riding statistics
  • IP54 Water-resistant
  • Max incline: 40 degrees
  • Max load 330 lbs
  • Weight 77 lbs

2. Dualtron Thunder

If you need a lightweight portable urban scooter, you go to Xiaomi. If you need a crazy powerful electric scooter with a riding experience of a full size moped or motorcycle, you go to Minimotors. Dualtron Thunder is definitely one of the most powerful electric scooter currently available. Two BLDC hub motors with combined power of 5400W mean that one you push the throttle there is no stopping. We would dare to say that Dualtron Thunder is a true monster machine built to go at insane speeds and conquer the roughest terrain. Maximum speed is 50 mph, which you should be able to achieve with a slight modification, as it comes limited to 15mph out of the box.

the most powerful dual motor scooter This scooter provides the levels of road safety and stability that is just unheard of in today’s mass production electric scooters, featuring hydraulic brakes and ABS and the suspension that is a true innovation. The 45 steps control suspension system consists of 3 steps motor axis distance control, 3 steps arm angle control, and 5 types of the rubber, meaning that there are 45 options (3 x 3 x 5) of the adjustment of the suspension strength. Cables are fully shielded against any exterior hazards with the additional pieces of rubber sealing the cable entrances to the main body, and also every bolt thread sealed.


  • Motor Power: Two motors of 1200W (peak 5400W)
  • 60V 35Ah Lithium Battery
  • Foldable
  • Top Speed: 50mph
  • Max Range: 75 miles
  • 11” Ultra-Wide Tubeless Tires
  • Dual Brake System: Front Hydraulic & Rear Disk Brake
  • 45 Steps Control Suspension System
  • Powerful LED Headlights and brakelights
  • Full LED display
  • IP6 Waterproof
  • Gradient: About 35 Degrees
  • Max load 260 lbs
  • Weight 88 lbs

3. Rion2 RE100: Special Production Racing Edition

The world’s only “hyperscooter” from Rion Motors is a complete beast and is the undisputed champion in going dangerously fast. It can reach speeds up to 80 mph (or more), and they are electronically limited to a maximum of 60 mph in the US.The stats are scary; it has a peak power of 50,000 Watts. That’s 50 KW. That’s about the same amount of power a motorbike that can reach up to 124 mph (the RION most likely won’t reach these speeds as it has a very high drag coefficient, it’s not as aerodynamic as a motorbike).

rion electric race scooter

The RION2 Special Edition has a 80 V/100 V 21700 Lithium battery; but like their other editions, this battery is very small and their range is, at best, about 30 miles at low speeds. They usually meek out about 5 miles at their top speed, which is still a very respectable number.
In part, they owe their high speed and amazing efficiency to their full carbon fiber construction and low battery weight.

Unlike most scooters on the market, the Rion utilizes slick racing tires that are made in Italy, and it is definitely not an off-road scooter. This scooter is designated only for the upcoming racing league and is not for sale, and if you’re lucky they’ll let you test drive one at their company’s headquarters in LA.

You can order a fully customized superscooter from them that might not be as powerful as their Special Production Racing Edition, but it will be faster than almost any other scooter out there. Their “weaker” options are all “capped” electronically at 60 mph, but they’ll reach 65+ mph easily.
Full protective gear is not optional here.


  • 50,000 Watts, dual hub motors
  • 80 mph top speed
  • Full Carbon Fiber Body
  • 600 A Battery Management System
  • 80 V/100 V 21700 LiPo Battery
  • Italian Slick Racing Tires
  • Magura MT7 Pro Hydraulic Brakes

4. Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11: Off Road eScooter

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 is a pure off-road worthy beast, and is among the fastest and the toughest electric scooters out there. The two 1200 W hub motors can reach up to 5400 W of power, easily beating any incline (up to 45 degree slopes), and giving the you the adrenaline rush of your life every time you accelerate. You really have to grip the handles hard and brace yourself, because this baby will throw you off if you’re not careful. Accelerate responsibly until you get the hang of it.

Wolf Warrior 11 Electric Scooter Review

This scooter has much more in common with racing motorcycles than with other electric scooters; the front fork construction and suspension system gives that away at first glance. It’s better to think and act like the Wolf Warrior is a motorcycle, so be sure to wear full protective gear when you ride one.

Read our detailed review of the Wolf Warrior here.

The tires are 11″ pneumatic tubeless ones, and combined with the suspension system (hydraulic spring in the front, and two springs in the back) gives you a smooth ride on off-road terrain.

It has two hydraulic disc brakes to make you stop safely; to help them out, an E-ABS system will prevent your wheels from locking up. It’s water-resistant (IPX4 certificate), meaning it’ll work in the rain, as long as it’s not submersed in water.


  • Motor Power: Two 1200W hub-motors (peak 5400W)
  • 60V 35Ah Lithium Battery made by LG
  • Foldable, the mechanism is solid but this scooter isn’t easily portable.
  • Top Speed: 50 mph
  • Max Range: 93 miles Eco Mode / 56 miles Turbo Mode
  • 11” Pneumatic Tubeless Tires
  • Front and Rear Hydraulic Brake + E-ABS
  • Powerful LED Headlights and Brake Light
  • Full LED display made by Minimotors
  • IPX4 Water-resistant
  • Max Gradient: About 45 Degrees
  • Max load 330 lbs
  • Weight 101 lbs
  • A very loud electronic horn

5. Inokim OXO – Design and Speed

inokim oxo all terrain

Inokim OXO is the most powerful in the Inokim scooters line-up. It certainly makes the impression with its design, but there is more than just looks to it. With two motors boasting 1300W peak power each, OXO Super is able to hit 40 mph in the unlocked mode. Inside the frame is 60V 26Ah battery pack, delivering around 50 miles of maximum range. Thumb throttle will get you going, and when you need to stop there are powerful ZOOM hydraulic brakes amped up by the twin ventilated discs for super modulated stopping.  Single swing arm suspension has its fans and haters, but We couldn’t find anything wrong with it. You can alternate positions between low and high, and though it is not the most springy suspension available it will give you enough clearance and dampening to soften the vibrations when going over uneven surfaces. To sum things up: OXO is nicely designed, decently built, and most important for this list – very fast.


  • Motor Power: Two motors of 1000W
  • 60V, 25.6Ah Lithium Battery
  • Folding mechanism
  • Top Speed: 40mph
  • Max Range: around 50 miles
  • 10″ Pneumatic Tires
  • Front and Rear ZOOM hydraulic brakes
  • Patented OSAP suspension system
  • Max Load: 265 lbs

6. Mantis 2000W

If you are looking for the fast urban electric scooter that can give you adrenalin-charged ride, and make you go weak at the knees, the Kaabo Mantis might be the one. The power of this scooter is significant – two independent brushless high speed motors, 1000W each, giving enough power to get you blazing to speeds close to 40mph, enough torque to climb hills and enough battery capacity in PRO version to last for 45+ miles.

fluidfreeride mantis pro

Mantis looks very much like Apollo Pro. The two have very similar technical specifications and the list of features looks pretty close. In our opinion, and the experience of many electric scooter enthusiasts across the globe, Apollo is superior in build quality. However, Mantis has its reasons to be on this list, because it does pack up some serious power. The maximum weight this scooter can haul is 265lbs, and the weight of the scooter itself is about 65lbs. This is not your average commuter scooter. This is a monster machine with two motors, dual suspension able to handle all sorts of rough terrain, and superior incline climbing ability Before riding, be sure to wear a full face helmet covering your whole the face, protective gloves, as well as knee elbow pads.


  • Motor Power: Two motors of 1000W
  • 60V 24.5Ah Lithium Battery (PRO)
  • Easy Folding
  • Top Speed: 40mph
  • Max Range: 45+ miles
  • 10″ x 2.5″ Air tires
  • Front and Rear Disk Brakes
  • Front and Rear Spring Arms
  • White Front/Side and Rear red LEDs

Top speed depends on many factors, and the two most prevailing ones are the rider’s weight and the terrain. Even the most powerful e-scooter on this list will not reach its top speed when hauling a 260lbs rider uphill. But if you are average weight you can go pretty fast on flat ground. Of course, you should always wear helmet and other protection gear when riding a scooter, especially if you are going that fast. Electric scooters are real vehicles, not toys.

DISCLAIMER: We have made this list based on the top speeds that these scooters can reach, some of them with small modifications. We are not saying you should ride them at that speed, or that you should make any kind of modification on your scooter. In fact, legal limit for scooters that do not require license or registration is 20mph in most states, and any kind of tampering with your scooter will void the warranty.